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. . . . .

Chapter 5: Kiwi Scent.

When Kohana saw the snow-women with the sweet and innocent Shigure walking together, side by side, almost gave her a heart attack. She absolutely knew that the snow-women is up to something. She took a step forward, but stopped. She needed to tell someone the awful scene. Turning around, she ran to find her friends, or someone that she knew. A few minutes of searching she stopped catching her breath, she couldn't find anyone. As she was about to go searching, she heard her name being called.

"Kohana!" A friend of her called out as she spotted her running. Kohana took to a stop, gasping for air, walking towards her.

"You won't believe what I just say." Kohana said, her friend gave her a confused expression. Minutes after explaining, her friend face was mixed shocked and a bit red from anger.

"Are you sure it was her." Her friend asked for the billionth time.

"Yes Miu I'm pos-i-tive" Kohana confirmed, saying each syllable in positive.

"She must have used her witch powers!" Miu suggested, and her eyes widen. "You know how witch stories are! They seduce men!" Miu was now afraid of what could happen to Shigure.

Kohana looked down; something was definitely up with those two.

'Maybe they are dating….' Kohana eyes widen as she shook her head. "Impossible!" she muttered, wanting to hit herself for that stupid thought 'Of course they wouldn't date! Shigure has much higher standers then a witch like her! Besides, why date her, there more prettier people out there.' Kohana giggled 'Like me!'

Miu looked at her friend funny, wondering why she was giggling when she knew this was a VERY serious situation. "Kohana!" She called out to her, breaking her friend daydream about her and Shigure.

"What are we gonna do?" Miu asked concerned. Kohana struggled to think, she could go all out on her, but was afraid the snow-women would do something, or say something with her cold personality. Getting everyone to give her the cold shoulder was impossible; she was doing that to them. Miu looked at her friend, and was shocked from how she wasn't thinking of any ideas. Miu opened her mouth to try to suggest something, Kohana cut her off.

"Let's go ask Shigure what's going on!" Kohana said, walking in the school building, Miu followed behind.

. . . .

Science class was started, and Kohana was not pleased at all. She forgot that Shigure had a student council meeting halfway through lunch. Now she had to wait till class was over to ask him. She glanced over at the two; she hated Mr. Onida even more now for having the snow-women sitting in front of him.

"Alright now I want you to work on this worksheet." Mr. Onida told everyone as he was passing out the sheets. "You'll be working with assigned partners too!"

Everyone groaned, most of them groaned because they were afraid to have Yukina as a partner. Everyone listened carefully as names were called, the people who were called so far sighed in relief, they can live another day without having Yukina as their partner.

"Himuro…" Everyone without a partner held their breath, as their teacher was about to announce the poor student name "and Kohana." Everyone looked at Kohana, prying pity on the poor girl, though they were celebrating in their mind not being her. Yukina never looked her partner; she held her static face, while looking out the window. Kohana couldn't help but to smirk, even though this wasn't her plan she knew she could do something.

After everyone was assigned partners they started to work together. Everyone was laughing and talking to their partner, besides one group which felt like a blizzard passing through. Yukina paid no attention to Kohana till she started to say something.

"I saw you," Kohana told her, her voice felt like venom "with Shigure."

Yukina looked at the girl, glaring at her. Kohana tried to stay calm, if her glares could kill it would.

'This girl saw us…' Yukina thought, she didn't see anybody, or knew that anyone knew about that spot.

"Listen here. Whatever you're doing to Shigure won't work!" She started, glaring trying to match Yukina glare. "If you do anything to Shigure, I'll promise you your life will be miserable in this school." Saying this brought back memories to Kohana. She said the same thing to any other girl who got too comfortable with Shigure.

Yukina chuckled at the girl's "threat", Kohana eyebrows perked. "Do you really think your threats will work against me?" Kohana eyes widen, as her plan wasn't working. Kohana couldn't take it, even when she just started she got pissed, she stood up abruptly making her chair make a bang.

"Bitch don't mess with me!" Kohana yelled on accident, grabbing everyone's attention. Everyone's eyes widen, no one had the gut to say that the snow-women. Mr. Onida walked over to them

"Sato! What do you think you are doing?" The teacher yelled. Yukina face was the only calm one in whole class.

"It's not my fault!" Kohana told him, "It's hers!" as she pointed at Yukina. "She was walking with Shigure, ALONE!"

Everyone glanced at Shigure, who was trying to keep his cool. Mr. Onida looked at her weirdly, wondering what was wrong with that.

"Kohana I think were hallucinating." A girl said, everyone was holding back there giggles.

"I really doubt that was her." A boy informed, agreeing with the girl. Kohana eyes widen, no one believed her.

"Miu! Miu saw!" She looked at Miu, who was in shock.

"No I didn't. You told me about it." She told everyone.

"That's it Sato, go to the office!" Mr. Onida commanded her. Kohana walked out, leaving everyone in the class with awkward silence.

"I can't believe this!" She said to herself. "Fine if they want evidence I show it to them one day!"

. . .

After the now awkward Science class ended, and study hall was over everyone was relieve to go home. Yukina grabbed her bag, sighing.

'That girl, almost tattling about Kitami doing my missions' Yukina thought, 'Speaking of him, where is he? I have mission for him to do!'

Yukina walked off, searching for Kitami, though that didn't take long. She saw him talking to a student from the student council, which ending quick. She than notice Shigure walking her way, at first he clearly did not see her.

"Kitami." She called out his last name, which made him look at her direction. His face immediately turned into disgust.

"What do you want?" He asked, though he had a feeling what she was gonna say.

"I have a mission for you!" Shigure sighed, he was right.

"Are you serious, when is this stupid game gonna be done?" He asked.

"Not until I can figure out love!" Yukina answered, she started to walk, and Shigure trudged behind.

"What are these missions even for?" Shigure asked.

"The mission is for you to kiss me!" Yukina told him, ignoring his question, they both went into Mr. Onida now empty classroom.

Shigure became flabbergasted, and mad at the same time. One from Himuro ignoring his question, and the other from her ridiculous mission.

"I'm not gonna do that!" He yelled.

"Why not? Remember I have your student handbook!" She yelled back. Shigure cringed he forgot about that.

"I'm not gonna kiss you!" Shigure told her again "Why kiss someone when you don't even like that person."

Yukina put her hand on her chin "Hm, that's true. Fine, the new mission is for you to hug me!"

Shigure sighed, glad he didn't have to kiss her. "Fine…"

Yukina smirked, though it's not what she originally want to do, at least it was something. She noticed Kitami walking closer to her; placing his arms around her. Yukina shivered, she wasn't used with someone other than her parents hugging her. It felt different.

"You know it's not a hug when only one person is doing it." Shigure muttered. Yukina slowly put both her arms on Shigure back. Both of them were tense, having this new experience.

Shigure had girls hugged him, but it wasn't like this. Shigure looked down at Yukina, who was getting info on how the hug was. Shigure then smelled a kiwi scent, the smell came from Yukina hair. It was intoxicating for him already.

"You know," Shigure started, Yukina looked up at him. "You don't have to be so tense…"

Yukina placed her head back on Shigure chest, starting to relax. Realizing what he uncontrollably said, Shigure blushed, almost shoving Yukina off.

"What are you doing?" Yukina asked regaining her stand, after being pushed. She was mad; she was just starting to get variable information for her novel.

"I'm leaving." Shigure said, walking away. Yukina eyebrow perked up, wondering what his problem was. Yukina didn't try to follow him, she had a feeling he wouldn't do anymore today. She was also mad at him for ruining the mission, even though she got information. With that Yukina grabbed her school bag and walked home.

. . . .

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