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Night 27: Epilogue

Noon bell rang again for the third times since I started to pace around restlessly in waiting room. Cold sweat wet my palm as I clutched my stomach, feeling the butterflies tickled my insides. I was so nervous; I almost ran out from this room and just hide under my bed. Not that I could do that, of course.

I tried to shift my attention to the room, noting randomly at the vases, wall or furniture adorning this room. The wall was painted light brown, nearly white, but the paint itself was noticeably new. I guessed Agas must have it repainted before this day.

Glancing around again, I found my eyes staring at a few similarly designed wooden table and chairs. The wood was clean and smooth, albeit hard, but not uncomfortable at the least. The sides were engraved with complicated lines and curls, simple yet artistic. I hoped I could be more interested in the furniture but I was too nervous for that. Today was the day I would finally presented myself in front of my people. I was scared thinking of how my people's reaction would. Those working in the castle had grown to accept me as their new ruler, but the rest was a completely different matter. They had never met me, let alone knowing. If they never knew me, how would they come to accept me?

I shook my head, trying to clear my head off the negative thoughts. Instead, I thought about other things. Then, the first appear was Frau and whatever happened between us last night. It promptly painted my face red. Never in my wildest dreamt I thought I would fall in love with one so much older than me and a man. Falling in love was one thing, but yesterday it was more than the usual closeness we shared. I never thought I was capable of being so…intimate… with anyone.

The images of yesterday's intimacy sent a spark of pleasure to both my stomach and lower region. I shook my head harder. It was not a very great idea to think of that now. I wouldn't want to ruin my first impression in front of my people by getting aroused from thought.

In effort to forget about yesterday, I tried to remember whatever greeting and stuff he tried to plant in my head. It wasn't the most interesting lesson I wanted to remember but it was good enough to get rid of unnecessary thought.

Looking outside, I finally noticed the sun was hidden by thick grey clouds but the sky was as blue as ever. Like crystals, snow began to fell slightly over the town. It was a breathtaking scene as the view extended far beyond the mountain. Everything was always so white here, and so was today.

Below, I heard murmurs of people. They were as nervous as I was, probably. Decided not to let my curiosity led me to take a peek, I went back to the chair and sat rigidly. I felt awful.

"Stop worrying, brat. You'll do just fine."

I looked up to greet the beautiful blonde man with eyes as bright as the sky outside. I could feel warmth threatened to creep up again.

Looking to the sky again, I said with noticeable waver, "I'm not worried."

"Really now?" asked the man, unconvinced.

It was really futile to hide anything from this man. Even though I tried not to look at his countenance, I could sense just fine that he knew I was troubled.

Sighing, I rested my head on his shoulder when he knelled down in front of me. "I'm just…a bit nervous."

"A bit?"

"…no, a lot."


"…whether they can accept me, whether they will accept you and the others, whether I can really do this, well, practically everything," I grimaced.

"It's normal actually," the man answered lightly.

When I raised my head and met him with quizzed look, he laughed and ruffled my head affectionately.

"If I were you, I'd run away the moment I know I was a royalty. Even now, I still think it was a mistake for ever letting you take the burden."

If he was smiling while saying that, I would pass that statement off as a joke. His expression, however, said otherwise.

"I'm fine. As long as I have you and our friends here, I will be alright."

Eagerly, I tilted my body forward and landed a kiss on his lips. The blonde was surprised at first, but immediately melted into the kiss and replied.

Honestly, if I was my past self, I wouldn't have done anything along this line but at this time, it felt so right. It was something as simple as a kiss yet the nervousness I felt was gone in an instant, leaving only warmth.

When we finally broke the kiss, he smiled and pecked at my nose. "If you did that again, I can't guarantee I won't attack you right here and now."

"You won't!"

"I will," he grinned teasingly at my blushing face but it was quickly turned into a serious gaze. "Just be yourself and you'll be fine. We'll be right behind you, Tiashe."

Nodding gratefully, I relaxed my back on the chair and looked out again, toward the waiting crowds. Behind me, Frau was trailing the gaze and I felt him smiling. It didn't feel like a teasing smile and was probably nothing but a mere understanding smile, yet I was bothered by it.

I looked up once again catching his distant gaze.

"Frau, why..." The question was halted by Agas' knocks. I sighed disappointedly but dropped the question. "Come in."

The raven walked inside but stopped momentarily, trying to understand the situation. My expression betrayed none, and did Frau's.

Bowing politely, Agas brought his one hand to a chest in a perfect salutation.

"It's time, Your Highness."

I twitched visibly by the title but decided to leave the comment to myself. Standing up, I straightened my white robes, inspecting the sophisticated decoration and finally nodded in satisfaction. Outside, the crowds had died down as the last bell rung thrice. When the last bell stopped ringing, I straightened my back and walked proudly to the open balcony, facing my people.

What greeted me weren't curious eyes or doubtful whispers. Instead people were standing solemnly, one hand on chest, like what Agas did a moment ago. There was no doubt in their eyes, just hope, for having the new King crowned and alive, and also happiness, being able to return home.

The sight brought tears to my eyes but I knew better than to shed any. With glassy eyes but strong and confident voice, I began my first speech as a King.

Days after Teito's first speech, the three purebloods found themselves in the middle of half-bloods, agonizing whether they should simply walked away from them or sit down like good children. The half-bloods had been debating for hours because of their new King's abrupt announcement.

Teito wanted the three of them as his advisors. Of course Agas was included in the list, but the raven was originally a 'Raggs', unlike them. When Teito first made his proposal to them, Castor had predicted this kind of obstacle. However, experiencing it was completely different from simply guessing.

Rubbing his throbbing head, Castor sensed an upcoming headache. Beside him, on the left, Labrador was sitting ever so calmly; throwing amused glanced at the half-bloods. On his right, Frau was clearly annoyed and nearly snapped but the hot-headed blonde restrained himself pretty well.

The debate had been going on and on from Teito insisted of having the three closed and the newly-formed council harshly rejected the proposal.

When it finally ended, people were turned from angry shouts to dumbfounded silence. It was all because of Teito's one short statement.

"If you doubt them, then, you doubt me equally."

Their eyes went wide with shock and all of them immediately jumped down from their seats into a bow.

"Your Highness, please, we meant nothing of the sort!"

"Then what do you mean? I trust them all with my life. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be sitting here right now."

They all knew about that. They were there when the three purebloods aided their King. It was one of the three that brought their King back safely from Barsburgh. They had known their King would want to take the three into the court. What the council never predicted was that the King valued the three so greatly that he gave them positions of becoming his personal advisors.

"I truly beg your pardon, Your Highness. We understand their value and your trust for them. Although we accept them into the court, they are still from Barsburgh. People will not accept that."

The three vampires, unable to give opinion in this debate, could only listen. Once in a while, they would throw eyes over the young King, noting his change of expression from angry to frown.

"Who says about they're people of Barsburgh? They're more Raggs than I ever was."

Teito's expression when he said that was flat and serious. Castor knew the brunette wasn't joking, and so did the rest of them.

"They were the one to teach me about the history of my own kingdom. They teach me politic, economy, and even geography of my own land. If that are not enough then, I hereby declared them as citizens of Raggs, effective from this very second."

To say the boy was naïve was really wrong. Despite his young age, he had managed to silence ten older men. Clearly the council underestimated their King, seeing as he was so much younger.

"Indeed. I agree with his majesty. They are very helpful in both knowledge and military strength. I wouldn't want to face them as enemy in battlefield. That means I'd prefer to have them as a Raggs than Barsburgh," said Agas for the first time during the whole debate.

It was apparent he was calculating Teito Klein's ability to adapt in this kind of situation. If the boy wanted to have long and successful reign, he must not submit to will of many. He must not be sway away from what was right. When the raven decided to throw a voice, it showed anyone he had accepted Teito's capability as a ruler. The council accepted the decision either by the raven's words or merely his high position. Either way, the three ex-bishops were glad it was finally over.

Night came definitely faster in Raggs. It was just a moment ago when they noticed how bright it was outside and hours later it had already dark when they left.

Feeling terribly drained, Castor pardoned himself and Labrador to retire earlier. Members of the council stare questioningly when Castor took Labrador by wrist and led the smaller man to their share room. Teito and Frau exchanged amused look but refrained from commenting or laughing.

Agas smiled knowingly at them and waved secretly. Teito caught the motion, taking it to be the signal to retreat and slipped away silently. Frau wasn't far behind him when he reached his room. Although Frau was given his own room, he never slept there. When Teito opened the door, the older man followed in like it was his own bedroom. Actually, it was practically his too. He had never sleep in his own room anymore since their first intimate night.

Not that anyone needed to know about that though.

Agas watched silently at the young King and his lover's retreating back. He felt a small smile crept up to his lips. It didn't feel very long when that young prince followed him around, asking to be lifted high. That boy was like his own son. Suddenly, a sudden pang of loneliness hit him.

'Like a father, letting go of his daughter to some man' he thought sadly.

Passing by Castor and Labrador's room, he paused for a while, thinking back the taller man's bold action. The bespectacled man was clearly planning telling the whole kingdom that Labrador was his. He never said it out loud but it was apparent enough for even a kid to notice. Agas never expected him to be such a possessive man although the reason was apparent. Labrador was beautiful, more than any woman he'd ever met, in fact. Putting aside the possessive part, the raven had to agree with Castor's move.

Smiling again, Agas resumed walking, totally ignorant of a line of string he was stepping in front of the room.

Inside Castor's room, Labrador was looking up to his lover questioningly upon seeing the older man's sudden smile.

"What is it?"

"Nothing, you're just too beautiful," answered the taller man.

Labrador, having often to hear such statement from his lover, merely smiled in reply. He did let his lover knew, through their bond, that every time, the older vampire stirred his mind. Even now, merely having the chestnut-haired man on top of him, naked and sweaty, sent a jolt of pleasure to his body.

"Did I ever tell you to take a look of yourself?"

"No. What for?"

"You're just as beautiful."

Castor chuckled amusedly and then landed a kiss on his lover's parted lips.

"Not as good as you though," said him with a smile and then continued their suspended making love.

There was going to be long days ahead of them, though all that mattered to Castor right now was to be drunk of love from his younger companion.

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