I had my hands on Dimitri's chest, pushing him back towards the ground. We were both breathing heavily. Everyone around us cheered and applauded. I was too preoccupied with looking at him instead. His eyes were proud, and there were plenty of other emotions lying in them. Awe, pride, yearning and most of all there was love in them.

I saw him hesitate, but I saw absolve quickly appear in his eyes. I knew what he was going to do. But around so many people? Oh well. It's about time they found out. We can't keep it a secret forever.

I moved my arms to around his neck and pressed myself to him. He smiled slightly. I however, grinned. I pressed my mouth to his quite forcefully. He responded as I thought he would. Passion quickly overtook us. I could almost hear the shocked expression that echoed through the room. I could feel Lissa's surprise and shock. A couple of people whistled. Actually, only three. Adrian, who knew already, Jesse and Zane. Christian seemed shocked too. It was Adrian that managed to break the kiss.

"Damn Belikov. Got further than I ever did. Lucky bastard." Adrian said grudgingly. I stood up.

"We don't have anything that can even go further." I said tauntingly. Dimitri stood up and slipped his hand in mine, without saying a word. He looked quite smug.

"What are you going to do now?" Adrian said. "Everyone now knows about you two. I had no reason to tell anyone before, but you went and got yourself public."

"You mean you knew? Adrian why didn't you tell me? Never mind that. Rose? You of all people should have told me!" Lissa whined. She was right. I should have told her.

"So what are you going to do now?" Adrian asked again. A smile crept on my face.

"I don't know. Go somewhere private and discuss it, I guess." The smile that was on my face suddenly got sly as I looked at Dimitri's face. I could see all different types of ideas light up in his eyes. Adrian blanched.

"Remind me not to visit your dreams tonight." He walked away. We began to follow him, but turned the corner in the opposite direction.

"Where are we going?" I asked Dimitri.

"You'll see." He said. He pulled me just slightly around the next corner, it was deserted. He grabbed some keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. He locked it behind him. It was a spare room, a huge one too. In it were a bed, closet, mini bar fridge, and a couch. No electronic devices or TV.

Perfect. I pushed him up against the wall slightly. He wrapped his arms around me and spun me so I fell flat on the bed. I pulled on him and he fell beside me. We looked into each other's eyes and stared. He rolled from the edge of the bed onto me. "God I love you. More than anything else in the world." I said to him.

He moved his hand along my legs and pulled them around his waist. I pulled his mouth to mine. He was not gentle. I finally broke the kiss; he moved his mouth to keep kissing me in a different spot on my neck. While I lay there I played with his hair. So soft and silky. He raised his head to look at me. They were so filled with love I knew that I was to be a virgin no longer. It would happen tonight.

"Oh, Roza. We shouldn't..."


He pulled me up to meet his face and kissed me so passionately I thought I had gone to heaven. We took off each other's clothes. But it took too long. Or not long enough. I can't tell. The feeling of him pressed against my naked body made me feel all sorts of things. Warmth was one of them. I ran my hand along his muscled chest he shivered in pleasure. Just he feeling that made me all the more hotter for him. In the morning I knew I would have no regrets.

It was the strongest things I had ever felt, the sensation while it was happening. The feel of his hands everywhere on my body was so sensual and so breathtaking I was definitely in heaven. The rest of the night was even better.