Chapter Two: Suspention? WHY?

I rubbed my eyes and yawned for the secenth time this morning."Kurimi! pay attention to your shots dammit!" I herd my oh so great captain shout.

"but Ryuka ~ buchou why can't I practice with the boys team you all suck" I whined .Ryuka- senpai twitched "look just because you come from a rich Family doesn't mean your all high and might heck you act like your brother most of the time Atobe-san" she said smirking.I twitched at the mention of my brother. "don't you dare out me in the same boat as him you bitch"I said in a threatening shivered then ran over to our coach and complained. Damn prissy annoying little girl..I thought glaring at her twirling my racket around.I wonder what time it was I got here at 6:00 like always to play my favorite sport.I sighed the only thing interesting is what my brother told me this morning.

-Flash back-(to this morning)

"Kurimi! ore-sama demands you bring me my breakfast" he yelled banging on my door.I turned over in my bed groaning."dammit! Keigo! can't you do any thing you damn lazy Bastard!"I yelled from laying on my bed."HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ORE-SAMA LIKE THAT NOW MAKE ME BREAKFAST!" he yelled at me from the other side of the door.

"DAMMIT KEIGO! GET THE FRIGGIN MAIDS TO MAKE YOUR DAMN BREAKFAST! JERK!"I yelled back."FINE BUT YOU BETTER GET DOWN HERE OR I'LL TAKE AWAY ALL OF YOUR DOUJINSHI'S!" he threatened."FINE!"I yelled yes we are such loving sibling's aren't we? I thought getting out of bed.I went down stairs wearing my school uniform.I passed a mirror that made me see how awful my silver hair looked all messed up.I shook my head then continued to walk down the stairs.I sat at the table with my violet eyes scanning the room to see my evil demon older brother Atobe Keigo looking as if hes the king of the world.I twitched but sat down acting polite and civilized.I began to eat my food when the King of Monkeys spoke."I heard something interesting yesterday" he said twirling his hair."Oh, and what was that?" I smirked "there's rumor going around saying that a commoner is going to our school but ore-sama can careless" he said.I flipped a fork at him that hit his forehead."you dare hurt ore-sama?"he said glaring."yes yes I dare hurt you it's not nice to call people commoner's Keigo where all human you know" I said leaving with a sour mood.

-End of FlashBack-

I sighed again but then the coach walked up to me."Atobe-san" my coach said in a deep tone.I twitched "don't call me Atobe.."I trailed trying to contain my anger."you may go to the boys courts since I can see you and Ryuka aren't getting along" the coach said while I smiled."hai~thank you sensei~" I sang skipping to the out of the girls courts and into the boys courts.I smiled again then breathed in and out."ah~the sweet scent of competition"I said day dreaming.I day dreamed until I felt a racket hit my head."hey day dreaming again I see short stuff" a voice that I knew all to well.I turned to see the very guy I have always liked since coming Bunta the tensai that I have liked or fallen for since coming here.I stared at his red hair and eyes snapped out of it once he grinned at me."I-I'm not short!"I said trying to sound angry but failed miserably with a blush on my face."aw you look so cute wittle princess~"he teased playing with my hair."Dammit! Marui quit messing with my hair!"I laughed then turned to his teammates."hey everyone! our Little Princess is back to play with us!" he yelled out to his entire all stopped what there were doing then walked over to greet me.I hit my forehead ..does he half to shout that every time I come here?... not that I mind though..but still...I thought must of seen it because he nudge me with his elbow and started to tease me vice captain wasn't to please with the interruption and made all of us run laps. Another fine morning with my dream guy and his team I thought smiling lightly punched my cheek.

"why are you so happy squirt" he said."Nothing i'm just happy that I get to be with Marui and his team again!"I said ruffled my hair causing me to blush yet again."I'll race ya!"he said picking up his speed.I stared blankly as he ran ahead distracted by his adorable Renji the guy with brown hair ran next to me."that's the seven hundredth time this week you blushed because of Mauri you really do like him Kurimi..a lot" he said while I blushed again running faster to get away from the other evil genius that I sorta like to but not as much as I like Marui.I passed Marui easily make'n him smirk then pick up speed before I knew it the both of us where competing against each other trying to out run one was so fun running beside Marui-senpai that I was lost in my own thoughts that is until the captain ordered us to change because morning practice was over.I blinked then looked at Marui he blinked to then a guy with silver hair walked over to us."Puri~" he said."Niou senpai do you really half to steal him from me"I whined to smirked "sorry princess but your prince has to go to class" he said helping Marui get off the ground.I blushed then looked away then looked at Marui."see you later my sweet princess~" he said kissing my forehead then walked away.I stared blankly at him only thing going through my head is Marui-senpai called me his princess and kissed my forehead I think I repeated that like 4 times before I felt someone dragging me away in my love struck state.I looked to see who was dragging me to find my classmate and friend curly hair and face drenched in sweat from practice."Akaya-chan do you have to drag me every time I come here"I said."...If I didn't drag you out then you would be late for class now get change I'll be waiting for you" he said kicking me into the girls locker room.I hit the wall hard "ow! did you have to be so rough Akaya-chan"I muttered getting changed into my regular school uniform.I walked out of the change the room to see Akaya-chan leaning against the wall bored."you look so cute Aka-chan!"I said glomping him."get off..."he whined while trying to pry me off. "no way~Aka-chan"I said sighed then dragged me off to class given up in trying to pry me off of him.

-At lunch-

I skipped over to the third years happy to see my apple of the eye talking happily with Niou senpai."looking at your dream guy again Kuri-chan?" Akaya said.I jumped then blushed "n-no...I was just thinking of how lovely it is that I get to spend time with you"I said sweat dropping."right"he said walking over to his teammates to eat then but stopped to look back me."aren't you coming?"he asked me.I shook my head declining his offer."I have something important I want to get that I made for Marui-senpai~"I said running off feeling Marui - senpai's eye on blinked then walked the rest of the way to sit with his teammates and friends.

I ran to my locker getting a pendant that had lollipops in it having Marui senpai's full name on it.I smiled at my pendant that took me hours to make for him.I was lost in thought that the loud slam of my locker startled me.I looked to see who was the culprit.I twitched in seeing who it was the girl had pink long hair and bright blue eyes. great the bitch of all bitches Risa Li Ryuka -senpais younger sister and who also Marui's number one fan I thought sarcastically."what do you think your doing acting all lovey dovey with Marui senpai like that hm?" she said angered."oh shut up queen of all bitches your just jealous because he actually talks to me"I twitched then shoved me against the locker and scratched my cheek with her long nails make'n it bleed."whats going on out there?"I heard sensei call on smirked then started fake crying."Waah~sensei Kurimi is being mean to me she slapped me and tried to pick a fight with me"she said sobbing into sensei's looked at me angered

"Kurimi Atobe I am very disappointed in you picking fights on school ground" he said glaring.

"w-what! ..I didn't do anything she Hi-" he cut me off."I don't want to hear any of your lies to the principle office now" he ordered."b-but"I tried to say."no Kurimi" he said in a more commanding tone."fine.."I said glaring at the prissy girl who was the cause of my falsely accused smirked at me in victory the evil bitch.I looked to the ground while walking to the principle 's office bumping into one of the boys in the boys tennis team."ah gomen Niou-senpai"I said fake smiling."hn?" he I looked to the rest of the team that was behind eyes landed on Akaya-chan and Marui I sighed."sorry guys...looks like I won't be hanging out with you today.."I said depressed."what? why? Kuri-chan?" Akaya asked concerned."well I'm going to principle's office ..."I said looking down."see ya" I said waving to them "wait Kuri-chan!"I heard Akaya-chan yell after me.I ignored him and kept on walking playing with my pendant I made for Marui in my pocket. now how am I going to give this to him? I asked the principle's office it wasn't fun me defending myself because of that stupid bitch sending me was full blown battle between me and my Sensei."I DIDN'T TOUCH HER DAMMIT! SHE HIT ME! " I yelled furiously."I don't wanna hear it Kurimi! I know of your past records! you use to be in a gang! your nothing but a trouble maker" he said,Oh there he goes bringing up the past again."THAT WAS LAST YEAR DAMMIT! I CHANGED I REALLY HAVE WHY THE HELL WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME!"I shouted desperately."she is nothing but trouble I think you should suspend her from school for 4 days" he said."WHAT!" I yelled."now now calm down" the principle said." now from what I heard from Risa Kurimi I have no choice but to suspend you for four days" she said.I gaped then clenched my teeth."you will be in the detention hall for the rest of the day and you won't be playing Tennis until the your suspension is over"she stated."WHAT! YOU CAN'T DO THAT I HAVE FOUR TEST AND A GAME IS COMING UP!"I yelled.

"this is your punishment for what you did to Risa" she said."now go to the detention hall lunch is over" she order.I stood then walked to the door then opend the door."you know maybe I should have beat The Fuck out of that Bitch so I could actually tell you I did it"I said slamming the door leaving stunned faces on both my Sensei and principle.I stared at the ground in utter defeat.I'm going to miss Marui's practice matches with Hyoutei tomorrow..I thought sadly.I won't be able to practice with him either.I looked at the ground depressed and the cut on my cheek finally starting to sting. It hurts...I thought looking at the ground sadly walking towards the detention hall.

After school I walked out of the detention hall feeling half dead thinking about eveything that happened.I sighed "I didn't do anything" I mumbled feeling sadder by the minute the cut on my cheek was still bleeding heck I'm surprised that I didn't pass out from blood stung like hell thought it was make'n tears form in my eyes.I stared at the ground hopeless until I felt a hand grab my chin the forced my to look up."M-Marui-senpai?'I stuttered with a bit of tears in my frowned " why are you bleeding Kurimi?" he asked looking at me cut."it's nothing Marui-senpai"I said pushing his hand stared at me then pulled me into his face instantly heating up "s-senpai?"I stuttered."..." he didn't say anything just held me there.I didn't want him to let go so instead of pushing him away I caved into his arm."Marui-senpai..?"I asked let me go then laughed awkwardly."sorry..I just thought you needed a hug well I gotta go to practice"he said."w-wait senpai!"I said grabbing his turned around to look at me."yes" he said looking at me with what seemed like a blush.I blinked then shook my head and held out my pendant to him."?"he looked at it confused."s-senpai...I made this for you..please take it"I said took it from my hands then examined it "it so cute~thank you Kurimi-chan" he said smiling.

I blushed then smiled and said "bye Marui ~senpai"I said waving to waved back at me with a smile.

Outside the school I walked out of the school happy but then remembered what happened today.I sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time today. man...I can't got to school...I half to tell Aniki what happened I thought while looking at the time,he's probably practicing his tennis..ah well..I gotta tell him sooner or later I thought. at least he'll believe me even if his a jerk and gets on my nerves he is still a good older brother..I admitted I'm at it I'll tell him i'm coming to I thought pulling out my Phone dialing his phone rang a couple of time when he finally picked up"Aniki..."I said on the was a long silence and I knew exactly what he's thinking since I never call him Aniki unless I need his brotherly love or unless something serious happened.I admit I felt a bit bad for make'n him worry