Hey everyone! By everyone I'm referring to the one lovely person who will read this ;)

I am a big, big, big fan of old monster movies, and the Wolf Man has got to be one of my favourites, if not my No. 1. I love Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers... the list goes on. I noticed that there wasn't many fanfictions about the original film, so here's my attempt.

Basically, I just wanted to write from Gwen's perspective, and describe how she felt about Larry. I'm not sure if I've really gotten into her skin, so I've only written this much so far.

PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! Then I will know whether or not to continue. Thanks!

"Terrible night isn't it?" said Frank, as he glanced towards the window. Rain lashed against the window, and our room was freezing.

"I suppose it is..." I murmured, gazing out at the forest. The trees were swaying violently, their dead leaves falling to the ground.


Frank had clearly noticed I wasn't concentrating on what he had said.

"What's the matter darling?"

He came and sat beside me on the bed, his shirt half unbuttoned and one leg in his pyjama bottoms. I stayed silent, not knowing what to say. It surprised me that he hadn't thought of what might be upsetting me- but then, Frank had never quite realised how I'd felt.

"Gwen, what's the matter?" he asked again, a hint of real concern in his voice. He took my hand and looked deep into my eyes, as if trying to see what I was thinking.

"It's nothing... I'm just very tired. I hate nights like these."

I was lying, but I knew that even if Frank suspected I was, he wouldn't say anything. He smiled, patted my hand, and walked back over to the dresser to get changed. I looked down at myself briefly, to check I wasn't wearing my suit. Thankfully, in my dreamy state, I'd managed to change into my nightgown. I smiled slightly. Even on such an unusual day, even though all thoughts of my normal, happy life had escaped me, I still managed to follow most of my general routine.

Frank got into bed beside me, and put his arm around me. I felt a sudden impulse to push him away from me, to tell him that I didn't love him, but I didn't move. He always put his arm around me, but it never bothered me. I can't even understand why it bothered me now.

"Goodnight darling," he whispered and he gave me a brief kiss. I barely returned it, but managed to mutter a brief 'Goodnight'.

He rolled over and settled into a comfortable position. That was one of the great things about Frank- he always got to sleep quickly, and he never bothered me during the night. I had been waiting all day for this moment; a peaceful time to reflect, to remember. But was I really sure that I wanted to? I had changed so much since then, and I had a new kind of life now. It was the one I had been told to expect, but not the one I really wanted. If I unlocked those memories I had tried to forget, would I be able to handle the fact that all my dreams had been lost long ago?

"But I must," I whispered, "otherwise I'll never know."

Time had probably altered my perspective. At the time... at the time, did I really love him? Or did I just feel trapped, worried about whether or not I was going to see other men, wondering about my upcoming wedding? If that were true though, why didn't I pick anyone, another man from the village? There were lots of handsome chaps around...

Stop it, I thought, stop it.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and began to let my mind fly back, back to that autumn, a year ago...