This is a little story i wrote which won't take too long to read- Warning a bit sad.

Her eyes teared as she heard the words on the phone… The words repeatedly stabbing her slowly and painfully. She dropped it and ran. She cried and cried; tears dripping and falling down her cheek, the cuts stinging where they fell.

She yelled throwing her things around; chaos building up in her chest. She screamed and slammed the door hard giving a last cry of desperation. The girl slid down the wall and curled up crying.

Her phone rang and rang.. She got up and finally answered.

"What do you want?" She snapped her voice full of acid.

"Why did you hang up?" He asked.

Her voice shook and she cried.

"Are you crying?" he asked obliviously. She paused and sobbed again.

"I hate you, you destroyed my life. You made lose everything important to me! Everything single thing! I lost my boyfriend and my best friend and I love you…

She hung up not wanting to hear his reply and ran off grabbing a scissors of the counter. She sat in her bathroom and slowly pressed the scissors to her skin and took deep breaths. Blood appeared slowly building up to a pool and she wept. The pain took away the memory was what happened earlier. The girl focused on the physical pain screaming at her; forgetting the pain from her heart.

"Are you up there honey" Her mum called. She looked up panicked.

The girl ran downstairs and ran outside.

There he was running towards her. She turned and ran but he was faster then she could ever be.

"Wait!" He yelled. She turned around and noticed the boy looking at her cut.

"You did this..." he murmured and reached forward softly to touch her arm. The feeling spread warmly around her chest and fluttered instead but she yanked it back.

"Look, I'm sorry for everything;" He paused and looked at her. "I didn't know." He looked away and put his hands on his head.

He grabbed her from the shoulders and looked her in the eye.

"I'm sorry," He paused again, "I just didn't know, I don't-".

The girl looked at him and smiled interrupting what he was going to say, "Yet I will always love you". She walked off and sat down on the grass. He looked at her confused by her words; trying to explain what he was about to say.

"I will love you even after death" She said. He looked up and saw the gun in her hand. He ran forwards yelling "No!" The boy ran fast to stop her, to stop the woman he loved. But it was too late; her life was already drifting away.