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Emily Quartermaine smelled the bouquet of roses that a flower deliveryman had just dropped off for her. They were her favorite as she entered the living room to put them into a vase and put some water in it as she set it on the end table. Noticing a small white envelope that had came with the flowers. "I'm such an idiot." She told herself opening the envelope and took out the small card.


I love you more then life itself, but we have to break up. I'm sorry.

Love always,


Emily felt tears well up in her eyes. Blinking them away she reread the card confused. Slowly moving towards the phone she dialed up Juan's number.

"Hello?" Juan Santiago asked as he answered his phone.

"Juan, we need to talk." He heard Emily say on the other line as he gulped.

"Come on Lucky, please." Elizabeth Webber pleaded with her boyfriend Lucky


Lucky sighed. "I don't know Liz."

"It'll only be a once in a lifetime thing."

"In front of all those people?"

"Don't start pretending to be shy on me now." Liz said wrapping her arms around her boyfriend.

"All right, but we're not going there alone are we?" Lucky asked.

"No, we can get Juan, Emily, and Nikolas to come too."

"Well, I'll call Nikolas you can call Emily and have her contact Juan too."

"Good." Liz said leaning over Lucky and reached for the phone as she dialed the Quartermaine's. "It's busy." She said hanging up and handed the phone to Lucky. "I'll try again after you call Nikolas."

Lucky sighed as he dialed up his half-brother, Nikolas Cassadine. "Hello?"

"Hey Nik it's me Lucky."

"Oh hi Lucky." Nikolas said rather confused to why he was calling him. "What's up?"

"Well, Liz has convinced me to go to this karaoke club tonight and the only way I'm going is if you and Emily show up."

Nikolas chuckled. "What no Juan?"

"Only if Emily brings him."

"And you two will not argue with him the entire night." Nikolas heard Liz say on the other line.


"Sure count me in. What time?"

Lucky covered the mouthpiece of the phone. "What time, Liz?"

"It's at eight."

"Eight sharp."

"Fine, better warm up your vocal cords Spencer."

"I suppose you got the flowers?" Juan asked.

"Yeah I did." Emily said trying not to cry again. "I don't understand Juan. I thought everything was working out perfectly for us. And you send me my favorite type of flowers with a note saying 'you'll love me forever but we have to break up' and I just don't get it."

"Emily please just hear me out. It's got nothing to do with you okay. It's me." He said sighed. "I just don't think I'm going to have time to be with you for a while. I got that record deal. And I'm going to be spending all my time making my first album."

"But I can come down to L&B and be with you, watch you make your record. Mac will be okay with this." Emily said feeling her tears come again.

"I'm sorry Emily." He said hanging up the phone with tears in his eyes.