Title: Kiss With A Fist- Part Three
Pairing,Character(s): Kurt/Puck
Rating: NC-17 for language/sex.
Word Count:1200ish words
Spoilers: None I can think of.
Genre: Romance/Smut/Future Fic
Warnings: This chapter has toys, hair pulling, biting, D/S play, very slight daddy kink, small mention of blood play. This is a HARD NC-17 story.
Summary: When Puck manhandles one of the football players for messing with his boyfriend, Kurt is forced to confess all the kinks he's been hiding. I think this would be considered a future fic because it takes place between the boys' junior and senior year.

I don't own Glee. Please don't sue. Also Completely Unbeta'd. Blame me completely. Also the title is from a 'Florence and the Machine' song.

From about halfway down the stairs Puck could see Kurt sprawled on the white sofa. His eyes were closed and he had a dreamy look of his face. Dark eyelashes dance against his cheek. They just managed to hide the slight darkening just under Kurt's eyes. He must have been awake half the night. Left hard and wanting but resolute in the idea that Noah said he wasn't allowed to come. He could practically see the relief in the other boy's brow.

He sees that Kurt was slightly rocking back and forth, which he knew from experience was a Kurt self-comforting gesture. It meant he felt vulnerable and exposed. His slim pale hand slid from the small tuft of hair on Kurt's sternum to the little dusting of hair just below his belly button then back again. Puck felt drawn down the stairs. The second to last stair creaked loudly. Soft blinking and an even softer sleepy smile made him melt a bit before he remembered the role he was supposed to play. He quickly schooled his features and loudly cleared his throat. Blue eyes snapped forward and he could practically feel Kurt's pulse rise.

"I want to see you play with yourself baby. Show daddy just how much you want him." Puck's eyes hardened when the hand trailing Kurt's torso paused and faltered. " How can be embarrassed about that? After all the other fucked up stuff you've let me do to you. Is it because good boys don't do that sort of thing?" Kurt's shallow nod was met with a smirk. "Good boys do what they're told. Now I want to see you jerk off. For me. Now."

Kurt averted his eyes and flushed a bright crimson but this time when his hand got to his belly button he continued further and wrapped his hand around his cock. He took his time sliding his hand up from the base, shuddering as each of his fingers grazed the crown and precum wet his fingers. Then he slowly traced his way back up his chest until his fingers rested against his lips, applying himself like a crude lip gloss. He was very careful not to dart his tongue out to taste.

He saw Noah's eyes darken and a spark of lust shot through him and he couldn't continue with the teasing charade. Kurt's hand was rougher than he'd ever been with himself. The harsh slap resonated with each stroke as the heel of his hand collided with the slope of his pelvis. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment until he felt a strong hand on his thigh, the guitar calloused fingers dancing across just where his hips became his leg.

He flinched for a moment when the warm tip of Noah's tongue touched the slope of his chin. His lips parted slightly when he felt the slick slide up the middle of his bottom then his top lip. He couldn't resist the urge to look and opened his eyes just in time to see that tongue trace an outline around his entire mouth. The muscles in his stomach contacted at the sight of the mohawked head sliding down his torso and the feeling of Noah's cheek touching every inch of skin on the way down. Greedily drawing in the smell of both of them on his skin.

It wasn't until Noah slid the head of his cock into his mouth that Kurt felt them.


They were from when Noah played Angel to his Spike last Halloween. Two slick long canines were running up the length of his dick. Noah was giving him the kind of smirk that only Noah could give him with a cock and fake vampire fangs in his mouth.

Before Puck had swallowed his cock he had neglected to give Kurt any kind of orders as to what to do with his hands. He settled for a slightly excited uncontrollable hand flail,that if he had held in front of his face would have made a very convincing picture of a beauty pageant winner. He longed to feel the bite of short hairs and warm skin against his fingers. His hands inching dangerously close with every flail. Puck must have sensed this because it wasn't long before two strong hands were wrapped around his wrists and his arms were forced against his sides.

Noah gruff voice surprised him. "Spread your legs. Offer yourself to me." With each centimeter the v of his legs widen Kurt's face turned further and further into his shoulder.

He flushed as he thought of the picture he presented now. His upper body a testament to Noah's passion. Marked, owned. He knew he had to look puffy and used. He could feel Noah's come painting his thighs and the slow slide of it slipping from inside him. Noah's eyes burned across his skin and a full body quiver erupted.

He had never felt more exposed or open. The vulnerability brought tears to his eyes and he knew that he had never trusted anyone like he trusted Noah than he did at that moment. A tight grip on his chin forced his head forward and Noah let his dick fall from his mouth with a loud pop. Kurt was soon transfixed with the sight of Noah's cock-swollen lips that framed long acrylic canines.

"Baby look at me. I want to mark you. Claim you like you always wanted me to. Do you want still want that?" The frantic nod jostled his hand. " It's gonna hurt though, baby. I have to go deep so it's forever." The nod became even more frantic. The whimpered please finally made up his mind.

He licked Kurt's inner thigh in a long stripe and pressed a deep kiss against the tender skin. He pulled back slightly to see exactly what he was claiming and a tightening in his chest forced him forward. He paused a few inches from his target and whispered "come to daddy" before pressing the teeth against the softest, palest part of his thigh.

Hot breath warmed the skin a second before he bit furiously into the skin. The force of the bite threw Kurt's upper body up and his body shuddered in complete pleasure before he threw his body arching against the sofa. His body lost complete control of itself and came hard, spraying against Noah's neck and face. Metallic heat flooded Puck's mouth and heat against his neck forced his own orgasm.

Kurt quickly turned into a shuddering, sobbing mass against Noah's chest. All he could do was rock him until the tension unfurled and shy eyes turned to look at him.

"Forever? Really?"


Kurt fell asleep against his chest and he could feel the small smile play on his skin.

Looking back that weekend was the beginning of an adventure that Puck never saw himself getting tired of. When they decide that Seattle is calling them after graduation Puck can't help but cringe. Because after that time with the flogger and the unexpected return of Burt, Puck's jaw still hurts every time it rains.