Author's Note: Just as a warning, this fic is T for almost everything, but M for language as you shall see shortly after you begin reading. If you are uncomfortable with excessive cursing, this probably isn't the story for you. Also, this is a Maitlandverse Fic, if ya'll don't mind! Oh, and I wouldn't mind a review or two before I post the next chapter. Enjoy!

Ladybug lay quietly on her bed, eyes trained on thfe door as it flew open, the grotesque figure in black and white stripes entering in a fit of what could only be described - for lack of a better word - as uncontrollable rage.

"You're upset," she said evenly as he stalked across the room towards her, fists clenched.

"Upset does not begin to scratch the surface," Beetlejuice growled through gritted teeth.

"I understand." Her eyes followed him as he turned to glare at a mirror, his eyes dangerously aflame. "Just try not to-"

Her words were quickly drowned out by the sound of shattering glass, the already cracked mirror splintering into a curtain of microscopic crystals that fell to the floor.

"Try not to break anything..." Ladybug sighed, placing a finger to her temple. "At least you tried."

"Fuck 'em! Fuck every last one of 'em!"

"Control your temper," the girl murmured as she rose to her feet, crossing to the door to close and lock it.


"Look, I'll fuck whoever you want. It's your time and money, not mine."

Beetlejuice turned on her quickly, as though he realized for the first time where he was and what he was saying. Though every muscle remained tensed, his mouth finally closed. Whether this was due to a calming of his temper or anger so great it immobilized him not even Beetlejuice knew. However Ladybug knew better than to let this silence slip away.

"Now I'll fuck whoever you want… but I'll bet you'd rather I devoted my time to you." She slinked forward, draping her arms over his shoulders, gently teasing at his hair with her fingers. "Am I right?"

He didn't respond, which could still not clearly be classified as either a good or bad thing. So Ladybug took Beetlejuice's arm in hers, leading him to the bed where she sat him down. She climbed up onto the bed behind him and placed her arms over his shoulders once more, her fingertips gently winding through his hair to his temples, tenderly messaging the tensed muscles. And even Beetlejuice, in all of his anger and rage, couldn't deny that the gesture felt good.

"Now, why don't you tell me what happened? Or we could always get straight to business…." She slipped her arms down his chest in an effort to loosen his tie, resulting in a frustrated sigh from him and a nod from her.

"Let me guess: it had something to do with those new kids you went to go see, right?"

"The Maitlands," he seethed, tensing up again. Lady's hands moved to his shoulders, massaging gently.

"And things didn't quite go according to plan?" she coaxed.

"I almost had it," Beetlejuice growled, clenching his fists once more. "I was almost free! Topside! Forever!"

"You found someone?"

"Marriage of inconvenience," he murmured more to himself than to her, "but it would have worked. If only she'd been a bit more willing…."

"Some people don't know a good thing when it's right in front of them," she teased, crawling from the bed and walking to the shattered mirror that still lay upon the floor. Her eyes focused on the pieces and for a moment nothing happened. But soon the slivers of glass began to tremble, then slowly began moving their way together as though pulled magnetically. They floated into the air, the jagged edges melding together so that the mirror would once again be whole. Within moments the entire mirror had repaired itself, and Ladybug smiled into it even though death allowed her the satisfaction of not seeing a reflection. However, as Lady turned her attention to floating the mirror back to its proper place, the pane of glass began to tremble once more and within seconds it crashed back to the floor, splintering apart once more. Ladybug exhaled heavily, her satisfied smile vanishing.

"Stop showing off. This is serious," Beetlejuice snapped, floating down beside Lady.

"I'm listening," Lady sighed, turning to face him. "So what did Juno want? Did she ask you to pull out that stick she's got shoved up her ass?"


"Well then what?"

"I don't know. They're holding some sort of trial that they want me to attend so that they can decide my fate in the afterlife, Neitherworld, etcetera." He took her hand in his, absentmindedly rubbing her fingers with the tips of his. Lady's eyebrows arched: it was far too intimate a gesture for someone like him... "It's all bullshit anyway."

Lady nodded, knowing very well that Beetlejuice did not feel this was 'all bullshit anyway.' Normally after a failed trip to the other side he would have busted through that door on top of the world, totally prepared to blow her mind into the next millennium. But no, he was distracted, nervous, worried even. And she knew why.

Juno had never been one to hand out harsh punishments to Beetlejuice. Despite his recklessness and disrespect, there had been a time when he had been her apprentice and for that she still had a soft spot for him. Granted it was a very small soft spot, but a soft spot nonetheless. However, in the last few decades that soft spot had seemed to harden. And suddenly she was dishing out threats, like "exile to Saturn." Seeing how Beetlejuice despised Sandworms, this was the last place that he wanted to be. However, the most recent threat had been one of grave seriousness: exorcism. If Beetlejuice had nightmares about anything, it was exorcism. And if an actual trial was being held, that could only mean that Saturn and exorcisms were definitely on the table.

"When's the hearing?" Lady asked as Beetlejuice rose from the floor.

"Tomorrow," he sighed.

"Well, tomorrow is a very long way away. And my powers could use some... work..." She smiled, careful to avoid the word 'exercise.'

"What did you have in mind?" he asked, smiling a bit devilishly at her tone and word choice.

"Well, my hovering could use a little tweaking," she said coyly, as Beetlejuice snakily approached her.

"Well, babes, the last girl who said that never came back down."