Ch.13- Making Introductions

Back once again in the hospital room Mac and Stella sat close together on the hospital bed staring lovingly at the little girl cradled in Stella's arms. The open catalog of baby cloths and furniture lay forgotten on Mac's lap.

At that moment there came a soft knock on the door. Looking up from his daughter to the door Mac answered,

"Come in."

With the welcoming response the door opened to admit Flack, Hawkes, and Adam. A small grin spread across Mac's face as he saw the guys walk in. Having heard the door open Stella looked up as well and smiled when she saw who it was that had come in. But her smile began to falter as she noticed who wasn't among the group. Seeing Stella's changing expression Flack knew exactly what she was thinking and replied,

"Danny and Lindsay are on their way, they had to go pick Lucy up from the sitter, and Sid was purchasing something in the gift shop. He should be here shortly."

Hearing the reasons of why the three members of their team were late Stella smiled in relief. Right then they heard yet another knock on the door. Adam moved aside so Mac and Stella could see who was at the door along with Flack and Hawkes looking as well.

Standing in the open doorway was Sid holding onto the string of a pink "it's a girl" balloon that was hovering over his head. Seeing Sid standing at the door Stella smiled and said,

"Hey Sid come on in."

Sid smiled as he walked over to the side of the bed. Coming to stand next to Stella Sid released the balloon and allowed it to float to the ceiling. From his other hand, which Stella noticed was slightly hidden behind his back; Sid revealed to them a cute little pink teddy bear. Stella smiled up at Sid as Mac retrieved the little bear.

Looking around at the group Sid saw who was missing and said,

"I saw Danny, Lindsay, and little Lucy when I was getting in the elevator. They should be here shortly."

As if what Sid said was a cue into the room walked Danny carrying little Lucy and Lindsay, stopping right in the doorway where she turned to someone standing in the hall. Turning to Mac and Stella Lindsay smiled as she said,

"We found a straggler down in the lobby when we got to the elevator, so we brought him with us."

As she said this Lindsay motioned to the person standing outside the room to come in. From the hall walked Reid, as Lindsay went to stand with Danny and Lucy, Reid went and stood near Mac. Seeing that everyone was here Mac said,

"Well I guess since everyone is here than we can finally make introductions."

Wrapping his arm around Stella's lower back Mac smiled as he continued,

"Everyone we would like you all to meet Emma Jessica Taylor."

As Mac said the name Stella repositioned Emma in her arms so that everyone could see her. Everyone awed as they looked at the cute little baby as she opened her tiny mouth and yawned. Lindsay moved from Danny's side and came to stand next to Sid as she said,

"Emma Jessica Taylor, so you made Jessica her middle name?"

Both Stella and Mac nodded their heads at Lindsay's question. As Lindsay smiled down at Emma, Mac looked to Reid who was looking at Emma with a loving smile and with love in his eyes. Seeing his expression Mac gently grasped Reid's arm as he asked,

"Reid, would you like to hold your little sister?"

Hearing Mac refer to Emma as his little sister Reid smiled even bigger as he nodded his head many times really quickly. Seeing his enthusiasm Mac smiled and gave a soft laugh as he retrieved Emma from Stella and gently placed her in Reid's nervous arms. As he placed her in Reid's arms Mac said,

"Just be sure to support her head and you'll do fine."

Reid nodded at the advice that Mac gave him but he still had a nervous expression on his face. Looking at the tiny baby in his arms Reid began to smile as he said,

"Wow, she is so tiny but so cute."

Everyone smiled as he said that. Leaning close to Reid's arm Lindsay looked at Emma, and turning to look at Stella and Mac, said,

"I have to agree, she is extremely cute. She looks like both of you. I think she will even have your curly hair Stella."

Stella gave a big smile to Lindsay as she replied,

"That's what Mac said. But she has his light brown hair and his blue eyes to go with my nose."

Dealing with a wiggling Lucy in his arms Danny asked,

"How you doing Stella?"

Raising her shoulders into a slight shrug Stella replied,

"I feel fine. But if I ever have another child I am giving birth in a hospital and getting an epidural. One natural child birth experience is good enough for me."

Danny smiled as he understood what Stella was talking about. Hawkes, with a small grin said,

"But I think that you both did great delivering on your own while in the truck. I mean there didn't seem to be any problems that I could hear when I was on the phone giving Mac instructions."

Mac grinned at Hawkes as he replied,

"And we want to thank you Sheldon for helping us but I think we'll leave the job to the doctors the next time around."

As Reid handed Emma back to Mac Lucy gave a soft cry and reached for Mac. Danny laughed as he continued to hold Lucy while Flack said,

"Uh…I think Lucy is a little jealous that Mac is holding someone other than her."

Lindsay glanced from Lucy to Mac and said,

"No she just doesn't understand why Mac keeps holding Emma. He's only ever held her."

Turning to Mac Lindsay asked,

"Can I hold her Mac?"

Mac nodded and gently handed Emma to Lindsay. Once again seeing that Mac's hands were free Lucy gave another soft cry and reached for him once again. Laughing at her never ending attempts Mac extended his arms to her as he said,

"Here Danny I'll hold her for a while. I'm pretty sure that's what she wants."

Happy to oblige Danny passes Lucy to Mac. Sitting on Mac's knee Lucy reached her hand up and touched his cheek while she sucked her other thumb. Smiling down at her Mac shook his legs making her giggle as he said,

"What are you doing silly girl?"

Hearing him speak Lucy smiled with her thumb still in her mouth. Looking to Lindsay who was still holding Emma, Mac looked back down at Lucy and said,

"Lucy I think I should introduce you to someone whom I love very much."

Having said this Mac looked up at Lindsay and said,

"Lindsay, can you bring Emma over here please so Lucy can see her?"

Cradling Emma in her arms Lindsay came and crouched down to Mac and Lucy's level upon the bed. When her momma came down to her level Lucy saw that she was holding something that was wiggling. Seeing that Lucy had noticed Emma Mac tapped Lucy before he touched Emma softly and said,

"Lucy, this is Emma. She is my little girl and your cousin."

Hearing the last part Lindsay and Stella both said,


Looking at both women Mac nodded and replied,

"Well I am Lucy's Godfather, so I figured she could consider Emma as one of her cousins."

Stella smiled at Mac's idea, and so did Lindsay as she replied,

"That's fine with me. The more cousins she has the better."

With this Danny chimed in,

"I agree with Lindsay, Lucy doesn't have very many cousins yet, so having Emma as her cousin would be great. Plus Lucy is already starting to say Uncle Mac, or in her case, Unkie Mac, so calling Emma her cousin really fits."

Mac smiled at what Danny had said and so did Stella. As the visit continued everyone else on the team had a chance to hold Emma, even Adam. During all this Mac stayed on the bed by Stella's side with Lucy going back and forth between him and Stella. As they watched their daughter being passed to each member of the team that was in the room Mac and Stella both felt happy that they could share this joyous moment with the people that they considered as their family. It was a wonderful ending to a day full of surprise and the feeling of accomplishment by solving a case.