A/N: Okay, about a few things I might not have made clear;

Logic of arranging male/male marriage; Mentioned that both Spock & Sorvik are sterile. This means others wouldn't want to set up daughters who could have children with people who can't, but males still need to get married, considering the pon far could kill them otherwise. In addition it still leads to house alliances, if not the same kind that occur from children.

Property; Aside from the Amok Time reference, I also think that this could be a tradition from older times. Vulcans are rather traditional. Something like this wouldn't prove harmful in a peaceful, logical society, so the customs would never change. *Shrugs*

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Part 2

Spock closed his eyes as two fingers lovingly slid down his throat in a Vulcan kiss, his right hand finding Sorvik's. His heart pounded at the electricity. Sorvik began to move closer, close enough that his breath mixed with Spock's - and then the com chirped.

His eyes opened. Sorvik stilled, then lowered his hands. Spock felt the hunger of his mate through the bond, and returned it, but he had his duties. Spock moved away the the com panel.

"Spock here."

"Mr. Spock, you're needed in the Science labs, I'm afraid there was a small fire," Jim said evenly. Before Spock could ask of the damage to find if his presence was really needed; "Kirk out."

He stared at the innocent device on his wall, sighing. "I find it highly probable that the fire and damage will be small, and was likely made purposely by my department."

"They truly trust me so little?" Sorvik arched an eyebrow. "Their loyalty to you is admirable, if... aggravating."

"Do you think they shall stop attempting to draw me away if I hint that it has displeased you?" Spock wondered aloud.

"Likely. However, it will only increase their concern."

"Indeed." Spock frowned. "Some means to convince them must be found. This will not end, either, even when you return to Vulcan."

It was the third day into the trip, and the entire crew now had heard that Spock's 'abusive' bondmate was aboard. They did their best to fabricate reasons to give him an excuse to stay away from his mate, but aside from mental contact he had only spoken with his mate for two days before leaving Vulcan after the marriage. He wished to spend more time with his mate, but the crew continued to think it was dangerous for him to stay with Sorvik. He could not think of any excuse for his injuries that would satisfy them. Sorvik was also at something at a loss, although he also mentioned that it pleased him to know he could trust his mate's associate's to look after Spock's well-being. Not entirely helpful at the moment, however.

"This is increasingly ridiculous," Spock decided. After a moment; "Please go to the same rec room as before. I will join you after seeing to the 'fire'."

As predicted, the fire was small and damaged nothing. It seemed, however, that his staff had turned into morons overnight, because they asked for clarification on everything he said, in an attempt, he decided, to stall him. Finally, after the not so creative Ensign Molorin asked for directions (the Ensign had been on the ship five months!) Spock finally ignored his staff and just left them to deal alone, the Science crew staring after him with worry.

He went to the rec room, where Sorvik sat alone, the victim of many dark looks. He joined Sorvik and was aware of the many eyes on them. He felt the brief hesitation of Chekov, Uhura, Sulu, and Scotty across the room, and then the two Vulcans were quickly joined.

Chekov seemed to content himself with trying to look intimidating, which was not so successful, but Spock cut of Uhura. "Lieutenant." Surprised, she looked at him. "Lieutenant, I am quite aware that the crew seems to believe the relationship between Sorvik and I is abusive in nature. This is untrue. I request that you stop treating Sorvik with such hostility."

Well, Spock had brought it up openly, after all. She straightened, looking at him challengingly. "Sir, we've talked with the captain. He has told us that you admitted that Sorvik cause your injuries a few weeks ago." Her eye darted to Sorvik, but his face was inscutable.

"He did," Spock agreed. "And was quite remorseful." Scotty's jaw clenched. "I assure you nothing similiar shall occur again."

"With respect, Commander, that's not very comforting." Scotty ground out, glaring at Sorvik. He turned his eyes back to Spock, softening. "I had a cousin once, who said much the same. 'Oh, it was just the once, it'll never happen again', and then it was the second time, the third, the fourth..."

"Your sister was human," Spock said coolly. "I am not, nor is Sorvik. You can not understand."

"Try us," Sulu challenged.

"You are human." Sorvik spoke now, and the glares deepened. "We do not speak of this to out-worlders."

Spock nodded in agreement. "I assure you that if you asked one of the diplomatic party if this is a cause for concern, they will tell you it is not."

"And they also will not tell you why," Sorvik added.

"Because they're you're buddies and biased," Scotty snapped. The others nodded in agreement.

"I have not met any of the team prior to our assignment, though I believe Sonal is an associate of Spock's father." Sorvik told them mildly. "In any case, Vulcans are not prone to 'bias'." Chekov opened his mouth, and Spock decided to just stop this before things became too ridiculous. He stood, and Sorvik did the same.

"If you will excuse us."

While Sorvik went over details of the mission with the Vulcan team, Spock meditated for a time, before the doors to his quarters were opened by Jim. He opened an eye to look at the other, who stood watching him until Spock rose.

Jim opened his mouth to speak, but Spock shook his head. "Jim, do not try this again. You're attempts are futile." He was becoming weary with this whole business. It was maddening! And not even Jim believed what he said of Sorvik.

Jim ignored the words, looking at him imploringly. "Spock, we all know what he did. You admitted as much yourself. I meant every word I said. Just say the word - "

"Jim, truly, there is no cause for concern," Spock insisted.

"Let me finish," Jim said gently. "Everyone on the ship is behind you, every single one. I can't say I understand why you're not doing anything to get out of this, but I have to believe there is something to be done. You can go to anyone for assistance. You know you can trust me, right?"

Spock supressed a sigh. "I do, Jim, and I would confide in you if I needed assistance, which I do not."

"Everyone needs help sometimes," Jim told him. Slight hesitation, then he carefully stepped forward to encase his closest friend in a warm hug. Spock did not respond to it, but he never did. Jim drew back, considering him quietly a moment, then sighed himself. "You're sure you have nothing to say about what he did?"

"I am sure."

"Then, as your friend, it's my duty to change your mind."

"If I understand correctly," Sorvik began after finishing reading the files on domestic violence, "The crew will likely not believe anything I say, and they will believe I ordered you to say anything you say in my defense."

"That is correct."

Sorvik looked rather confused. "Then how are we to defend ourselves against their accusations?"

"We can not; we must, therefore, make them begin to doubt their assumptions."

"If I understand rightly, they will believe we are 'acting' when in public."

"Likely. However, it may help, to an extent. The best way to convince them of our sincerity would be to allow them to observe more private interactions."

Sorvik raised an eyebrow. "That statement is rather contradictory, t'hy'la."

"Not truly. First, I believe it may be useful to use telepathy in this instance."

Sorvik looked at him curiously. Spock clarified. "I suggest we plant a suggestion in the mind of Mr. Scott."

Sorvik recoiled from his bondmate. "You wish us to control their opinions of us?" He demanded, shocked.

"Not at all," Spock assured. "They will, as I said, need to come to that conclusion themselves." Sorvik relaxed slightly, and waited for the explanation. "I suggest a harmless telepathic suggestion to Mr. Scott to 'bug' our quarters, which means they would survey us without our knowledge. We would also put devices in the room they are watching from to ascertain when they are present, and act accordingly."

Sorvik mulled this over. "This is quite deceitful."

"But necessary."

"I can not disagree on that point," Sorvik admitted.

Spock expanded on the idea. "When we know they are watching, we discuss the crew's incorrect views on our relations. We make vague references to the 'blood fever' causing you to inflict the injuries. They will not know the specifics of the Time, but will infer that the 'fever' caused you to act differently."

Sorvik considered this idea carefully. It was taboo to speak of the pon far to outsiders, but technically they weren't anyway. And they would not go into specifics; the humans would formulate their own theories.

"Very well," he agreed. "Will that be all?"

"I believe acting slightly differently in public may also be useful..."

Thankfully, Spock was a sufficiently strong telepath to influence the thoughts of others without physical contact. As he passed Mr. Scott in the halls the next day after Alpha Shift he sent a strong 'suggestion' that would seem like a random thought as his eyes met Scott's. A 'eureka!' look came over Scott's face, and he flashed Spock a quick grin before hurrying to find Jim, eager to finally obtain proof Sorvik could not deny.

PDA was not exactly usual among Vulcans. Not that any human would even notice if Spock and Sorvik engaged in some rather intimate activities, considering Vulcans kissed with their hands. Even just leaning on another in public, however, was considered scandalous among Vulcans. They were both slightly uneasy, but managed to hide it as, in plain sight, Sorvik curled an arm about Spock in the rec room and pulled him closer. Emotion was acceptable with bondmates... in their own homes.

"Humans truly do this in public?" Sorvik was appalled by the thought.

"Frequently, and more." The thought of a pair of young crewman 'making out' was puzzling to Sorvik, until Spock tried to mentally show him the Vulcan equivalent.

"They do that in public?"

"Indeed." Spock said. Then;

"I would advise speaking in Vulcan,"


"They will not know what we are saying."

"Are we saying anything they should not know?"

"No, but they will assume you have said something amusing when I smile."


"Most have never seen me smile. If I am seen to enjoy your presence enough to allow myself to smile, even laugh..."

"Most have never seen you smile?"

"There have been strange occurrences on this ship, such as a plant which caused a strange euphoria, so I have smiled in their presence, though never of my own will."


Every single head that hadn't been watching snapped about to look at the pair in shock at the deep laughter of their first officer, quiet as it was, and bright white teeth flashed in a smile at Sorvik. The other male arched an eyebrow high, speaking to his smiling mate in Vulcan.

"Your 'friends', Sulu and Chekov, appear rather surprised."

"I would imagine. It is fortunate Uhura is not here, I had not considered her."


"She is Communications Officer. She could have heard that you said nothing amusing."

"I see."

Feeling that he had done enough, Spock allowed his features to fade back into his usual blank mask.

"Do you think that was sufficient?" Sorvik asked, uncomfortably resisting the illogical urge to glance about.

"I believe so, yes, we may return to our quarters."

Jim, it seemed, had meant what he had said. He took to accosting Spock randomly in the hall, dragging him to an empty area nearby to give a debate on the logic of staying with an abusive spouse.

"Yes, Jim, I quite agree."

"That would be a terrible situation."

"No, Jim, he does not."

"I see your point. Very logical. I do not, however, see how this relates to me..."

Unfortunately, the public scene had backfired.

It seemed they had left the rec room too soon. From what Spock heard from whispering crewman as he searched for Mr. Scott, it was believed that Sorvik was upset with him for openly displaying emotion, and had made him leave the rec room. The pitying looks only increased.

"I hope that the other plan works better," Sorvik commented. He did not much appreciate being accused of harming his mate, who he was really beginning to be quite fond of.

"So do I."

Ah, there was Mr. Scott! Spock followed at a discreet distance, watching around one corner as Scott went down a hallway, then quickly following. His wariness was worth it, as Scotty glanced around carefully before entering a usually unused Situation Room. Jim generally preferred the Briefing Room.

He hesitated, then dared to creep closer to the door. This area was empty, for the moment. Pressing his ear to the door he could make out, with his superior hearing, faint speech. Satisfied, he slipped away. He returned two hours later to find the room empty of people at the moment, and felt no guilt in placing a crude biosensor under the main table, so Spock and Sorvik would know if anyone was in the room. He assumed they would continue to use this room for their spying.

It was actually a surprisingly short time before someone came to Spock's door and knocked. Sighing slightly, he rose and set down his lyre; he had not even been able to play a note. "Open," he told the computer. The door hissed open as he approached. Mr. Scott himself had come.

"Mr. Scott?"

"McCoy wanted to talk to you, Sir, and... Sorvik needs to see the captain, if you know where he is."

Raising an eyebrow, Spock turned, and Sorvik walked over. Scotty's face tightened as he saw the Vulcan in Spock's quarters, but he restrained himself from comment, stepping inside the room and nodding them out. Spock and Sorvik exited, the door sliding shut behind them. Glancing back, Spock noted that Scotty did not exit.

"Not very subtle," Sorvik noted.

"No, but it is rather short notice."

"Hmm. You are sure you are familiar enough with these humans to accurately predict where they will set the camera?"

"Of course. They will not notice the bio-sensor monitoring the Situation Room, I assure you."

"I see. I am curious; I understand that camera's can be small enough as to be totally invisible, for situations which may require it, but why would this ship have any of such size?"

"I truly am uncertain. But I am sure they do. Shall we activate the devices?" Spock asked.

"Yes, I imagine it would not take long for them to set up the cameras."

They seperated, Spock going to Sickbay and Sorvik seeking the captain.

McCoy gestured Spock into a small room as soon as he entered Sickbay, but where Spock was expecting more arguments about 'revealing' what was going on with Sorvik, McCoy didn't even bother.

"Take off your shirt."

"What?" Sorvik demanded. He had not yet found the captain, and now he froze in the middle of the hall.

"Calm. He is a doctor, remember." Spock raised an eyebrow, but obeyed. McCoy made a gesture and Spock obediently turned about, so McCoy could see he was entirely unmarred. "If that is all, Doctor?"

Doctor eyed his pants contemplatively, then looked up at Spock's glare. "Oh, fine, go on." Spock smoothy pulled the shirt back on. McCoy held on a hand to stop him.

"Spock - "

He left.

McCoy swore.

Sorvik's meeting was a little more eventful.

Sorvik was directed to the captain's quarters finally by someone, after being given quite a bit of misinformation by angry crewman, and entered. Jim looked up, then stood, face unreadable.

"Sorvik, if I'm to understand rightly you and Mr. Spock have been 'married' just about, oh, four weeks now, right?"

Sorvik decided against giving the exact time. "Yes."

"Right. If I might ask, how are marriages usually ended on Vulcan?"

Quirking an eyebrow; "A couple may mutually approach a Kolinahr Elder to remove the bond, or one may petition their House to the right of annulment, if both do not agree."

"Ah, but you're missing a way, Sorvik." The Vulcan did not respond. "The marriage can also end if one of the pair is dead, I would imagine. Now, I don't much like that last thought, but I really don't like the thought of you being able to abuse my first officer for the next two centuries or so of your marriage. So, I advise that you look into the first options. Have I made my point?"

"This is rather... I find I can not even articulate myself," Spock said.

"You have," Sorvik said evenly. "May I return to my quarters?"

Jim waved at the door in disgust, and Storvik left.

"He was rather brief," Spock thought.

"Yes, but the true objective is to get us out of and into our quarters, so they may observe. That is the main point today."

The two quickly planned out the main conversation telepathically. Spock reached his quarters first, taking out his lyre to begin tuning it as he sat on the end of his bed. A surreptitious glance at the bio-sensor connected to the Situation Room told him there were nine life-signs in the room. That surprised him. He suspected Jim, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and Scotty. Who were the others?

Sorvik entered.

Those that Spock expected were in the Situation room, along with Security Chief Giotto and two of his most trusted guards, armed, ready to bolt to the first officer's quarters at a moment's notice to take down Sorvik. They all watched the screen anxiously.

Sorvik did not speak at first as he entered the room, instead sitting crossed leg on the bed beside his mate, watching him thoughtfully. Spock spoke without looking up. "Threats, I presume?"

"Indeed. Most fascinating behaviour. I do not understand the repeated insistence of these humans that I shall harm you."

Spock plucked at a chord on the lyre. "It is not so illogical a conclusion to make, considering. Had a human arrived to the ship in such circumstances as I did several weeks ago, I would have come to the same conclusions."

"Logical, but nonetheless erroneous. We are not humans."

"They have no reason to think differently; we can not tell humans of the Fever."

"That is true," Sorvik admitted. "and, while it is not relevant at this time, during my next fever I do not wish you around unless it is the beginning or end."

Spock jarred several strings in shock, sensing that this was not just for the cameras. The pre-arranged conversation was forgotten. "What?"

"I will not harm you again. During the beginning and ends of the fever you will not be harmed. Therefore, it is only logical - "

"It is not logical!" Spock protested, getting to his feet. "During the beginning, yes, but if you are 'treated' for the fever nearer to the end, you could still die - "

"Yes, I could, if I am so far gone," Sorvik agreed. "But I find it more preferable than harming you."

"Is this due to guilt?" By now Spock barely remembered the watchers. "You were not at blame - "

"I was. I should have been able to restrain myself - "

"Restrain? Considering how long you were under the Fever, you were remarkably restrained. Many are hospitalized or even killed by their mates at such times."

"Yes, too many. You will not be among their number."

"This guilt is illogical."

"As is all emotion, but logically, I am at fault."

"No Vulcan can control this, it is inevitable. Would you have me at blame, if by chance the Fever had struck me instead?"

Sorvik's eyebrow rose. "If the fever had struck you, you would have been vicious, but I imagine no threat, given our comparative body masses, and as a hybrid you may very well be spared it. I would be in no danger. You, however, are."

"This is wholly illogical, as is obvious from the fact that you even thought of this at this point. Your next Time will not be for seven years yet. A madness struck you, you can not be blamed for my injuries. Such self retribution is useless."

" The humans are correct in all they say. I shall not lose another mate," Sorvik practically snapped.

"And I shall not lose my first, t'hy'la. Do not listen to the humans. They know not of what they speak, and we can not tell them." The cameras were long forgotten. "I know you shall not harm me - and apparently I would have a fine selection of assistance should you ever do so," he added wryly.

"Evidently." Sorvik considered Spock, calming just slightly. "I still do not wish you to aid me in the fever between four to seven days after the beginning."

"Seven?" Spock shook his head. "No. It is too dangerous."

"It is too dangerous for you to do otherwise."

"The odds that you would kill me are slim. The odds that you would die when treated past seven days of Fever is greater."

"Then let us endeavour to meet earlier in the Fever." Sorvik shook his head slightly. "Let us not debate this now. We have years before it is a concern."


Spock eyed his mate a moment, then finally relented, looking back down to the forgotten lyre on his bed, picking it up to set aside. Storvik considered the lyre, trying to forget his worry.

"You play?"

"Indeed." Spock took a breath, the last of his anger fading to peace easily. "And yourself?"

"Sernil was a musician, if you recall."


Storvik glanced at Spock enquiringly, who nodded. He picked up the instrument. "Do you play much on board?"

"In my quarters, and sometimes in the rec rooms, but I find myself playing human melodies out of habit; to their ears Vulcan music is strange and discordant."

Storvik began playing an old song, familiar but somewhat forgotten, filling Spock's head with impression of the deserts and sand-storms and wild sehlats. He watched the lyre, entranced, but even more so at the vision of his bondmate, slowly becoming at ease.

Jim glanced around at the thoughtful room, feeling confused but hopeful. He looked at McCoy, mind whirling with the implications of what they had heard. "Bones, do you know of any 'Blood Fever'?"

"Not that I can think of," McCoy said slowly. "But I can guess from the gist of what they said that it basically made Sorvik go nuts and attack him."

"And it happens to all Vulcans," Jim said, shaking his head slowly. "That would fit with what M'Benga said, too."

He glanced around the room. The previous hostility in each person had been replaced with confusion and thoughtfulness. Chekov glanced about uncertainly, piping up and articulating what seemed too good to be true.

"So, he eez not hurting Meester Spock? Eet vas all from zome illness that made him mad?"

"I... guess so."

They were silent a few minutes as they digested this, ignoring the screen and the quiet speech of the two Vulcans, until one of the security guards asked, disconcerted; "Er, what are they doing?"

They blinked, then looked at the screen.

McCoy made a choking sound.

Spock played a human song after Sorvik returned the lyre. Sorvik listened with his eyes closed, enjoying the moment. "Alien," he murmured as Spock finished, "but so beautiful." His voice was taut, his burning eyes not on the lyre but Spock, and Spock felt the hunger through the bond. They were both more relaxed then they had been in days, and they were, after all, really still newly-weds - and finally the crew had left them alone.

Vulcans had to mate every seven years; it did not mean they were limited to those times.

Still a little unsure with his new mate, Spock held out two fingers, but any reticence vanished as Sorvik's closed around his firmly, the older Vulcan stepping closer. Sorvik's other hand reached up to caress his neck, and they were both on fire. With trembling fingers he reached up to touch Sorvik's neck, but the other's head darted about suddenly to catch his fingers lightly between his teeth, licking and nipping. Spock couldn't hold back a moan at the feeling. His blood pounded in his ears.

Jim blinked at the screen in bewilderment, but McCoy hastily jumped up. "Okay, everyone, out."

"Huh?" He was baffled.

"At least turn the damn thing off!" He pointed to the screen wildly. "Vulcans kiss with their fingers and hands, and I don't wanna see that, thanks!"

Scotty hastily went to stop the recording. Uhura squeeked and covered her eyes, and Chekov gaped until Sulu smacked him on the back of the head and covered the Ensign's eyes for him. Behind them Giotto and the guards quickly excused themselves, the old Chief grumbling about the appetites of 'those younger folk'.

Scotty cleared his throat uncomfortably as the image died out. "Sir?"

"...Right." Jim took a deep breath, rather thrown. "Well. I think we can say that we've... All kind of been idiots." A few nervous chuckles. "Myself included. "I recommend, Mr. Scott, that while Spock and Sorvik are... otherwise occupied you send around that video - ah, most of it - to the crew, so they can get some idea of the whole matter."

"Still have no clue what they were talking about," McCoy muttered.

"I think we can all agree that it can safely be said Sorvik was ill and not thinking right when he hurt Spock," Jim said reasonably. "Which still doesn't quite satisfy me, when I think of how he looked a few weeks ago... But we can be rather sure that he really, truly doesn't want to do that again, and is obviously doing all he can to prevent it. And if that's enough for Spock..."

"But he said in seven years it'll happen again, I think." Sulu pointed out.

"Might happen again. Still kind of confused on what they were talking about, but I think whatever is going on, it's safe to say the relationship is not abusive." Slightly skeptical nods. After believing it so long himself, he felt the same. It would be a while for the anger at Sorvik and the protectiveness for Spock faded; they knew now Spock was fine, logically, it just had to sink in.

"Like I said, Scotty, everyone on board. Er, aside from the Vulcans. And Uhura, Sulu, can you two make sure everyone gets what the tape means?" They nodded. "Alright. Dismissed."

McCoy left with him. "Do you think he's really okay, Bones?" He asked, a little worriedly. He couldn't quite shake that shadow of a doubt lingering in his mind.

"He's fine," said McCoy, firmly. "No way he's happily doing that with someone he doesn't really care for." McCoy shuddered at the mental image, and despite himself, Jim laughed.

Spock woke the next day wrapped in warmth, Sorvik half on top of him. It was... strangely comfortable. His shift started soon, though. Regretfully, he began calculating the best way to move without waking his mate, but a sudden thought and a sudden wave of panic and shame made his mate start, feeling it through the bond.

"T'hy'la?" He touched Spock's face with a gentle finger, concerned. In a altogether too emotional gesture he pressed his face in Sorvik's side. The Vulcan was alarmed. "Spock?"

"The cameras."

That was enough. Sorvik's eyes widened slightly. "I... It... I forgot." He was as shocked at this as Spock was. What were the odds of them both forgetting? They must have been truly under stress the past few days. He shifted to hold his mortified mate against him.

"They will not have watched," he said, even as he spoke wondering if strange creatures like humans had had the decency to stop watching. "They will not have watched," he said, again. He paused a moment, knowing his own face was bright green, then carefully disentangled himself to rise and inspect the opposite wall. He found the tiny instrument soon enough with his sharp eyes - except, if it was destroyed the humans would know that the Vulcans had set them up. Or, well, tried to... This plan had sort of backfired, too.

He turned back around. Spock was already almost in his uniform, the same bright green as Sorvik.

Sorvik really hoped they would both lose that color before going out.

Scotty was relieved to find that Spock's door was unlocked today. He snuck in as they were gone, took the small camera, and snuck out, pleased with himself.

Well, they might have forgotten of the camera, but the bridge crew still did not look at him with pity, and after shift Jim called him aside, smiling and grasping his shoulder affectionately. For the first time in many days, the smile reached his eyes fully.

"I think I see now that you meant what you said about Sorvik," Jim said warmly. "And I'm happy for you. I'm sorry we didn't listen sooner."

Spock decided against mentioning how he knew why Jim's mind had changed. "You are being truthful?" He clarified. Jim nodded, and he relaxed slightly. "I am... pleased by that," he admitted. "I do not want you and Sorvik 'at odds', as it is."

"We won't be," Jim assured him. "And no one else on the crew will be, either."

Spock gained many looks in the halls, but these ones were smiling. Although, he was never quite sure of why McCoy reacted like he did when he and Jim went and saw him in Sickbay.

The doctor took one look at him, blanched, and bolted back to his office. "Oh my god, my EYES..."

Spock blinked. Jim was laughing too hard to explain.

There had still been some instinctive wariness in the crew's interactions with Sorvik, but they were willing to accept him now, and Jim had taken him aside again after getting used to Sorvik to sincerely congratulate him again on his luck. It was a start, at least, and both Spock and Sorvik were content with this.

Unfortunately, within a few weeks they still had to part. They would still be able to mind-speak, at least, though it wasn't quite the same. Spock reminded himself to thank his parents, even his father, next time he saw them. It was not hard to get to know one another when telepathic, and Spock already cared for his mate deeply, more than the instinctual care for a bonded. Sorvik reciprocated that affection, and had even mentioned, guitily, that this bond would surely surpass his with Sernil's, though they were still not quite accustomed to each other.

The four other Vulcans filed away onto the shuttle sent for them. Sorvik paused in front of Spock, hesitated, then ignored the company in favor of touching their fingers together lightly.

"Farewell, t'hy'la."


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