Ok, this was written in a very bored PE class, and yes it was only a theory so mehh...

A little Draco POV here about when Harry successfully killed Voldie, a little bit sad I guess


I Saw

I saw, the hate those eyes contained when they all saw their greatest enemy fall to the hands of a mere teenager.

I saw, the pain that his eyes held as they all slowly turned their backs on his, one by one.

I saw, his heart breaking as the ones he thought loved him left him all alone.

I saw, the reason why he lived being destroyed in a heartbeat.

I saw, the tears which cascaded from his emerald eyes leave silver trails down his cheeks.

I saw, how he fell on his knees as the heartbreak and the pain consumed him.

I saw, his anger overload his mind, the hurt look which was carved into his face never shifting.

I saw, him scream and yell until his throat became hoarse and he could scream no more.

I saw, as all rationality left him, leaving only a bubbling pit of rage inside him.

I saw, as the magic radiated from his body, the green sparks which flickered around him seemed like fireworks in the dark night.

I saw, as the men surrounded him, telling him he was a threat to them all.

I saw, as he desperately tried to fight them off, yelling to his once foes to help him, as the men only advanced further.

I saw, the look on his face when no one, not one of his friends even attempted to help him.

I saw, that he stopped fighting, giving up all hope and giving in.

I saw, as his soul disappeared in an instant, leaving only an empty human shell and soulless, once shining emerald green eyes.

I saw, the world through his eyes for once, and it hurt.

Yep, so there it was.

Like i said it was a Draco POV and a little bit compassionate Draco there too...or maybe just he was regretting what he had done to Harry for so many years...who knows what goes on in the Slytherin Ice Princes' head.

Well, hopw you enjoyed:D