Okay, so someone made a comment that they were sad that Sasuke and Naruto never actually got together in the story...this is the outcome.

"Uchiha-san, your editor just called. He wants the next chapter of Jinchuuriki: The Juubi Files by tomorrow," Sasuke's current receptionist, Karen, spoke through the intercom. The 25 year old artist just ignored the woman's voice and continued shuffling through the countless papers scattered across his workstation. Collecting a few in his hands while moving other to the garbage can or piled them off to the side of his desk. Once he had all the pages he was looking for, the raven carefully slide them into a large yellow envelope and sealed the contents inside. Grabbing the firs pen he came to, the man hastily wrote down Nagato Pein's name and seizes his jack before heading out the door.

"Karen, send this to Nagato along with a note reminding him I'm not going to be here for the next few days," Sasuke instructed his receptionist, who doubled as his secretary, dropping the yellow folder onto her clean desk. "Also, could you call Ino's Floral Shop and have them send two dozen red and white flowers to my mother? Have the flowers delivered asap."

Not waiting to hear the sort ginger woman's reply, the Uchiha stalked out the door. A brief glance at his watch showed that it was only 4:52, but he felt he had inadvertently pissed his mother off over the phone earlier in the day. He really hadn't meant too, he was just trying to finish up the last few panels of his latest chapter and wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to his phone conversation–or lack of–with his mother. All the Uchiha matriarch was trying to do was remind him about the dinner party they were having at the Rising Sun later that day and informing him that the time had changed to six o'clock instead of the original five o' clock meeting time. Moreover, the time change was for his benefit and he felt even guiltier than before when he realized his mistake. With a bit of luck, Ino would have the flowers already delivered to his mother by the time they meet up at the restaurant.

The drive from his work to his current apartment complex went by quickly enough and in a matter of minutes he was already jogging up the stairs to fourth floor apartment, not wanting to wait the extra time for the elevator. Ignoring the countless large brown moving boxes scattered about his small living-room, Sasuke discarded his office attire for the more business casual outfit he left out instead of being pack away like the majority of his other outfits. The Uchiha made sure he had enough time to take a shower and clean up before he jumped into the shower.

It took the raven a total of twenty minutes to get cleaned up before he was once again heading out the door. This time he was wearing his mother's favorite outfit on him, a pair of black slacks and a dark pinstriped button up shirt that he had gotten for his last birthday. Another, more subtle form of apology, but one she would understand.

"Itachi! You better hurry your ass up or else we're going to be late!" Kyuubi hollered over his shoulder as he buttoned up his red satin shirt. "If we're late, I'm going to tell Mikoto-kaasan that twas all your fault, `cause I'm not going to be the one taking the blame. Not this time!"

"This coming from the man that was late to his own graduation?" Itachi chuckled, walking into the room with not a single shred of clothing on as he finished drying off his hair. A bright red blush spread across the redhead's face as he fixed his beau with a hard stare. One that had nothing to do with the Uchiha's current lack of clothing and everything to do with anger mixed in with embarrassment about the current memory playing over in his head.

"That was so not my fault!" Kyuubi yelped out with haste, a finger pointed accusingly at the smug looking raven in front of him. "You were the one that caused me to be late! You and that damn silver-tongue of yours."

The Uzumaki continued to fume as he turned around, mumbling about perverted weasels taking advantage of poor innocent foxes while roughly grabbing a brush off the nightstand and began to tie his hair back in its custom style. A yip like sound escaped the redhead when he was violently pulled back against a damp chest by the belt loops of his pants.

"But Kyuubi-chan you were asking for it, wearing those tight leather pants. They just screamed "Fuck Me" and I was only obliging the request," Itachi breathed into his boyfriend's ear, causing the man inside his grasp to stiffen. "And if I'm not mistaken, you were the one praising my damn silver-tongue that night. Going so far as to pleading for more, if I remember correctly." A heavy moan escaped Kyuubi's lips as he felt the raven nip at his ear. The hand currently trying to unfasten his black pants didn't go unnoticed either. A deeper moan broke out from chapped lips as Itachi began to suck on the side of his neck, which only encouraged the man even further.

"Weasel-kun," Kyuubi breathlessly whispered out, just the way that Itachi loved to hear. A smirk forming at his victory over the redhead; not caring that yet again he was going to make his boyfriend late for another time in his life. "If you don't stop now, you'll be sleeping on the couch until Christmas."

With that said, Kyuubi untangled himself from his boyfriend's now lax grip and made his way out of the bedroom ever so cheerfully and a smirk of his own on his lips. He just loved it when he turned the tables on the up-and-coming lawyer, knowing that he was the only one that could get away with it. If he were anyone else, Itachi might just seek out his revenge on him, but not him. Nope, Itachi loved him too much. He didn't need to be the detective that he was to figure that out, any blind person could see that.

"Oh, a put on that purple shirt, I think the color really brings out your eyes," Kyuubi called out over his should, sending a small wink at the still dumbfounded Uchiha.

The moment that the two dozen flowers arrived at the house, Mikoto knew, without reading the note that her youngest son was apologizing for his short behavior over the phone. However, seeing him dressed up in his outfit, she knew that he was trying really hard to apologize without saying the words, a trait that he and his brother seemed to have inherited from their father. He could never say "sorry" either, but he always thought actions spoke louder than words and would send her flowers every single time he found himself sleeping on the couch and sometime before she would sentence him to the couch.

"Okaa-san, Otou-san, I hope I'm not late," Sasuke said, as he took a set in one of the many empty chairs around the table.

"You're fine Sasuke, the other's haven't arrived yet," Mikoto said, flashes her youngest son a smile to reassure him that she wasn't unset at his earlier behavior. An action which caused the raven to visible relax into his chair. "It's good to see you again. You haven't spot by the house in over a month."

A slight flush of color crossed the pale cheeks at the subtle chastisement of not visiting. "I've been busy with work and packing. I just haven't gotten the time to stop by."

"I thought you're going to have a moving company come in and pack everything up for you," Fugaku stated; though the puzzled look on his face made Sasuke recognize the question that laid beneath the surface.

"I was, but there are some things in my apartment that I would rather pack up myself. Just to make sure their safe and nobody with sticky fingers can get their hands on," the young man explained, briefly pausing to give the waiter his drink order. "All the big stuff, I'm going to have professional move. They're scheduled to come by tomorrow afternoon to start shipping what I want to the new house while taking everything else to charity. The new furniture I've bought should have already arrived at the house today, and, with any luck, the house will be ready to be moved into on Friday."

"You're going to have a housewarming party, aren't you?" Mikoto asked, taking a sip of her white wine, eyes darting towards the hostess that was escorting the wayward members of the family to the table. Vaguely, she heard her youngest son confirm that there was going to be a housewarming party after all the moving was finally settled in and nodded her head in understanding before greeting the new arrivals. "Kyuubi, I'm surprised that you're not late."

"Well, I decided to stop listening to this little evil voice and miraculously, I wasn't late!" Kyuubi enthusiastically told his (all but in name) mother-in-law as he took a seat.

Not understand the young man's comment, the woman turned her attention towards her oldest child, who was glaring daggers at the redhead. "It's good to see you too, Itachi."

"It's kinda hard to miss him when he's working with you, isn't it?" Kyuubi said offhandedly, watching his boyfriend take a seat out of the corner of his eye. Itachi looked ready to kill him, but he couldn't help but remember the pout he had be wearing just a few minute before. The big bad attorney didn't look so big or bad then. He actually looked very cute and Kyuubi couldn't help wanting to hug him. An action which lead to the evil eye he was currently receiving, because big bad Uchiha Itachi doesn't do hugs; well, not in public at least. "So, where's the rest of the illustrious Uchiha clan?"

"And what? We're chop liver?" Tsunade asked, as she took the seat next to her goddaughter and her husband, Jiraiya, sitting next to her. The older woman had just recently gotten married to her first crush, the elderly white haired man was slightly perverted, but he was loyal to Tsunade. He had waited over fifty years to marry her after all.

"Not at all Tsunade-baachan!" the Uzumaki smiled brightly. "You're part of the family too! `Cause, you're Mikoto-kaasan's godmother; therefore, you're a part of the Uchiha clan by default."

The smack on the head wasn't all that unexpected. "What have I told you about calling me baa-chan?"

"Nice try at covering your ass kid," Jiraiya commented in a near whisper so only Kyuubi could hear him. Seeing how his wife was now ranting over the fact that kids didn't know how to show any sign of respect at all. "So, how's work?" the old man asked, this time in a much louder voice and directed to Fugaku.

"The law firm is doing well. No news shattering cases or anything, but more than enough work to go around. Seems like after the Gatou vs. Tazuna case finally finished up, that everyone wants Uchiha & Uchiha firm to represent them," the graying raven haired man answered, ignoring the argument going on between his wife's godmother and his –if Itachi ever got around to asking–son-in-law. His wife was doing the same, talking to their sons while disregarding the quarrelling duo. The two were too headstrong and stubborn that every time they got together, it would seem that they always ended up fighting.

However, what the rest of the family didn't realize was that both Kyuubi and Tsunade fought for the sake of the argument. None of them could understand how they could be at each other's throats at one moment, but at the next they were getting along and happily chatting over drinks. There was also the upside that it confused the hell out of the Uchihas and Jiraiya, which just fueled the two tricksters on.

"Sorry we're late, my beautiful wife decided that she wasn't beautiful enough and I had to convince her otherwise," Obito greeted the table as he pulled out a chair to let his wife of five years, Rin, sit down. The brunette blushed at her husband's comment, but extended her greeting as well.

"And we're late my bonehead of a partner was our ride tonight," Kakashi explained, taking the seat across form Rin with his boyfriend of seven years, Iruka, sitting across from Mikoto. "You haven't order yet, have you?"

"Kakashi! Don't be rude," the brunet scolded, lightly glaring at the man before turning his attention to the rest of the table. "It's good to see everyone again."

"Good to see you too Iruka," Kyuubi greeted the man kindly, a slightly mischievous smirk on his face as violet eyes darted to look over at Kakashi. "After all, you're Kakashi's better half, without you, he'd be a miserable old hermit."

"Watch it kid, else I might just have to assign you to street patrol," the new Head Detective of the Homicide division growled out.

"Hey! He's my junior detective!" Obitio stood up for the redhead, making the Uzumaki smirk. Looks like he had the older detective on his side; or so he thought, that was until the Uchiha's next sentence. "You send him out on street patrols and I'll have to go too! I've already done my time out there, even more than that. If punish him, pick something else that doesn't involve me; like make him do all my paperwork or something."

"Now there's a cruel and unusual punishment," Rin commented, grinning at her husband. She knew how much the lively man hated doing any paperwork; his whole desk was one big pile of unfinished work. One could hardly tell that it was actually a desk and not just a pile of discarded papers. "I say go for it, Kyuubi will be there for a week straight."

"Thanks a lot Rin-chan, just throw me out into hell. I'm sure that the devil will never find me there," the redhead dramatically declared. Crossing his fingers in front of him, the Uzumaki held them out towards his boss. "Stay back you fiend, back I say!" The napkin thrown at his face sent the rest of the table laughing, while Kakashi lend back in his chair, trying to look as innocent as possible. He failed.

At this point, the waiter came over, taking all their orders and tipping off their drinks before leaving them with promises the food would be out as soon as possible. Not that his assurance was saying much, Rising Sun was a very popular restaurant and on any given night the place was always crowded. Rising Sun was actually a small classy family restaurant, not a high and pricey place, but it was the food that kept people coming back. The food was exquisite. It was one of the reasons that keep the Uchiha and many others like them, coming back regularly. However, with the popularity of the place, the kitchen was constantly busy, even if the restaurant was small and couldn't hold many guests at one time, there was still a constant stream of pickup orders that had to be made.

On the other hand, it gave the group more time to talk with one another. Mikoto, Fugaku, and Itachi retelling some of their more interesting clients' cases while Kakashi, Obito, and Kyuubi explained all they could about a few ongoing cases without divulging anything that would come back and bite them in the ass at a later date. Although, it was Tsunade and Rin story about pulling a bullet out of some guy's ass after he sat down on his gun while he was drunk and it accidently going off. Jiraiya only got to mention that he had a new book coming out, Icha Icha Tactics, but his wife threatened his manhood if he started to go any further which brought up Sasuke's newest manga, Jinchuuriki: The Juubi Files, and how popular it already was. Iruka even admitted that he had to confiscate a few couples during his classes at the local high school, because his students were more interested reading the graphic novel than listening to his lectures.

The table had just been listening to how Iruka had threatened his class that if they didn't stop reading Jinchuuriki: The Juubi Files in his class, he would have the author–"a personal friend of his" he had told the class–stop making them when their food finally came. It took three waiters just to bring out all their meals because of the large group that one tray would not suffice.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" their original waiter asked, after serving everyone their meals.

"That's okay Harry, I'll take it from here," the head chef spoke as he walked over to the table, dismissing the waiter.

It wasn't often, but it was a well known fact to the regulars at Rising Sun that the head chef and owner of the restaurant would come out and chat with the customers. He wanted to make sure his "guest" were having a good time and if they weren't, what could be done to make it better. Although, most of the time, he would end up just talking with the regular customers like they were old friends and since the Uchihas were regulars, he made it a point to come out every single time one of them was there.

"So, how's everyone doing?" the chef asked.

"Wouldn't know, have tried it yet," Sasuke answered with a small smirk on his face. "But if I had to guess, I'd say it's like all the other meals I've eaten here. The best damn food ever."

"And you're just being biased. You eat my cooking almost every single day Sasuke."

"And I can't wait until I'm eating your food every single day, now that we're moving in together, Naruto," the young raven said, sending a wink towards the now blushing blond. "We are here to celebrate you're birthday after all. Can't be much of a party without the birthday boy."

Shaking his head at his boyfriend's comment, Uzumaki Naruto took a seat next to Sasuke in the only remaining chair at the table and joined the family for dinner. The rest of the table wishing him a happy birthday and handing him presents; however, the best present of all came from them just being there. Being his family.

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