"Madeline, if you are reading this, you got out alive. That's great. Spy can protect you. Good thing he took you to France. The announcer made sure I knew she blew up 2fort. Every screen in the building show it. Outside and inside. With this letter you are the only survivor of 2Fort. I killed the demoman. I'm dying as I write this. That's why there's blood. Stay safe Madeline. Keep Rousseau safe. Don't let blu find you. She wont stop. She wants you dead. She will never stop looking for you. Too much blood on paper, can't write more. Take care of my hat. - Sniper"

"Madeline? What iz zat?" Christophe asked.

"Sniper never made it." She sighed, folding the letter back up. "For the last eight years, I thought..."

Christophe took the letter, to read it for himself. "...2Fort iz gone? Ze whole BLU 'alf?"

"All of it iz gone, my spy friend." The guest chipped in. "She blew up even ze RED 'alf."

"Ze explosion was zat big?" Christophe asked. "'ow do jou know zis?"

"I went to 2Fort, tracking my friend, zhis Sniper. I did not see 'im anywhere in ze BLU base, zo I cloaked an' went to check RED. I was in ze basement, searching for files on any prisoners, when I heard ze loudest noise I 'ad 'eard in my life." He explained how one exit to the basement was not touched, and how the front half of RED was gone, causing the building to crash on itself. "everyone was dead."

"Jou knew zis Sniper?" Christophe asked, eyeing the gentleman curiously. "'ow zo?"

"I am from Coldfront, in ze north." He answered. Madeline reminded Christophe that the Sniper was stationed there before 2Fort, after Viaduct. "I 'ad received zat box in my mail at ze base. 'is letter to moi was short, "BLU blew up 2fort. Everyone is dead. I'm dying. Get this box to Madeline from 2Fort." and zo, while I was in BLU before it was destroyed, I found jour file, an' zat was all I needed to get jour name. An' zen it wasn't much more work to find jou."

"You went through a personal file?" Madeline asked. "Don't tell me BLU is paying you to find me to kill me, and giving me this letter anyways is your sick joke."

"Non, non, I would never! Zis was a dear friend of mine, an' zis was 'is dying wish. Zank jou for inviting me inside, but I must go. Many more odd jobs zis retired mercenary must do. Christophe, would jou go back into zis business? I saw 'ow jou 'andled zat knife."

"Non, merci." He smiled, and lit a cigarette, and handed one unlit to their fellow ex-BLU. "I 'ad enough, ze job was fine, when I was young. But now, I cannot risk BLU finding me, zey will find I an' my wife. All zis would be for naught, I am zorry, it is not worth it, mon ami."

"Appelez-moi, if jou ever change jour mind." The gentleman slipped him a card, and showed himself to the door. Christophe slipped the paper into a pocket, and looked at Madeline, watching her pack the hat and letter back into the box.

"Go get lunch, amour," She said, smiling. "I'll put this somewhere safe, in our room."

"I'll take some to Rousseau, mon cher." He dissapeared into the kitchen, as she ascended the stairs. After pouring the food she made onto two plates, he grabbed one in each hand and exited, entering a back room, the white ceiling reflecting the water, and shades down on two of the three glass walls, sunlight warming the water in the pool. "Ey, Rousseau, still enjoying my pool?"

The water broke as the pale white and gray skinned figure burst from the water, gray eyes looking at him as he slicked back the black hair on his head, a few grays showing. "Of course, mon ami. Is zat ze...?"

"Lunch. Lunch, Rousseau." Christophe reminded him. "Still 'aving problems with remembering words?" He put one plate by the edge of the pool, before taking a seat nearby.

"I do not think I will ever remember." Rousseau said, gripping a spoon in one hand. "It 'as been years, an' I still forget such easy words."

"Do not push too 'ard, Rousseau, jou 'ave 'ad a traumatic life, even for a spy." Christophe began eating his own food. "BLU did several cruel things to jou."

"An' from ze zound of it, I am glad I do not remember much."

"Jou still 'ave nightmares, Rousseau."

"Because I still remember zome."

"Hm. At least jou know if jou like or dislike zomething, jou know what things are, jou just do not remember words."

"Oui, oui." Rousseau returned to finishing off his plate, as Madeline walked in, apron missing.

"Hello, loves." She occupied the chair next to Christophe. "How's the food?"

"Amazing quality, as always, mon cher." He kissed her cheekbone lightly, as she started to eat her own food.

"Madeline, who was zat?" Rousseau asked, looking at her from the water.

"Who? Oh, the guest we had?" She asked. He nodded, grinning a little. "He had a package for me, from a friend of ours."

"What was in it?" Madeline took a minute to think, what should she tell him.

"It...it was a gift from a friend. You remember a few years ago, when we left BLU? And came here to France?" She asked him. Rousseau nodded, remembering waking up in France. "Well, if it wasn't for our friends, we probably wouldn't have gotten out alive."

"Is 'e going to visit soon? If 'e just sent jou mail, is 'e planning on visiting?" Rousseau cocked his head to the side a little.

After a moment of silence, Christophe explained as well as he could that three men, himself being one of them, came to rescue him and Madeline, but sadly, the other two men had died doing what they needed to do to save the rest. Rousseau held his head with one hand, trying to remember a face he never saw.

"Zomeone...zomeone whom I never saw died to save me an' Madeline." He sighed. "An', An' zat Medic, zat man died too?"

Madeline spent quite some time comforting Rousseau, reassuring him that they knew what would happen, and they cared enough about the both of them to follow through with it, even though it meant their deaths. After the sun set, Madeline suggested he rest, and Rousseau retreated to the bottom of the tiled pool for the night.