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Why does a Rainbow only comes after a Rain?

One sunny day in Bermesiah, the Grand Chase was having a break. Ryan and Lire were on the Elven Forest to have some nature meditation. Ronan and Elesis were practicing in the garden. Sieghart was there under a tree sleeping. Lass and Arme were talking on the balcony.

"Hi Lass! What's up?" Arme called at Lass who is staring on the sky.

"I'm okay. Oh wait. Look at the sky."

"It's a great day! The weather is fair!"

"This time only. But look there, the clouds were dark. And it's very hot. When the weather is very hot, there's a big chance that it'll rain. Maybe in the afternoon."

"Oh really? So later it will rain?"


In the afternoon, as predicted by Lass, it had really rained. Good thing the Grand Chase were already inside the castle.

"Oh my, I didn't expect that it will rain today." Elesis muttered.

"Yeah. Awhile ago the sun is still shining. I'm glad we arrived here before it had rained..." said Lire who is looking in the window.

An hour passed and the rain had stopped. Arme once again went in the balcony. Eventually, she saw Lass again standing there looking from afar.

"Lass, you make a good weather forecaster."

"Really? Thanks."

"Oh Lass! Look at there! It's a rainbow!"

"A rainbow? Oh."

They both stared at the rainbow for minutes. Minutes passed the rainbow is already fading.

"Hey Lass. Why do you think a rainbow only appears after a rain?"

"Because you can never have a rainbow without rain."

"What an answer, Lass."

"I'll just give you and example. All of us have problems, right?"

"Uhm.. Yes. Of course. Why did you ask?"

"Suppose the rain is the problem. You can never be happy or become successful in life without having or passing through it. Like the rainbow. Rainbow is never formed without the rain pouring down."

"Oh... That's why..."

"But, oh well. There's a scientific explanation on how a rainbow is formed anyway."

"What the..."

"Oh Arme. I have to go now. See you later."

Lass walks away as Arme looked at him. She had remembered what he had said: "You can never have a rainbow without rain.". She smiles as he disappeared from her sight.

'Lass... Really? So I still have to face problems eh? Before you will know what are my true feelings for you I still have to wait right? The problem I will face is waiting... But, nevermind. I can wait. Wait for you. Even if it is forever.'

Hope you like my second Grand Chase fanfic. Thanks for reading. :)