Chapter 1: Hyoutei Gakuen's new Student.

I yawned as I got out of my bed, rubbing my eyes and staring at the walls of my new bedroom. I sniffed and walked to the door, and downstairs to the kitchen, where my mother was making breakfast.

"Good morning, Daisuke-kun." My mother said, smirking at my appearance, then putting a place with bacon and eggs on it in front of me. I rolled my eyes and started eating the food she made. 'I wonder if she poisoned my food like the last time...' I thought, stuffing the not so good tasting food into my mouth.

"Oh, don't worry, I didn't put anything else in it," She said, sighing, "Since today is your first day of school in Japan." she grabbed the now empty plate and put in the sink. "You'll do the dishes when you get back, you hear?" She said as I walked to the front door.

"I got it..." I mumbled, walking out into the cool breeze of Japan. I looked at my surroundings, not completely use to them, seeing as we moved here two days ago. I rubbed my nose and pulled a small paper with scribbles of how to get to my school. I yawned and started walking, 'I wonder what this Hyoutei Gakuen will be like...' I thought, staring at the map in my hands, looking up every so often to make sure i'm going the right way.

I kept walking, following the directions on the small paper. 'Go right, and then you should be ther-' My thoughts were cut off when I looked up at a big building. I blinked, then looked down at my paper, and back to the building, then the paper, and finally, back to the building. I sighed, "Damn rich people..." I mumbled under my breath, I looked at a sign, it read, "Hyoutei Gakuen" on it. My eye twitched. I frowned and started walking in the gates.

Kids were everywhere in sight, the ones that cared to look at me stared and started whispering things that I don't really care about.

"Look, isn't that boy kinda cute!" One girl said to her friends.

"Yeah, but, look at his clothing! it's so... Ew.." one of her other friends trailed off.

Yes, indeed, I wasn't wearing my school uniform, I didn't have the chance to pick it up yesterday, because I had to unpack my mother and fathers things, including mine.

'Boy...' I thought, glaring at the steps i'm walking up to get to the main door. 'If only they knew... No, i'm not allowed to tell anyone. That's the whole reason why i'm here in Japan, instead of Canada...' I glared at the ground, harsher this time, remembering what happened those last few days in Canada.


"Ehhh? really?," a boy about my age stood and stared at me, slightly blushing. "Yo-your a GIRL?" He said, staring at me blankly. I told him to be quite and nodded, staring at the ground in shame.

".. B-but... Why do you cover yourself like this? Why can't you be you, for who you really are?" he questioned, kneeling down and staring into my sky blue eyes. I felt my eyes start to burn, 'Shit... I don't- no, I can't cry in front of him...' I thought, wiping my eyes with my clenched up fist.

"It.. it's my parents... They said that they wanted a boy..." I couldn't help it, tears pricked my eyes, I tried to hold them it, "an-and... they wished I wasn't even born," I said, letting the tears fall freely down my cheek and onto my legs. I took in a shaky breath. "So, instead, they just made me do this, dress and act like a boy, they told me never to do anything girly of the sort, like... like painting my nails, or going shopping with other girls... or anything, no putting on make up, no letting my hair grow out, no... nothing..." I said, crying silently in my hands.

He pulled me into a hug, I froze and looked up at him, his features were dark, his bangs shadowing over his eyes. I sniffed and wiped the last of my tears away. I held onto him, enjoying the warmth he gave me.

"It'll be okay..." he said, looking up at the dark sky. I flinched when I felt something land on my nose, I looked up and noticed that it began to rain lightly.

-The next day-

"You little bitch! Why did you tell that boy! Everything was going great until you had to go and make things so bad! Your father had a great job here! But now we have to move! Why couldn't we just have a boy, does God really hate us that much?," My mother screamed, throwing a dish towards the ground. I watched it soar, then shatter into a million little pieces on the ground.

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR BEING BORN! FOR EVEN BEING ALIVE!" My eyes widened when she screamed this, I stared at her. She took in deep breaths to keep her anger at a minimum.

"We will move in a couple days, i'll go inform your father about what you did." She said, walking out of the room and into her room, to discuss matters with my father.

I could feel my knees shake slightly, I soon fell to my knees, hugging my arms around my body. I shook as I cried for the second time that day.

*Flashback End*

I guess I wasn't paying attention, so caught up in the memory of that day, I walked into something, more like someone. I turned my glare to the person in front or me. I blinked when I took in the appearance of the person, he was slightly taller than me, he had silvery hair and probably thought he was all that. I could feel my hand twitch, most likely wanting to punch this person, just to show him that he isn't God!

'God...' I thought, looking at the ground, forgetting about the boy for a second, "There's no such thing!" I said aloud. I paused, and blinked. 'Di-did I just scream that out loud?' I thought, turning my gaze upwards.

The boy stared at me, "Ore-sama wishes to know what you mean by, 'There's no such thing'?" he said, staring at me.

"N- no such thing as... as... umm.." I trailed off, not being able to think of anything, I looked at 'ore-sama' in the eye and kicked him on the shin, hearing gasps coming from the crowd we supposedly attracted. I grabbed my bag from the ground and walked away, ignoring the 'How dare you kick Ore-sama!'.

I turned another corner and found that I was in front of my destination, the office. I sighed and walked in. I walked up to the front desk and rang the bell, seeing since no one was in there.

A middle aged woman came rushing out, "Oh, deary, I'm sorry, I was just getting some coffee-..." She trailed off, looking at her hands, which held no such beverage. She blinked, then sighed. "Well, it seems I forgot it again." She laughed off her mistake, smiling, and looking at me.

"You must be the new student, right?" I nodded, "Well, here is your schedule and locker number." She smiled, handing it over to me.

"Thank you..." I mumbled, taking the paper and keeping it at my side.

"Your welcome, good luck on your first day, sweetie!" She grinned. I nodded slightly and walked out the door. I looked around, then down at my paper.

'Locker number 276... Homeroom 105...' I thought. I looked up and started walking in a random direction, hoping that it was the right way.

It turned out that I did pick the right way. I looked up at my locker, I reached out to turn the lock to the right numbers it said on the paper. Once I got it open, I put my extra paper and pens in it. I only had paper and pens with me today, I still need to get my textbooks and such. I heard the bell ring.

"Ah." I looked around, seeing kids rushing into rooms or down the halls to find their rooms. I sighed and looked at my paper, then started walking. I found my way to the right classroom.

I slowly opened the back door and crept my way in, looking at the teacher, hoping he didn't notice. He paused from talking about the rules and looked in my direction. My eyes widened, I quickly ducked behind some random kids desk, hoping he didn't see anything. I looked between a crack, he shook his head and continued on telling the kids about what not to do or things you should do.

"A-ano... what are you do-doing?" a whispering voice said in my ear. I gasped and fell on my butt, staring wide eyed at the boy who whispered in my ear. He back his head away, startled. "I- I'm sorry!" he apologized, standing and bowing. I gulped and looked around the room, people staring at the seen the two of us were making. I sighed and waved my hand, wanting the boy to stop making such a seen.

The teacher walked up to us, glaring at us slightly for interrupting him. He looked at me again, then his eyes widened. "Oh! You must be our new student, right!" he said, changing moods so suddenly, by that time, the boy had stopped apologizing as stared between the teacher and me. I stood up and nodded, keeping my eyes on the ground, ignoring the whispers that started again.

"Ah, yes, Class!," the teacher called, gaining everyone's attention, "This is Daisuke Phoenix!," he said, patting me on the shoulder, "He just transferred here from Canada! So please be kind to him and show him respect!" He said, dragging me to what I guess is now my desk. "Carrying on.." he continued with the rules, I tuned him out and stared at the clock.

'Only a couple more hours then it's lunch time...' I sighed, leaning back in my desk.

A couple hours had finally passed by, I heard the bell ring, watching some kids pour out of the room. I sat there until someone tapped me lightly on the shoulder. I jumped a little.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" I found that same voice saying 'sorry' again. I turned to look at the boy, he has silvery hair, and sliver eyes to match.

"For a second year, your pretty tall..." I thought, staring at his tallness. He blushed and blinked a couple times. I stared at him, then looked at the ground. "I said that out loud, didn't I?.." I questioned, pouting and glaring at the ground.

"Y-yeah..." he answered, looking at the ground too. He looked back at me, "W-well..." He said, I looked up, "I came here to say that i'm-"

"That your sorry, right? Well, it's okay." I said, grabbing my things and walking towards the door. he followed slowly behind me. I paused and looked at him, "Do you need anything else?" I asked.

His face went red again, "Uhh... N-no..." he said, walking around me and hurrying down the hall. I shrugged and turned around.

As I was roaming the halls, I found a bulletin board that listed all the sports that were going on.

'Hmm... baseball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, boxing, tennis... waaaaait... NO SOCCER?' I screamed inside my head, staring disbelievingly at the board.

"..." I stared at the board, then read it over again. 'No way...' I thought, glaring at the board. 'I have to join something...' I glanced at tennis. Besides soccer, tennis is the next best sport i'm good at, it's not like I wanted it to be, it was my father's choice. I looked at the ground and picked up a form and walked away to a secluded spot outside under a tree.

I sighed as I started filling out the form for tryouts in tennis. I looked at the bottom, it required me to have my parents to sign. I shrugged and signed on the line, perfectly imitating their signatures.

I got up and walked around the school, paper still in my hand, hoping that I could just get this over with.

I came to hearing the sound of balls against concrete.

I walked up to the fence and looked down to see a bunch of people either playing tennis or others watching them and eating their lunch.

"Oh! It's Phoenix-san!" a familiar voice called. I looked over to see that tall second year staring up at me, while surrounded by a bunch of others.

"Just call me Daisuke or whatever, anything but that name..." I said, staring at him.

"Ah, okay, Daisuke-san?" he guessed, I nodded. "Do you wanna meet my senpai's?" he asked, smiling.

"Not rea-" I felt a hand land on my shoulder. I turned and looked, I blinked, "Ah. It's you, Mr. Narcissist!" I said in a fake happy tone. He glared at me, and looked down. "Ore-sama wants to know why you have a tennis form in your hand." he asked, no, demanded. My eyes widened, "It's... a..." before I could come up with anything, Mr. Narcissist took the paper out of my hands and read it.

"So you wanna join my club, ahn?" he smirked, flipping his hair. I stared blankly at him.

"Yes." I finally said, eye twitching again.