Okay, everyone, this is NOT an abandoning note or anything. It's just a quick author's note to show you that I'm still alive and stuff. The reason why I haven't updated in…months? I have been abnormally busy, moving schools and all that, and I have had Writer's Block for a long time. I went back, and noticed a lot of plot holes and OOC-ness in the story, most of which restricted any character development on my part.

So, as of today, I am putting this story on HOLD. Don't worry though, I am rewriting the story, and I'll be posting it up like normal. I'm pretty sure you get updates every time I change a chapter, but if not, PM me, and I'll make sure to regularly update you on when there is a new edited chapter up.

Besides, even if this WAS a new chapter, since I have been away for so long, you'd probably have to go back and read it from the start. So, it's a sort of mixed blessing, I guess.

Unfortunately, updates on the edited chapters will still be slow (I have set a goal to update at least a chapter in each of my stories these holidays, which is a LOT, mind you) because of their size, but as they are only being edited, it'll be a lot quicker than how long it took me to write them.

Sorry for any disappointment, but it's for the best. I hope you continue reading, and I sincerely recommend you go back and re-read the Chapter 1. Trust me – it's a lot better now :)

AND – I've woven Harry's Horcrux into the plot too~ so, I hope you like the changes!


Dark Lady x