The small town of Forks, Washington was a desolate place, highlighted by the small population who inhabited. The town was mystical and magical, the sunlight hidden by the deep forests and the cloudy skies. Although gloomy for some- it was the perfect destination for the Cullen's. A grim reminder of the past, but joined with all the best hope for the future.

The Cullen's were a strong family, having only been brought together by the tragedies of the lives they had once lost. None of them could say they lived a completely happy life, or had never been through the pain not many suffered. When the venom pulsed through their veins, capturing fire and stopping their heart, they felt the worst possible pain- even to the point beyond imaginations. It had been the third time they moved here- the first two times altered their lives as they knew it, but that couldn't happen again. It had been twenty years since they last moved here, and it wasn't going to happen again. No, nothing would mess up their lives this time- or, well, alter it. Well, that's what they thought. Well weren't they wrong?

Rosalie Lillian Hale had the perfect life, until it was shattered and the man who ruined her life decided to Tango on the glass shards of her soul. All was lost, nothing was gained by the sick and cruel hand she was dealt. She was hollow, yet still stayed strong for herself. Her body grew callused, hard for anybody to touch and if they tried- it sure wouldn't be an enjoyable experience for them. She was pitied, but little had she known she didn't know the true meaning of pain. What is it, exactly, about her experience that sets the Cullen's off?

A/N- Okay, I know it sounds horrible. I've just been reading a lot of Emmet and Rosalie Fanfic's lately, and discovered that the Edward/ Bella situation except with Rosalie and Emmett was my favorite… plot for a story of their pairing. So, I decided that why not just try out a regular one, except of course what would it be with out a few twists? Okay, so you read this tiny and vague little prologue, so please review and tell me what you think =]