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A Man Called Death


Unbeknownst to many, Toby was a very curious person.

Now, not that he was nosy; after all, there were very few things Toby would go out of his way to accomplish.

But every now and then, something caught his eye and kept him hooked.

And of course, that something was Castanet's very own Fortuneteller.

"Hello? Toby? Helllooooo?" Molly called, waving a hand in front of his face. "Earth to Toby! I repeat, Earth to Toby!"

The fisherman blinked slowly as his mind ebbed back to the world of the living. "Hmm?"

"I was talking to you about the Moon Festival, remember?"

"Nope," he replied honestly. He yawned, leaning back as he dug his toes into the warm sand. "Why are we talking about the Moon Festival when we could be napping?"

"Because," she insisted, tugging sharply on her fishing line. She growled in frustration when a glob of algae surfaced. "Here, hand me that plastic bag. Your dad likes this stuff, right?" Toby nodded and watched as she slid the green matter into the bag, tying it off with a bow. He looked at her flexed biceps with a raised eyebrow. She caught him looking and rolled her eyes.

"Renee wants to go with you." Molly stated, crossing her arms. "It's all she talks about when I see her."

"…Is that so?" he said after a moment's hesitation. Molly smirked teasingly at the faint blush on his cheeks.

"Don't you wanna go with her? Y'know, get your smooch on?" she elbowed him in the side playfully, grinning wickedly when the flush on his face heightened. He laughed good-naturedly when she pantomimed him kissing Renee.

"I wouldn't mind going with her." he conceded. Molly's smile dimmed.

"Yeah…almost makes me wish I had someone to go with." she chuckled a little, but to Toby it sounded just a bit hollow.

He said nothing for awhile, watching the waves casually roll against the shore. He wiggled his toes a little when something solid 'thunked' against his big toe. He sat up and dug his fingers into the wet earth.

"Hmm, I would ask Gill, but Candace told me Luna has had a crush on him since they were kids, so he's out…"

His fingers grazed something, and on closer inspection that something turned out to be a seashell. It's outside was brown and grainy, rough to the touch, and when he pressed against it too hard the thin, invisible spines on the shell actually cut him.

"There's Jin, but I've seen Anissa making eyes at him. And there's Luke and Bo, but I'm sure Luke went off to Fugue Forest again and hasn't been back since…and I'd go to jail if I went with Bo…Man, is there really no one I can go with?"

He recoiled, blankly regarding the line of blood that was beginning to appear. Carefully this time, he turned the shell over. The inside was the outside's polar opposite: It was a purple miasma, rippling violet and lavender and maroon. He rubbed his thumb against it, and it was silky smooth. At the base was a surprising smattering of red and black, like the shell had been burned.

Outside, Molly continued listing off bachelors.

Inside, the cogs of his mind began to turn.

"Hey, Molly. I think I know someone…"


Maybe it was just him, but it seemed to Wizard that these pills didn't want taking.

He stared at them.

They stared at him.

He blinked.

They blinked.

…okay, so he was still skeptical about taking the medicine, but judging by that hallucination, he was starting to see he needed it.

After another moment he set the jar down for his cup. He sipped at his coffee, eyeing the brown liquid thoughtfully. Had he really been so careless as to take in nothing but coffee? He frowned and swished the beverage, watching as transparent puffs of steam flew up periodically. He set it down with a sigh and turned in his chair.

During his breif stay in the clinic the majority of the house had been cleaned up; namely, the vomit spots, although the rug that he had heaved on was still covered in discolored patches. At some point he had managed to knock over a spice braid, but someone had picked it up and laid it out on his desk. He ran a hand over it, tapping his fingers against the hard outer shell of the cacaos.

He looked back at the pills with a grimace. Wizard picked up one of the jars to read the label.


Issued by: Doctor Jin

Serving Size: Two pills every four hours

Directions: Take two pills with a glass of water and a full stomach. Do not exceed the above serving size. If sickness or nausea begins, immediately discontinue use and see me.

He was about to place the bottle inside his cupboard when some words at the bottom of the bottle caught his eye.

Don't be an idiot. I will know if you take these, and if you don't, I will exercise force where needed.


Doctor Jin.

Wizard found himself slightly amused at this. He wasn't used to people being so adamant about him.

He uncorked the bottle and gripped two pills with his finger tips. When he placed them in his palm for closer inspection, he found they were surprisingly heavy. He sniffed at them; no aroma. They were a dark brown, several shades darker than his skin. He looked at them for another moment before sliding them onto his desk. If he was going to take these, he was going to need food. Standing, he looked around at his house.

It was then that the Wizard realized something very important.

He didn't own a refrigerator.

How…have I…?

The discovery was mind-boggling. How had he been surviving all this time without a place to store food? His forehead wrinkled in confusion. He had to have been getting food all this time. Even immortals had to eat sometime.

So then why…?

For the second time in his life, the Wizard found himself without an answer.

"You're a fool," she hissed, thin lips cracking into a wild, off kilter smile. "You think you can stop me?" she cackled as she straightened, kicking the lump of flesh at her feet under the table. "You're weak. Pathetic. How you survived this long is beyond me."

He clenched his fists. He struggled to bring the hum of magic in his veins to the surface, preparing to arm himself. When the faint silver glow began to radiate from his hands, she laughed again.

"You are weak. You'll never be able to stop me." she said cockily, swaggering forward. "But I do like to tie up loose ends. So I'll kill you, and then I'll raze this town to the ground." she spat and summoned forth her energy. Flames the color of blood enveloped her body. "Do you really think you'll be able to defeat me?"

He shuddered.

He didn't know.

All he could do was dive headfirst into the flames.



The door handle turned, creaking open slowly as beads of light cut through Wizard's nightmare.

"Eh? It's dark." the intruder observed, closing the door behind themselves. He immediately recognized the slight drawl as Toby's. The young fisherman had changed into a slightly worn knit grey sweater and loose, dark denim. Wizard regarded the change with a raised eyebrow but said nothing. "Where's the lightswitch?"

Wizard handed him a candle.

Pale brows quirked. "Never knew you were Omish," the teen said with a smile that glittered with its own light. Wizard scowled.

"I'm…not Omish." he remarked as he handed Toby a match. He lit it with ease, and the spark of flame quickly engulfed the wick of the candle, letting off a globe of light and the smell of roses. The light was small and kept most of the house in darkness, something which Wizard rather preferred, but Toby began walking around, waving the candle around at areas of interest. The magician visibly winced when Toby nearly lit one of his spice braids on fire.


"Oh, yeah." Toby stopped, turning to look back at him. "I brought something." He walked towards the door and picked up a brown sack. "Where's your fridge?"

Wizard put his palms to his forehead, feeling the slight warmth of embarassment beginning to rise to his cheeks. "I…don't have one."

An amused smile. "So you are Omish."


"Kidding, kidding…" Toby chuckled lightly. "But how have you been able to live without a fridge? I mean, if you're pro-Natural Lifestyle, that's cool," he added, tapping his cheek.

"I don't know." the wizard replied in all honesty, sighing as he did so. How did he manage to live this long without a close food storage? Of course, inns and cafes were literally down the road from his home, but still.

Toby looked around for a place to sit. The furnishings of Wizard's home were meager at best, so the teen ended up flopping onto his bed spread eagle. The mage's eye twitched with how….at home he was becoming.

"It's comfortable." Toby noted with surprise, as if he expected him to sleep on a stone slab.

Wizard nodded and sipped at his coffee. Neither spoke for awhile, allowing the language of liquid and flicker of flames to speak for them. It seemed that the silence between them would simply stretch forever until Toby rolled over, fixing Wizard with a glance.

"Let's go get a fridge."

Wizard barely had time to open his mouth before Toby grabbed him by the hand. He misjudged Wizard's considerably light weight, so instead of pulling him to his feet, he yanked them chest to chest.

"Woah, there," Toby laughed, still grinning. Wizard, however, wasn't quite as comfortable as Toby. He recoiled from the teen's touch vehemently, stepping back with surprising speed.

"Don't touch me." Wizard snapped, clutching at his own hands.

"I'm sorry," Toby said, stepping forward. "I didn't -"

"Just don't." He interrupted. He placed his hand on the doorknob, wrenching it open in what seemed like anger. Toby, sensing a bad mood, remained quiet, instead stepping forward and silently leading the way to the Garmon District.