A/N: This is my first TV Show fan fiction, I usually try with footballer fan fictions..

Anyway, I don't know where and how I'm going to go with this story but I thought, I might as well start it off and see how it goes.. Sorry that's its soo short, but I though if I start it, the rest will hopefully come..

I hope you'll enjoy it J

Chapter 1 - All Alone

Bonnie was sitting on the grass near the ruins of Fell's Church. She was alone. She was alone in the forest and she was alone in the world. She had no one now. Her beloved grams died, no killed, and she was all alone now. No one to turn to, no one to cry on their shoulder. Sure she had Elena, and Caroline but the relationship she had with Grams was different. It was the strongest bond she ever had with anyone.

Why was she even here? The last place she should ever be? The exact place that caused her grams death. Maybe in some twisted way it gave her comfort. Knowing that this place was the last place Sheila had been alive, breathing and at her most powerful self.

She didn't want to see anyone, didn't want to talk to anyone. It was still too new, the pain, the memories, the grief. Her wound was still open, taking it time to heal. So she was here, knowing this was the last place people would look for her. If they even did.


Bonnie didn't flinch when she heard the voice of the person she most despised at the moment. She was too numb to feel anything, even hatred.

She didn't bother replying though, willing he would just leave.

"Hello earth to witch?" Damon said waving his hands in front of Bonnie to catch her attention.

"Go away" she mumbled, weakly. Damon was surprised. This wasn't the witch he was used to, she was meant say some snide comment, be angry even.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. He was shocked to find the witch here, normally this part of the wood was empty, eerily empty. He had only come to clear his mind, have a bit of me time and maybe to hunt, if anyone tasty came by his way. But while walking and running, he stopped to find himself here in Fell's Church, near the Goddamn tomb.

It seemed like the witch wasn't up for talking so he decided to leave, not knowing why bothered to come here in the first place, he stopped dead in tracks when he heard the witch talk.

Did he hear her right? Her request was silent, but his vampire ears was able to pick it up as clear as if she had shouted it. But no, she couldn't have really said what he thought she said.

He turned around to see Bonnie now standing up, looking at him defiantly. Her jaw clenched in determination.

"Kill me" the witch repeated, this time clearer and with much more conviction and determination.