Author's Note: I never read about Thor and Loki, so I apologize if they seem out of character or the Asgardian lingo is off. It's my first time. Dark Horse and Marvel own these characters, don't sue me.

Insanity and Chaos

The Mighty God of Thunder was on a mission. An assignment from his father, Odin. Loki, once banished from Asgard, never to enter Valhalla, has returned. Wishing to regain his own chaotic power in an attempt to take over Midguard, Loki was to drain the forces from an artifact he instilled the magic of chaos and disorder that has plagued mankind for oh-so-many years. Thor graciously accepted this hunt, and both he and Loki knew where to find said artifact - - - Edge City.

Thor grasped his hammer ready for battle, flying high above Edge City in the middle of night. The mystic powers guided him to the nearest source of Loki's chaos. An alarm was breaking the silence of the night, and he landed in the bank of the city. Out of earshot, he could only see a man with an apparent green face stretching and contorting with no cause. Thor could only reason this as a distraction attempt for the strange being's foe. The man was thwarting robbers, changing shape and body every few seconds, but whose "default" outfitting seemed to be a yellow suit which many would think would only be popular in the 30s. However, there was certain flair in his step.

Thor approached the scene, landing, and scaring the mortal felons from the bank, dropping all money they may have taken. The man was simply confused. Who was this man? Why was he dressed like that? Why interrupt him? And why the big hammer?

"Cease all activity in the name of the Mighty Thor!"

"Let me see you're over-sized garage tool! In the name of the Mask!"

"Recognize yourself not by your garment! I demand the, state thy self in - -"

"Theme Music!"

I…gotcha with my winning smile,

I'm a living lesson in flare and style,

You just can't help but stare at my savoir flare.

I'm new bo-decko,

roman grecko, ro coco, beroco,

bebop..uh…hip-hop, uh…flip-flop.


Pretty, viridian faces like mine…

Don't come a dime a dozen,


Babe, when they made me,

Yeah, they broke the MOLD!

Wholesome and kind,

State and refined,


Aaaa…rch villains and ne'er do wells

Had better learn to decorate prison cells.

"Green goes with anything if they ask, see?"

But there's one last thing I gotta sing about.

Open up wide and really SHOUT!




Thor stood in a daze, as he watched all of reality change to different flashes of this person's exploits, yet still in a stage as if he were the audience listening to a simple show tune. He certainly learned of his new target - - a lunatic. A maniac. He had his goal clear and demanded from him - - retrieve the Mask before Loki can. But what of the intentions of this Mask? The Mask that Loki hexed, for lack of a better term, brings a person's inner most desires to life. Though definite insanity, and despite the fact of the wrong person being able to use the Mask for ultimate destruction, the current possessor, or "possessed" as some may understand it, was of good heart and attempt to thwart local crime.

"Oh, a whole internal narration just for little ol' me?" the Mask asked now in the form of a green-faced starlet in a glittery red dress and sassy blond hair. "I-I just don't know what to say."

"You wish to be called the Mask? Very well. Your creator, Loki, has returned. Fair warn that he will attempt to peel the artifact from your flesh. Do not let him. I offer my services to imprison him once again."

"Re-he-he-heally? An old-time speaking gardener on steroids?"

"I am the Mighty Thor, Son of Odin."

"Like, those Norse myths, right? Answer me this - - do Gods wear underwear?"


Before he could respond, a familiar face drove by in a police car. Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway and Detective Doyle were arriving to arrest the crooks who were robbing the National Bank. A mischievous smile spread across the Mask and he squeezed from out of the cushions of the back seat of the police car in handcuffs and began to cry loudly. He also was kicking his feet, pounding viciously, shouting to the likes of "I'm innocent, I'm innocent!" to taunt the policemen, at one point transforming into a baby. The smile once again spread across his face as the Mask reach below, once again an adult, not handcuffed, into the bottom of Kellaway's seat.


The Mask hopped about like a rubber bouncy ball right next to Thor. Thor showed his hammer which was sparking with lightning in a way that said, "Don't even think about it." And the Mask's eyeballs popped out and spinned in their sockets as the jaw dropped to the cement. Bystanders took one glance at this and turned their heads to speed away.

"So, uh, where you from?"

"I hail from the Kingdom of Asgard, as does your creator."

"Asgard? What is that, a type of deodorant?"

As Thor tried to regain his sanity, clouds turned dark, and the streets turned up in what were giant, cartoon-esque waves. Thor flew into the air, readying his hammer while the Mask just shrugged, then transformed into a Terminator-type robot.

"Crazy street turner from the deodorant people, you will not be back!"

"God of Evil hath trespassed onto Midguard? You shant succeed in your quest!"

"Oooh! Something fun's gonna happen!"