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Going Down

Stanley cowers behind the God of Thunder as he combats the shadow creatures. One by one they fell. Every so often one would cling to Thor's shoulders, desperately attempting to steal the life and youth of a God. Realizing how the Mask was stolen, Stanley began to plan.

"Hey – hey, listen, you're a strong guy, you can blast our way out of this to - - where ever those two took off to, right?"

"A great battle awaits us. These demons shant allow our leave, and even then the Pits of the Underworld are in our way – ARGH! – Surely there is a weakness to these creations of the Shadow Realm?"

"Shadow….ugh, how could I forget? Light! We need more light!"

Realizing the method of destruction, Thor slammed his opponents to the ground. Stanley struggled to shove individual enemies off of Thor, offering his assistance. Once given the room, Thor blasted lightning into the sky. A hole was broken through the ceiling of the palace. Light filled the castle as well as the thick air that surrounded the creatures. They sizzled and screamed, all vanishing into a vapor, burned by their own glowing, green flames.

"Y-you know, that really was an obvious weakness."

"Many creatures are as such. In the heat of battle even the most valiant of warriors make foolish decisions."

"So you screwed up?"

"You truly are the green one. Make haste! There is but one place so foul and despised as to house the Instrument of Chaos." Thor proclaimed swinging his hammer.

With the speed it was going, the hammer blurred until a portal of lightning emerged. Stanley grew terrified of what would await him and began to slowly move backward, only to have Thor grab him by his jacket and drag him to their destination.

The existence of this realm was ghastly as it was terrifying. Everywhere red, volcanic rock was accented by the spewing fire and overwhelming scent of brimstone. Skeletons paved the way to nowhere as screams of tortured souls echoed through the caverns. The cruel Underworld was the danger our heroes faced.

Hela, daughter of Loki, sat on a throne of charred, spiked bones. Thor has arrived with a mere mortal at his side. At the sight, Hela only smirked, recognizing her superiority.

"What be the meaning for such a visit as to enter the fires of the soul keep?"

"You know of what your blood hast taken!"

"My father has nothing to do with me."

"No? Then pray tell the flames of your throne's sides. Only a goddess with strength rekindled by the Instrument of Chaos could wield power that rivals her hold."

"What use would it serve Thor?"

"N-not him! Me!"

Hela turned to him and laughed immensely at this concept, unable to stifle it. With the raise of her hand, Hela shot a green lightning that felt as cold going by as the breathes of the dead. Stanley shrieked of terror and once again hid behind Thor.

"You cannot hold the Mask here! No being can wield its might, God nor mortal!"

"A mere mortal has claimed the Mask, and now it shall be wielded by not only a Goddess, but the Ruler of the Underworld!"

"Need I thine might to change thy stand?"

"So be it!"

For a second Thor turned to Stanley only to see that he is missing. Hela raised her hands to bring an army to stance. The ground of bones and brimstone shook, corpses rising from the earth. The dirt rose into the air and the moans of Hela's minions chilled the spines of whoever would hear. The army attacked Thor, him using his hammer to shatter his opponents to mere shards.

Stanley was hiding behind Hela's throne, thanking God that he is so unnoticeable as a person! He saw across the wooden Mask levitating in a case created by blood and fire. There normally would be guards, traps, and beasts to defend this mischievous treasure, only Hela made one mistake – she used all her forces to combat Thor. Stanley threw a rock at the Mask as an attempt to not be burnt and all the fire turned green. The ground shook. The army previously intent on killing Thor now saw to this mortal. Quickly, Stanley put on the Mask and spun into a tornado to become his new form.

"I AM BACK EVERYBODY!" the Mask screamed now holding a microphone and swinging the wire. "We-e-ell, I gotta it is great to be back and I just gotta ask, who is this chick?" he asked as he grabbed Hela by the shoulders and dipped her in midair.

Anger grew in Hela's eyes, but before she could burn him, that crazy yellow tornado created a romantic dinner beside a pile of brimstone, overlooking a lava flow. The table was set in white lace with a rose in a vase towards the middle, but the food prepared was fried chicken – extra spicy.

"Out! Out! OUT!" Hela screamed. "Of all that I have faced – Hordes of Rock Giants, Gas Trolls, Ice Demons and the Wrath of All Gods – but this be of pure torture!"

With that, Thor and the Mask were allowed to take their leave and transported themselves straight to Midguard.

"So blondie, whatever happened to Loki and Skillet?"

"Loki hast left the Mask in care of his daughter till his return, for every moment of chaos in the world, Loki wishes to please himself and observe. The shadow creature merely retreated to his realm."

"Makes sense, but just one thing."



Who, me?

"Yes, you! You took a month to write this issue, you let Skillet go – in a universe I have to live in but won't be read anymore, by the way – and I only got to give one wedgie!"

Oh, well, I'm sorry. I guess I just – MASK! You get away from…..I don't care if you only got to give one, you - - ok, gotta go now, end of story, Bye!