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Chapter 15 - A Deep Breath

A week had passed since the Tyler incident, and Bonnie had not seen him at all. It seemed that he had disappeared. Just like Stefan had said. She had called him numerous times, went over to his house, but he was nowhere. Bonnie just wished he was ok and was able to cope with things by himself.

It was night and Bonnie left her house to go for a walk. She was feeling bored and alone these days. Tyler wasn't around, so now she was really alone. She still wasn't talking to Elena, though she did miss her friend a lot, and though she wanted to forgive her now she didn't know how to take that step. As ridiculous as it may sound, she missed having the Salvatore brothers at her house. She missed staying and spending time with Damon and Stefan. It was really crazy, considering she was against the idea at first, but she had got so used to having them around, she was used to them. But the presence of Katherine prevented her from seeing them. Not only because she herself didn't go, but because Damon, if not Stefan, himself, didn't come around much. Bonnie had thought that maybe Damon felt something toward her too, because all these times, he showed concern to her. He had been angry because she had put herself in danger. But every time, the next day he'd go back to being the old Damon, distant and cold. A lot of the time she thought that maybe he was confused. Confused because Katherine was back for him, she wanted him back, and he didn't know whether he wanted to be with her or not.

As much as it pained her admit, she was able to see that Damon was re-developing feelings for Katherine. It was easy to see that. Bonnie tried to distant herself from Damon, to put walls up around her heart, because she didn't want to give herself to him fully, only in return for him to decide he wants Katherine back and leave her. She wouldn't be able to deal with that.

Bonnie stopped and realised that she was at the entrance of the wood now. In the midst of her inner thoughts she hadn't realised that she came this way. She debated whether she should continue her walk from in the woods or not. A thought came to her and she made her mind. She hadn't been back here since last week, and maybe Tyler was in the woods, hiding or trying to come to terms with what he is.

With that in mind, her steps became quicker. She had a mission now, to look for Tyler. The more deeper she went into the woods, the more eerie it seemed. The atmosphere, the air of the woods were giving her goosebumps. She shuddered involuntarily. There was something different today. Maybe it was Tyler, she thought again. Maybe he was here and it was him who was doing it. His presence, his power was causing this.

She was deep in the woods now. Suddenly Bonnie felt something behind her. A force. She stopped and looked behind her but she wasn't able to see anything. It was just her. She turned around and continued walking, but a moment later she felt it again. Much more forceful this time, much more furious. Her mind told her to run, without looking back, and she listened and started running without looking back.

She was running. Running from something. She could feel it behind her but she couldn't see what it was. It was too dark. She was running with all the strength and power she had within herself, how she didn't know, but she knew that if she stopped running the thing that was following her would keep up with her and she would die. She was sure of that, if this thing caught her she would die without any chance. She kept running left or right or left to get rid of her enemy, but a branch caught her leg and she fell. She tried to get up and run again but it was too late, she was caught. She turned around to face her fate.

Bonnie gasped as she realised a few things at the same time. This was her dream, the one that had haunted her for many days. The reason Stefan and Damon had started living with her. She was living her dream, no vision, and the most shocking of all was that her enemy was….Katherine?

"Katherine?" Bonnie gasped on the floor, looking up at Katherine.

But was it possible? It was Patrick who was after her had they had defeated him. Bonnie's heart sank as realisation dawned on her. The fight with Patrick had been outside her house, not in the woods. With Patrick she hadn't ran like she was supposed to in her vision. How had they missed this?

"Bonnie. We finally meet alone. I've waited so long for this" she smirked, leaving Bonnie cold.

Bonnie tried to go back away from Katherine, she wanted to run but Katherine's words stopped her.

"You can try to run if you want, but we're in a forest Bonnie and I could catch you in a second. Those games will only make me angry more"

"What do you want?" Bonnie asked, finally finding her voice.


"I wont-"

"Dead" Katherine finished.

Bonnie stood up. She was going to die tonight, that was for sure, because even with her powers it was impossible for her to defeat Katherine, but at least she wasn't going to die like a coward.

"Why?" she asked.

"Everyone thinks I'm here for Damon, because I made them think that way. But actually I'm here for you"

"Why?" Bonnie asked again, but Katherine smiled.

"Patience Bonnie. I'm explaining it here. I like doing things slow and painful"

Katherine was taking a step toward Bonnie at each word.

"So, yeah when I came back I realised I did actually miss Stefan and Damon and that I don't mind having them with me again. But my main reason was you. You see Emily knew you were coming, she had seen you before. She had also seen that you would become the most powerful witch of the Bennett line, and foolishly she told me, thinking I'd protect you. I wouldn't have minded having you with me if you weren't powerful, but you were too powerful for your own good, and fiery. I don't like having anything more powerful than me around. Especially in Mystic Falls, sadly you are. I killed everything that threatened me, that threatened to be more powerful than me"

"You're a freak!" Bonnie spat.

"Maybe, a power freak yes. But power is such a good thing Bonnie….I had two choices. I could've either get you with me, become a team or kill you. I chose the second because I knew, when you grew up and realised your own power, you'd go against me, I didn't want to risk that…You know what is the most frustrating bit?" Katherine asked and answered her own question without waiting for an answer from Bonnie. "You were so hard to kill for a human!"

Bonnie's breath froze. "What do you mean?"

"Well I didn't want to attract attention so I went for the human ways to die. Remember that near car accident? The one that Damon saved you from? Yep, that was me. If Damon hadn't been there you were dead… I thought, since the human way wasn't working I'd go to the method I knew. So I got a friend to follow you and kill you-"

"Patrick" Bonnie remembered.

"Was that his name? Anyway, he was meant to kill you, but the idiot got caught up in your power and instead decided to get you to go with him. I'm glad that he was killed. No one disobeys my orders and live… So I decided to take matters to my own hand and to do the job myself. I thought I'd give you a chance when I came here. Maybe allow you to live and come with me. But no, I didn't like you. You weren't like Emily, and you annoyed me a lot. I don't like the hold you have over Damon. That alone is a reason for you to die don't you think?"

"You don't even love Damon!"

"So?" Katherine shrugged. "He used to be mine, and I don't like my toys taken from me. Even if I was going to break them myself. Damon may be sad for a few days, but I'll be there to comfort him. So its time" Katherine said and came right I front of Bonnie. "Say your last words"

"I may die, but I'm not going down without a fight" Bonnie said and using her powers she sent Katherine flying.

Immediately, Katherine got back up, no affect at all. "Impressive….Fine. If you want you want that way, than we fight. Who am I not to grant your last wish" she said and stroke Bonnie slamming her to a tree.

Bonnie groaned as pain hit her. She wasn't going to be able to get up as quick as Katherine had.

"See? You're a human Bonnie. You cant fight against me"

"I will die trying" Bonnie said and got up.

Bodies were flung, Powers were used as Bonnie and Katherine fought. It was a close fight, though Katherine did have the upper hand. They were lying across the grass now, from tiredness and injuries. Bonnie was really weak now, she had given up. She couldn't fight further, but she had managed to stake Katherine from her stomach and combined with Bonnie's powers Katherine too now was weak and on the floor. But not as weak as her Bonnie knew.

This was how Damon found them. On the floor, and weak. He had come out to hunt and had felt the power emanating from the centre of the woods, the more he neared the more he heard the grunts and felt the power. He was shocked when he came and saw that it was Bonnie and Katherine that was battling. His heart twisted at the sight in front of him. The two women he had ever cared for was fighting, and one was doomed to lose. To die.

Damon had 2 women in front of him. 2 hearts. 1 choice. Who was he going to choose? Who did he want next to him? Who did he love?

He heard footsteps behind him and saw Stefan, Elena and Caroline coming next to him.

"What the-"

"I knew there was something up, I picked it up from Katherine's attitude. I followed her till Bonnie's house, then I lost her and looked everywhere, now I was trying my luck here. I saw them on the way and they insisted to come. I couldn't stop them" Stefan answered, when Damon motioned the girls.

"Yeah. I'm not letting Bonnie fight that bitch alone" Caroline said, and Elena agreed. Their words made Damon turn his attention back to the centre, and saw that Katherine was in front of them.

"Damon, Stefan and humans" she greeted. "Are you here to say your last goodbyes to the witch? She's about to die, she's very weak now, I think she's unconscious from all the pain" she said smirking.

Damon's blood boiled and he lunge at Katherine but Katherine quickly flung him away as if swatting a fly.

"Haven't you two learned? You cant fight me. I can kill all 5 of you in the matter of a minute…I'm thinking of killing the doppelganger too. There's no need for the two us" she said and made a move towards Elena.

Stefan crouched and lunged at Katherine. "Don't you dare touch her!" he hissed.

Katherine quirked her eyebrow. "Still love her?" she asked.

Stefan paused, then said; "Yes, I do. She's my life"

"Too bad. She's still going to die"

Meanwhile Damon went next to Bonnie. "Bonnie? Can you hear me?"

Fear was building up inside Damon, she seemed unconscious. Had he lost her?

Damon heard noises and looked up to see Stefan and Katherine fighting, Elena and Caroline was slumped on the tree attacked by Katherine. She was furious he could see, Stefan had enraged her and now stopping her was going to be hard.

"Get away from her! This has gone long enough now! Get away!" Katherine screeched in her fury, and didn't hesitate to stake Damon from his shoulder.

"Its over" she smirked and lifted Bonnie's body, encircling her arms to her neck, Bonnie came back to herself and tried to fight her off to no avail, her grip was tight.

"Say goodbye" Katherine said and just as she was about to snap Bonnie's neck a deep growl was heard and Katherine was thrown off Bonnie.

"Tyler!" Bonnie shouted as she saw the werewolf attacking Katherine.

A minute later a crunching sound was heard as Tyler bit Katherine and threw her lifeless body.

A silence had descended into the forest as everyone froze and watched Katherine's body turning into ashes. The result of her being a very old vampire.

Everyone had different emotions. Caroline was happy. Bonnie felt sick, and relieved. Elena felt scared and mournful, for an instance it had felt like watching herself die. Stefan and Damon didn't know what to feel. The women they had known for years was now dead. Gone forever. They had loved her and yet hated her. Her death had shook them but it hadn't pained them enough.

Stefan ran next to Elena cuddling and kissing her and Damon made his way back to Bonnie.

She threw herself at Damon when she saw him and began crying.

"Bonnie. Its over. Its going to be ok. I'm here"

"Damon…She-she wanted me dead.. The car accident, the vampire…it was all her" Bonnie managed to say through her tears, and again a rage consumed Damon. Anything he felt for Katherine's death was gone, he wished he had been the one to kill her.

"I was sure I was going to die" Bonnie said hanging on to Damon.

"No one can do anything to you when I'm around!" Damon said fiercely.

Bonnie's next action shocked Damon, as Bonnie put her lips to Damon's, and Damon quickly found himself responding. Kissing her fiercely.

He pulled away and looked at her. "I cant get that kiss out of my mind" he said.

Bonnie smiled and took a deep breath. This was the time. "Damon…I love you" she told him.

Damon froze, shocked at the confession. But he slowly he smiled as realization dawned on him. "I love you too" he said and captured her lips again.

Everyone was gathered in the middle, when Tyler came back in his human form. Bonnie went and hugged him too.

"Thank you" she said.

Tyler smiled. "It was the least I could do after all of your help"

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"I'm ok Bonnie. Are you ok, after all you are a human" he joked.

"I'll be ok.. You disappeared after that night" she said.

"I had to be alone for a while. Think, discover and make decisions"

"And what did you decide?"

"I think I like having powers and not being a weak human. Plus killing vampires is really fun" he said glancing towards Stefan and Damon, joking. "Don't worry about me Bonnie" Tyler said and disappeared into the darkness.

"So now Tyler's a werewolf?" Caroline asked suddenly and everyone started laughing.

Stefan hugged Elena and started walking whilst Caroline trailed behind them. Tonight had showed Stefan he couldn't be without Elena and that life was short and there was no need to continue this nonsense break-up.

"Elena!" Bonnie called out and Elena broke away from Stefan walking towards Bonnie.

Damon kissed Bonnie and then walked next to his brother and Caroline.

There was an awkward silence as no one knew what to say.

"I'm sorry"

"I miss you" Elena and Bonnie said in unison, then laughed.

"I'm sorry" Elena said again. "I should've never doubted you. It was ridiculous and I don't know what came over me to ever think of something like that but I'm really sorry. I miss you so much" Elena said in tears now.

"I miss you too, and maybe I dragged this on too much, more than I should've had. I want my friend back" Bonnie said. Watching Katherine die was like watching Elena die and Bonnie knew that no matter what passed between them, she wanted her friend back.

"I will never doubt you again. Even if I see you and Stefan in a bed naked, I wouldn't" Elena said and Bonnie laughed.

"I wouldn't go that far in trusting" she said and hugged her friend making their way to their beloveds.

"So you and Damon huh?" Elena said and Bonnie smiled.


"I think it's a perfect match. I hope you'll be happy. I know you'll be happy. I can tell he loves you"

"I love him too"

The END.

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