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Night 01: Meeting

The corridor was dark and deserted. It was so dark except for the moonlight to illuminate our path. The place was eerily silent, except for our footsteps and heavy breath. I was running, hand pulled by my best friend, Mikage. Behind us, I could hear the sound of slow but firm footsteps beside ours. It was Ayanami's, our pursuer. I could hear my heart beating so fast. Sweats wet my palm and forehead. We have run so far, as fast as our feet could carry, but the sound of the man's footsteps never ceased to be heard. Fear began to smear my heart.

"Mikage…he's behind us. We won't make it!" I said rather desperately. Mikage said we should run away from this academy, that's why we were heading to the hangar to steal a hawkzile.

"Don't worry. We're almost there!" he replied, almost hopefully. True enough, a moment later, we saw a slightly opened large gate with large 'H-1' engraved on the metal door. Without any second thought, we slipped in and jumped on one of the nearest machine. Mikage took the front and I carefully sat behind him. I eyed my surrounding suspiciously. It was darker here so I see nothing but dark silhouettes of the hawkziles.

"Hang on tight. We're gonna fly!" I heard Mikage cried and then the machine started and we fled.

It was fine during the first fifteen minutes of the fly, and then I started to hear another sound of machine. I looked behind and saw a large military ship belonged to Ayanami already close to us. The man himself stood on the bridge with hand folded in front of his chest and looked haughtily at me. At that time, I felt shiver ran down my spine. This man was dangerous, my instinct screamed. His eyes were so cold and full of killing intent. I knew, we couldn't survive together, so I made a choice. I must save Mikage, at the very least.

"Mikage, I have to leave you now. I will distract them. Take that chance and run," I whispered to his ear.

I stood, preparing my Zaiphon to attack, but suddenly, I felt a tap on my back. I turned my head, and found Mikage, smiling fondly. Moon had raised high above us, giving me the light to see his smile I loved so much. The wind was blew our hairs playfully, oblivious of our crisis.

"Mi…" I started, hand stretched to reach his hair.

"You must live on, Teito." His hand touched mine. He squeezed my hand briefly and then with a slight force pushed me down from the flying vehicle. I saw his face, still smiling. He waved shortly and turned to face the military airship that drew even closer. That time, I knew the moment I saw his determined face. I had never seen him made a face like that, and I understand immediately. He was prepared to die, for my sake. I stretched my hand, as far as possible. I tried to reach him, but I couldn't defy gravity, I was forced to separate far and further away from him. Tears began to blur my eyes and I watched his hawkzile hit the airship and exploded.

"Liar…" I cried softly. A few second later, I felt my body hit something hard. There was rustling sound of leaves. I must have fallen to the forest, but I didn't care. I wanted so much to die that I silently hope a branch would pierce my heart accidentally.

I felt several stings on my skin, most probably scratched by branches when I fell, but I didn't die. I hit the ground with a loud thud. My eyes were blurry due to the impact and tears. Strength began to slip and so did my consciousness, yet I refused to fell into the comfort of darkness. I forced my limp body to walk. I succeeded to stand, but not more than that. A step was taken, and that was all I need to surrender into the embrace of uninvited but pleasant sleep.

- 0o0o0o0o0o0 -

"..up! Wake up, brat!"

Slowly, I opened my eyelids, although the invitation of sleep was so strong. Blinking a few times, I tried to adjust my eyes to the intruding lights. What greeted my eyes after that was so unfamiliar. My bed was so far away from the windows. My room was small, so the windows shouldn't be that far. Besides, the window in my room is framed with simple, cheap wood, not gold, sophisticatedly engraved window frames.

"Hey, brat, can you hear me?"

I turned my head slightly and eyed whoever said that from the corner of my eyes. Blue, that was the first thing I noticed. I stared at a foreign man with blue eyes and blond hair. He was beautiful, despite having to stare at him up-side down. The blue orbs, as blue as sky, and blonde locks, as brilliant as the sun. That man was so…beautiful and captivating that I couldn't help but mesmerized.

Blonde, just like Mikage…oh no, Mikage!

I shot up from the bed, not forgetting to send a flying kick to whoever that man was and ran toward the windows. The man hissed in pain when my knee connected to his stomach. Ignoring the blonde, I rushed my way to the window and just when my hand almost reached the handle, a larger hand slapped my hand away and captured my wrists. I looked up and found the same blonde towered behind me. A grin adorned his handsome face, very much complimenting his teasing gaze.

"Let me go, you bastard!" I managed to said, after realizing I was ensnared in his gaze. He grinned even wider.

"Let the kid go, Frau."

I turned to the other voice, eyes locked on two equally beautiful men. Honestly, I felt like I was in the middle of harem, except that we were all guys. The man with glasses, glared threateningly at the blonde, Frau or whatever his name was.

"I will, if he stops trying to kill himself," the blonde replied with a slight pout. I felt the grip tightened and winced in response. "It's thirty floor high, damn brat."

"I have tied the windows," the man with glasses said coolly. "You can let him go now."

"Che, I know." The blonde still pouted. I wonder what made him so upset. My wondering was never voiced and never answered.

The blonde immediately released his iron grip after another glare from the glasses man. Behind him, the shortest man only laughed softly. His voice was soft, like a gentle lullaby. I watched the three with mild curiosity while my hand unconsciously rubbing my sore wrists.

"I'm sorry for his attitude, I'm Castor, by the way," the glasses man walked toward me and extended his hand. I looked at him suspiciously and stood still. The man, Castor, didn't seem to mind my hostility. He smiled and pulled his hand back.

"And I'm Labrador," the silver hair followed. "And that scary looking guy is Frau. What's yours?"

Again, I didn't answer, only stared with eyes full of suspicion but with obvious hint of interest.

"If we're bad guys, we wouldn't have helped you back there, you know," Frau said, slightly irritated. Little, just a little, but I felt a pang of guilt.

"Te…Teito…Klein…" I stuttered hesitantly. I wasn't the type to simply give others my name just because I learnt that those people helped you, but I couldn't help it. I felt I could trust these guys. My eyes twitched involuntarily when the three smiled understandingly. It was as if they could read my hesitation.

'Damn these guys!' I felt blood rushed to my head. I decided to look away.

"Well, Teito-kun, you're…vampire, aren't you?" At the question, I couldn't help but whipped my head back and stared questioningly at them. As far as I knew and concerned, I always lived as a human and eat human foods.

"I don't drink blood, so no, I am not," I voiced my thought.

The three stared at each other knowingly. When Castor nodded, all three synchronously looked back at me. For a moment, there was awkward silence. I shifted unconsciously under their scrutinizing stare. It felt like I was bare naked by them. I couldn't help but blushed again.

"What about your parents?" Frau asked, grin replaced by frown.

"I don't know. I don't remember," I shrugged nonchalantly. It was true. I didn't remember anything from my past. I only remember things after Miroku Chairman adopted me as his military slave.

"Amnesia, huh," I looked at Castor who frowned too. He looked like in deep thought. "Anyway, it was certain that you are a vampire."

I looked at the men incredulously. It didn't look like they were lying, but me, a vampire? Not in a million chance. But wait, now that I thought about it again, the fact that I was a vampire wasn't all that strange. My physical ability was far greater than most of my classmates. Sometimes, I felt excited at the sight of blood. I could contained the urge, refusing to let the desire took over me, but still, it wasn't normal. More so, I survived, after fell from a hawkzile that flew hundreds kilometers above the ground.

"What makes you so sure about that?" I decided to ask since I wasn't so sure anymore.

"Do you realize," a large, muscular arm suddenly grabbed me by the waist. As easy as it looked, I was lifted up by Frau. "…that this is a church?"

With not so rough but still rude attitude, I was thrown on the bed. I glared angrily at the blonde, but the man replied me with that annoying grin of his. The more I look at him, the more I felt agitated. 'You must control your emotion, Teito Klein!' Miroku-sama always told me that. I know the old man said that because I was his combat slave. As a trained assassin, I must not indulge myself in emotion and feeling. But I also understand that his teaching was wrong. I never once truly killed my feeling but just this once, I thought he was right. Frau often stirred my emotion, too much, for my liking.

"You said I might be a vampire, and yet you brought me to a church? Isn't that proof enough that I am not a vampire?" I shifted my gaze from Frau to Castor. Interacting too much with that blonde never did my heart any good.

"Teito-kun," Silver haired Labrador started. His tone was somehow like a mother trying to make her children understand. I should feel offended, being treated like a child, but for some strange reason, I couldn't. Labrador actually reminded me of Ayanami. They looked similar, especially the hair and eyes colors, but Labrador didn't give evil aura like Ayanami did. It felt…comfortable around these three.

"Are you listening, Teito-kun?" Labrador waved a hand. I was startled and shook my head immediately. "I said, vampires aren't afraid of church. It was the inhabitants they were afraid of."

"The people? Why?" This certainly piqued my interest. I was taught that vampires couldn't stand church and priest, correction, especially the priest. "Oh, priests?"

"Yeah, well, that is one," Labrador answered with the smile that never ceased to adorn his fair face. "Anyway, we'll let you sleep. It's midnight and you need to rest."

"Wait, you haven't answered my question. How can you be so sure I am a vampire?"

Labrador stood, but his amethyst eyes fixed on my emerald. I was unsure what kind of thought he had when he had that look. It was like he was trying to figure out what went in my head or maybe he was just simply thinking. Whichever that was, I felt uncomfortable being stared too long.

"That can wait, Teito-kun. For now you needed sleep," with a single touch to my head by Castor, my body turned jelly. My eyelids grew very heavy. All of a sudden, I felt really tired.

"I…not…have to save…Mikage…" like being injected three times with sleeping drugs, I felt my consciousness began to float. Voices were heard like random murmur. Not even the blinding light bothered me anymore.

From far, far away, I heard the three's voices as I drifted further into dreamland.

"Don't lose control of yourself. He will die if you suck him while he's weak."

"I know that. But…he…"

"I understand. He smells good, doesn't he?"


- 0o0o0o0o0o0 -

Sounds of bell echoed in this world of white. I was standing, alone, dirty and bloody. My white garment was smeared with dark red, almost dried blood, but it wasn't my concern. I looked through the gate, toward a familiar building. Screams of pain from the people inside, agonizing cries of children, they pained my heart. One by one, I saw those people being bitten, blood sucked to dry by people with black uniforms. Their eyes were weird, so full of thirst of flesh and blood. They scared me. I wanted to run, but my conscience prevented me from doing so. I feel the need to help those people, but I couldn't. I knew I didn't have the strength.

My small hand reached for the gate, intending to open it, but it never reached. The gate swirled, changed by a person with gentle gaze. His large hand warped mine gently. We were walking, but I didn't know where or where to but I was happy. I smiled and he would smile back. However, that happiness didn't last long. The man's hand no longer held mine. All was left was his empty gaze. His lips no longer had the kind smile I used to see. All there was left was hollow whispers. I screamed. I cried.


I woke up with start, eyes brimming with water, body wet from sweat. "Fra..u…" my voice was hoarse and dry. I saw the blonde's blurry face frowned in a mixture of worry and annoyance. His hands grabbed my shoulder tightly, preventing me to rise from the bed. "Did…did I say anything?" I heaved a relieved sigh, glad that the nightmare had passed. It always plagued me in almost all of my sleep.

"You were screaming," I flinched involuntarily. I didn't think I often did that. At least, so far, Mikage hadn't complained or asked about it. "…and crying." The last statement made me blush furiously. Crying in the dream was one thing, because I was still a child in that dream, but to think that a boy my age cried, because of the dream? Blood rushed to my head and rendered my cheek red.

"Let me go," I tried to sound normal, but the waver in my voice betrayed me.

The blonde flashed his usual teasing grin and pushed me even deeper into the bed. My blush deepened when I realized the older man leaned closer to my face. He stopped when his lips reached the side of my ear. I could smell faint smell of flowers from his hair. When his breath brushed my ear lightly, I shivered. I was so afraid he would hear how hard my heart beat because of him.

"You know," his head lowered down, to the nape of my neck and then his lips brushed against my skin lightly. "You look so tempting in your sleep."

"What…what the hell are you talking about? Let me go, Frau!" with all my strength, I tried to push the older man, but seeing from the size of our bodies, I definitely had the disadvantage. He didn't even budge even after I used every bit of strength I had.

I could be considered as stubborn, as Mikage always said, and I also hated to lose. Being unable to do anything, not even pushing the man aside really pissed me off. I struggled harder. I even used my feet to kick him, but never succeeded. The thought of 'screaming' for help crossed my mind a second ago, but I dismissed it almost immediately. I wouldn't be able to bear the shame if someone was to enter and found me in this kind of situation.

"Teito, let me taste you…" the blonde purred in my ear again.

"What do you mean…?" I asked weakly. I couldn't fight him, so why bother fighting. My hand fell limp beside my surrendering body.

"I want your blood," his whisper was sickly sweet. I didn't know why, but I liked it. The words were incomprehensible by my brain, yet, I knew what I should do. Instead of answering him verbally, I raised my hand and encircled his neck. I pulled him down, closer to me.

Acknowledging that as a 'yes', Frau began to lick my neck. I moaned softly to his ear. I was still wreaking my brain, searching for answer of why I did that, but that answer was forever lost as something sharp pierced my neck. The pain jolted me awake from my thought and I hissed in pain. It wasn't exactly uncomfortable actually. I was more surprised than being in pain. The blonde licked the wound again and then sucked my tender flesh. Another moan slipped from my lips. My hand unconsciously grabbed a handful of his hair. They were soft, unexpectedly soft for a man like him.

I didn't know how long we stayed like that, when I came to my sense, my body feel very weak. My hands fell limp beside me again. My consciousness began to drift back and forth again. I wonder what had just happened. It was like I was hypnotized. I was willingly surrendering my body to Frau and he sucked my blood. Wait, he sucked my blood…that meant he was a vampire?

"Stop right there, Frau. You'll kill him if you drink his blood more than that."

I rolled my eyes to the direction of the door. Castor was standing there, leaning on the wall with hand crossed in front of his chest. He was wearing white robe, unlike yesterday. And what's with the veil? He looked funny in that.

"Frau!" Yep, even when he looked grim and serious like that, still funny with that veil. Why he got so angry, I wonder. Since yesterday, everybody kept frowning because of me. What were their problems?

Putting that aside, Castor was scary when angry. Frau seemed to think the same because he immediately snapped from whatever trance he was in and released his grip from my shoulder. I stared weakly at the two as they exchanged looks. Frau looked disturbed, while Castor, unmistakably angry. I wanted to ask. I wanted to know a lot of things, but my body wouldn't move. I felt so weak.

"So…you're a vampire…" that was all I managed to say before sleep engulfed me again.

"I told you to be careful!"

"I know! I know but…I was fine without blood before, but I don't know why I can't resist him!"

"...I understand…"

"You did?"

"Yeah. If I hadn't had blood contract with Lab, I would do the same. I wonder why no vampire ever laid their hands on him till now?"

"I think I know. I feel the trace of barrier when I drink him."

"Anyway, we'll talk about this later. Lab needs to hear this too."