Summary: Paris thought he could take on Menelaus. He thought his love for Helen was strong enough. Foolish boy, the goddess of Love needed to show him straight. Oneshot, drabble*.

Title: Aphrodite's Calling

Their swords were thrashing.

All around him were the soldiers of Troy and Greece, looking onward, cheering for their champion. Paris grunted, dodging Menelaus' quick movements. The bronze swords that Greece was famed for seemed to be no match for the Trojan counterparts. The Spartan king's sword easily swept Paris' away from him. Paris fell, Trojan dust filling his gaping wounds. Unexpectedly, his vision cleared; he was seeing with the sight of Aphrodite. The Goddess' whisper was for Paris' ears only.

My Paris, you had chosen me … and you and I had chosen her … Go back to your Helen, my prince … your life is not worth the forfeit of your love…

Then Paris did the hardest thing he had ever done in his life. He ran to Hektor.

Author's Note: Of course, in the Iliad it is said that Aphrodite carries Paris to his bedchamber where he is "forced" by the Goddess to be with Helen. Still, this version is more suited for the movie. I hope you enjoyed it. A review would be appreciated.

*Drabble:a short story consisting of fewer than 1000 words