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. . . .

Chapter 1: "Absolute Zero Snow-Woman"

It was early morning and the weather was fair. The sun was out with almost no clouds covering it, birds were chirping as if they were having conversation with one another, the calm cool wind made the day even better as it hit everyone, making the hot air feel comfortable. Teenagers were walking to the school carrying their school bags, all of them having chats with their friends except one.

A long brown-haired girl walked by herself, she had her cell phone opened staring at the screen as she walked. When she would walk past people they would flinch and stop dead in their tracks. They would only continue to walk once they were several inches away, even if they were late.

"Did you feel that?" A guy asked the girl next to him, both were staring at the girl who passed them. The girl nodded slowly.

"Yeah…when she walked past I felt a rush of cold air" The girl muttered.

"Apparently her skin is really cold, especially her attitude!" The guy informed her. "I didn't think that you would be able to feel it if she walks past." The girl put her finger by her mouth.

"I don't remember her name but I do know her nickname, it's - " Right when she was about to say it, shivers went rushing through her body, even the teenage boy got the same reaction. They looked up and saw the long brown-hair girl glaring at them. Both of the teenager's faces paled as if their blood was drained out of them. The glaring girl turned her head forward and continued walking, staring at the cell phone screen.

"That was scary…" The boy muttered, the girl opened her mouth to responded, though no words came out, she only nodded her head. The brown-hair sighed; she wasn't trying to glare at them, it just happens. She was just observing them for information she could use in the future. She sighed again and continued to read the comments that fans had sent to her talking about her cell phone novel that she secretly writes.

"Dear Yupina,

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS! Just reading this makes me filled with joy! Whenever I'm bored or stuck with something I reread the chapters to clear my head! Keep on doing the hard work, and can't wait to see future updates!

-Mia :D"

She smiled slightly; she loved getting comments from her fans. Even though most her fans said that the novel was perfect, she couldn't help but to feel that something was missing. She just couldn't get her finger on it. She closed her cell phone as she was heading into the school gates; she placed it safely into her school bag and closed it back up. Right when she went through the open gates, almost all eyes were on her. Everyone began to mutter; even the teachers were doing it.

"It's her! That's the girl that everybody keeps talking about!"

"Didn't she move here just a few days ago?"

"Her name is Himuro Yukina."

"She's the girl with icy cold personality and glare, apparently her glare freezes up people in their tracks, and her glare can withstand even the hardest teachers! She has the most notorious nickname!"

"Absolute Zero Snow-Woman!"

Yukina kept walking, ignoring all the muttering. She kept a composed look as she sighed remembering how she got her nickname.

. . . .

Her First Day of School

. . . .

"Yukina~! Breakfast is ready!" Her mother called out in her always cheery voice, she was downstairs in the kitchen helping her husband placing the food on the table.

"Alright." She called out, letting her know that she heard her. Yukina looked inside her bag to see if she had everything. Books check. Pens and pencils check. Her school and her personal spiral notebook, check. Cell phone, che-…her eyes widen not seeing her cell phone in there. She rummaged through her school bag, still not able to find it. She looked around her room, half of her stuff were still in the moving boxes, they only moved in a yesterday. The only thing that was out was her bed, her desk with had stuff on it, dresser which also had stuff on it, and her full length mirror. She spotted her cell phone on her desk which was charging, she unplugged it and put her cell phone in her school bag. She sighed with relief as she grabbed her bag and exited her room walking to the kitchen.

"Say ahh~!" Her mother had cut up pieces of pancakes, which her husband made on her fork, she was feeding him. Even though this was a daily thing she did he always blushed. Yukina stared at them with somewhat disgust, and irritation.

"You better hurry up and eat your food Yukina, it's gonna go cold." Her dad said. The reason why she had a glare was because of him. Though her dad's eyes always looked like he was glaring at someone unlike Yukina glare just happened at times. Yukina sat down at the end of the table she kept her head down, not wanting to see her mother feed her father, she only looked up when they were feeding themselves. Yukina finished her breakfast, and went up to the sink the wash the dish.

"I can do that for you Yukina." Her mother said, "By the way, you looked lovely in your school uniform!" Her mom complimented her eyes had sparkle in them. The uniform was a green pleated skirt, a green tie on top of her white buttoned shirt with a black jacket to top it off.

"Do you have everything?" He dad asked

"Thanks, and yes I do. I checked before I came down here." Yukina answered, she walked to the bathroom and brushed her teeth again and washed her hands. She came back into the kitchen and grabbed her bag.

"I'm gonna go." She said to them, and walked towards the door.

"Have a good time!" Her mother cheered.

"Behave." Her dad reminded. Yukina opened the door and walked out, the last thing she heard was her mother telling her father that Yukina always behaves. Yukina walked to school at her regular paced, she was no need for a rush. She took out her cell and looked at her new comments. Truthfully Yukina had a cell phone novel, no one knows the true person who writes it, they only know of the novelist name, Yupina. Surprisingly the novel is such a big hit that it's racked number one.

"Maybe the students here can become some new characters." Yukina muttered to herself. She loves to observe other and make them into characters inside the novel, though they didn't know. Without noticing she got to the school faster then she expected. She walked the school and realized there weren't many people outside.

'Classes are probably starting soon.' She thought, as she walked in the building heading towards the main office. The lady at the front office was talking on the phone, and was writing stuff on a sticky note. She saw a figure coming in and smiled Yukina stood in front of her desk waiting; she covered the bottom the phone and quietly said without looking up "This will be done shortly." Which was true. After she told the person on the other line that she would tell them soon, then she hung up.

"Thanks for waiting. How can I help you?" She asked, she looked up at Yukina and flinched back a bit, the office lady thought that Yukina was glaring at her.

"I'm Himuro Yukina. I'm new here. They told me to come here to get my schedule here." She informed her, talking in a cold tone.

"O-Oh yes! We've been expecting you." She said, though she stuttered in the beginning. She typed on her computer and started to print out her schedule. She grabbed it after it finished printing, and reached it out to Yukina. For a brief second there fingers accidently touched each other and the lady shivered getting goose bumps everywhere.

"I would have called the student president to come and get you sense he's in you class but he and the other student council meeting is gonna last all day apparently. So I'll take you there myself" The lady smiled lightly, she put on her sweater to warm up her skin, Yukina said nothing. She followed the lady as they were walking she explained how things are done around here and she pointed to where different parts of the building were. They both came to a stop at the class room with a sign next to it that said 1A.

"Well this is your classroom and this going to be your homeroom." She looked inside the small rectangular window on the door to see if the teacher was there but wasn't. "Lets' wait here and I'll introduce him to you." She told her, thinking that she was probably nervous; it was her first day after all.

To be honest Yukina wasn't nervous at all, she was very calm, even her facial expression was calm. Yukina wished she could take her phone out, but she didn't want it to be taken away. Students walked pass them; all of them glanced at Yukina, at first she wasn't looking at the students but once she felt that people were glancing at her she quickly looked up at them. The students froze for a minute and regained their composer and speed walked away. The bell rang and teachers started to begin their lesson. The hall way was empty until a semi-old man turned the corner.

"Here he comes, nervous?" She asked looking at Yukina direction but not at her. Yukina never answered, she just stood by her glaring at the teacher.

"Mrs. Luna, is this the new student that we've been expecting?" He asked, not smiling at all.

"Yes sir. This is Himuro Yukina." Mrs. Luna answered his question, she was gonna touch Yukina shoulder but didn't want to touch her cold skin. Even though her school uniform was covering her shoulder, she didn't want to risk it. Once he got closer he reached out his hand.

"I'm Mr. Onida, your new teacher." He informed her. Yukina glanced at his hand and reached out to shake it. Once her hand touched his he felt extremely cold, a shiver ran through his back. The hair on the back of his neck stood up straight. Mr. Onida quickly let go of her "Yes well welcome to this class." Then he look at Mrs. Luna "Isn't Shigure supposed to bring her up here?" he asked.

"Yes, that's also the other reason why I came up here. The student council administrator called saying that the meeting is most likely gonna take up the whole day." She informed him. "Well I should get going I have to tell the other teacher about that too. Good luck on your first day Himuro." She walked away, with full of relief that she didn't have to deal with Yukina pressure.

"Well why don't we come on in." He suggested opening the door, once all the students saw the door opening they ran to their seats, some getting quiet quickly as other didn't.

"Class today we have new student." Mr. Onida announced walking to the front podium, Yukina followed, she looked at the class and thankfully she wasn't making any type of glare so far. The guys and girls stared at Yukina with awe. She looked beautiful in the school uniform, and she looked intelligent with her glasses, which she pushed up a bit. "Please tell everyone your name, once we get your seat taken care of we'll start the lesson."

"Himuro Yukina." She told her classmates, as her icy tone came out. She never said I hope to have a nice year with you all. To her that didn't sound like something she would say. The students looked at one another noticing her cold attitude; some were thinking that she was just shy since it was her first day. . The teacher looked at his seating chart; there were two empty desks by the windows.

"Himuro you will sit in the seat in front of the other empty seat." He said pointing at it. The girls gasped.

"Mr. Onida she can have my spot!"

"I think it would be easier to her to sit in the front!"

"No!" The teacher yelled, which made everyone except Yukina flinch. "I think she will be fine right there, besides if she need help Shigure can help her. Speaking of Shigure he's will not be in class because of his meeting." He told them, the girls muttered saying how unfair it was for the new girl to sit in front of him, and how he wasn't gonna be in class.

Everyone looked at her as she sat down in her new seat, Yukina looked up at everyone, which caused everyone flinch, no one didn't move at all. Yukina knew what happened she gave an accidental dagger-like glare to them. The girls, who at first was gonna ask Yukina to switch seats gave up instantly afraid to even be near her, even talk to her. The teacher coughed to get everyone attention, which did, and they started his lesson.

Half an hour later he gave out a small half sheet worksheet to each front row. They passed the extra papers, once the last paper was gonna be given to Yukina the male student that gave her the paper, their fingers touched lightly. The teenage boy quickly let go of the paper, which didn't fall sense Yukina had grabbed it. Everyone was allowed to work with a partner if they pleased.

'How annoying it's faster if you just do it by yourself.' Yukina thought, as she worked on the math worksheet. She then heard something fall by her desk she looked down and saw a flower eraser.

"Um H-Himuro, could you uh maybe grab that for me?" A girl asked, not daring to look at her eyes. Yukina glared at her, and said nothing. She picked up the eraser and held it out to her. The skin touched, the girl whole body shivered.

"Himuro your skin it so cold!" She accidently said out loud. The boy who handed her the worksheet paper heard her.

"I know! I felt her skin to I couldn't even believe how cold they were!"

"I can't help it if my skin is cold." She told them icy, everyone froze again cause of the tone of her voice and the glare she was giving them. The people by her wanted to run away as quickly as possible, though they knew they couldn't. After that class and everyone was getting there next subject textbook from their shoe locker. There shoe locker had a small shelf that were able to separate the outdoor shoe from the books.

Everyone in that class talked about Yukina, about her icy yet scary attitude, and her terrifying glare. Once they told someone, they told someone else, just like a chain reaction. Thus the nickname "Absolute Zero Snow-Woman" began.

. . . .

End of flashback

. . . .

It was three days later after her first day of school, everyone was scared to be with and talk to her. She put her indoor shoes and grabbed her first class text book. As she walked to her class she heard a couple of girl from her class giggling, and blushing.

"Shigure finally gonna be in our class today!" One girl yelped cheerfully. One of Yukina eyebrow rose.

'Now that I think about it the boy called Shigure hasn't been in our class for the past three day.' Yukina walked slower to continue to listen to their conversation.

"It's so weird not having him in class!" A blond hair girl with curls at the end of her front of her face said.

"I miss gazing at his hotness!" A girl pouted fantasizing about him, and then other girls nodded viscously.

"You don't see hot, nice guys these days." The short girl pointed out.

Yukina scoffed 'I'll be the judge of him. Maybe he might be a good person to observe for the vampire Earl.' Yukina smirked and hummed a tune in her head. Everybody was rushing to head for class before the bell rang. Yukina waited in her seat for the guy called Shigure to come into the class. The bell rang and no Shigure appeared, the girls pouted once again. Mr. Onida started to take roll. He everyone was so far here until he got to Shigure's name.

"Shigure isn't here again today either?" He had a puzzled look on his face "I didn't receive any calls from the main office either…" Right then the sliding door opened.

"I'm here!" A brown hair boy semi yelled. The girl's eyes widen and each of them had a big smile. "Sorry I'm late, the student council took a tiny bit longer, then when I was rushing over here I bumped into a girl and her stuff fell from her bag so I helped her out." He panted slightly, Yukina mind was in utter disgust.

'That's him? I expected more out of him. You can obviously tell he's lying! Sure he has pretty face, but he's not The Earl material at all! He's…' She yelled in her head, her glare grew harder. The teacher and the students believed in his lies and he was excused from being tardy. He started to walk to his desk, which was behind Yukina's.

'He's…' Yukina glare was now daggers, continuing to find the right word to describe him. Shigure saw her, and he had a small grin to his face though no one saw it besides.

"Ah you must be the new girl everyone has been talking about. I'm Kitami Shigure." He introduced himself and flashed Yukina a bright, fake smile; and finally thought of the word that described him.


. . . .

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