Title: Kiss With A Fist- Prologue


Pairing,Character(s): Kurt/Puck

Rating: NC-17 for language/sex.

Word Count:1300ish words

Spoilers: None I can think of.

Genre: Romance/Smut/Future Fic

Warnings: This chapter only deals with talking about certain acts. IE- hair pulling, biting, D/S play, slight daddy kink. The next chapters will be putting this talk into action. This is a HARD NC-17 story after this introduction.

Summary: When Puck manhandles one of the football players for messing with his boyfriend, Kurt is forced to confess all the kinks he's been hiding. I think this would be considered a future fic because it takes place between the boys' junior and senior year.

I don't own Glee. Please don't sue. Also Completely Unbeta'd. Blame me completely. Also the title is from a 'Florence and the Machine' song.

If Kurt is really being honest, this idea didn't just all of a sudden slap him in the face when Noah threw that guy into the locker. It was something he had been thinking about, fantasizing about and hoping for since the moment Noah grabbed him in the cafeteria almost two years ago. He had backed Kurt against the wall and growled into his ear that no one, especially that stupid Sam fucker, was allowed to touch what's his and that if Kurt knew what was good for him he would let everyone else know that fact too. Noah pulled him into a harsh claiming kiss and stormed off without noticing the way the entire student body exploded in whispers or the thin cut he'd made in Kurt's bottom lip. Looking back on the year and a half that followed Kurt realized that was the only time in their entire relationship that Noah had ever gotten rough with him. But god how he'd craved to feel the heat of that day again.

It was almost as if Noah had put a scare into himself that day. From then on he handled Kurt with a care he didn't even think Finn was capable of. He was the epitome of the perfect boyfriend. He protected his honor in the hallways, walked him to every class, came out to the entire world in one fell swoop so Kurt never had to feel like he was going back in the closet and waited almost four months until Kurt was ready to give himself fully to Noah. All the trust he had put in Noah was well earned and he gave Kurt the kind of first time that was more romantic than anything Kurt had thought was possible.

The only problem was that gentle, sweet, romantic sex was the only kind they were having. He felt like a real prick for saying it but sometime that easy kind of loving wasn't enough for Kurt. Sometimes he wanted to feel the bite of harshly gripping fingertips tightening in his hair. He longed for the feeling of Noah forcing himself so roughly into the back of his throat that he thought he would pass out from the lack of oxygen. He wished for Noah's fingers leaving bruises on his hips that he could catalogue and savor when he was alone in the shower. But of course the virgin in him let his shame override his wants. Instead he took comfort in the moments when Noah fingers would dig into his hip for a second to stop Kurt from roughly slamming his hips into him. Or the few brief moments that Noah would sometimes forget himself and give an involuntary thrust deep into his mouth. He thought that would be enough for him. But that all changed two months ago, when that neanderthal football player hadn't gotten the message that Kurt was off limits.

Kurt was rocking a particularly fierce outfit that day and he was lost in the illusion that the long McKinley High hallway was a runway in Milan. That's why he didn't register the harsh grip on his wrist until he felt himself being pulled back hard enough to make him unsteady on his feet and hard cold floor slamming into his shoulders was enough to pull him out of his trance. He braced himself for the now unfamiliar onslaught that was sure to follow. He curse himself for letting his guard down but in fairness it had been over a year since he felt the hard slam of steel lockers or the shuddering darkness of a dumpster. Being queen to the resident king of badassery had it's perks. He waited until he heard the slam of lockers before he opened his eyes. What he saw sent a lightening bolt of lust through him. Noah had Langanthal pinned to the locker. His forearm was pressing hard under the former kicker's chin. The muscles in Noah's neck were pulsing and Kurt could see the blood sliding down his knuckles unto his shirt.

By the time he had gotten Noah off of the other boy and cleaned up he knew he had to be honest with himself. He wanted those raw emotions directed at him. He wanted to feel Noah's fury unleashed on him. He wanted Noah to own him in a way only he could.

It was all well and good to decide that he wanted have the big sex talk with Noah. But how could he admit to Noah what he had only recently truly admitted to himself. So much like he did with himself he decided it was best to ease Noah into it.

First he inserted some kinky talk into their weekly Thursday night phone sex date. Some light bondage and spanking talk. Nothing to major but the way Noah's breathing speed up every time he brought it up he knew he was on the right track. After a few weeks of that Kurt decided to step it up a bit in the bedroom. He started forcing himself further down Noah's cock every time he gave a blow job even going as far as fighting against Noah's attempts to stop him.

After a few weeks of that Kurt knew it was only a matter of time before Noah confronted him. They were in the Noah's truck and Kurt was trying to talk him into letting him blow him while he was driving. When the truck pulled over sharply onto a side street he thought he had won. That was until he saw the confused, hurt look on Noah's face.

"What the hell is going on with you lately? You haven't been yourself for a while now. Is it something I did?" The hurt laced in his tone made Kurt's heart break and had him reaching forward to grab Noah's hand.

"No, baby, no. It's nothing like that. I think I was just trying to tell you something without saying it. Shit, I fucked this up, didn't I? Okay I'm just going to say it and you have to promise not to laugh at me. Okay?"

The slight nod propelled him forward.

" Do you ever think about maybe getting a bit rough with me in bed? I've heard stories about how you used to be with the girls you were with but you've never tried anything like that with me." His own whisper echoed loudly in his ears.

" Well yeah. I think about it sometimes but honestly with them it was more about a release for my pent up anger and since I've been with you I haven't had all that much to be mad about."

" But you do think about it, about taking me like that?"

" Kurt you really don't want to know some of the place I take you in my head. Sometimes it takes every ounce of control I have not to hold you down or fuck your mouth really hard. I'm really worried that if I let myself go there with you I think I'll drive you away."

" You could never do that Noah. Why don't we start slow? You can tell me all the things you want to do and I'll tell you mine. Okay?"

Noah gave him a shallow nod and was silent the entire ride home.

In fact the subject wasn't raised again until the following Thursday. With Noah finally giving him permission Kurt spilled all of the things he thought he'd never be able to say. He told Noah about the hair pulling, the biting, the riding crop, the Spike/Xander slash induced vampire stuff. But most importantly he told him he wanted to play 'baby boy' to Noah's 'daddy.'

Little did he know that Noah was taking notes. After all, they did have an anniversary coming up.