Heyy everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for the amaizing reviews you have left in my last ff. SO here you go... the sequel, I know this chapter isn't super long, but in a way this is just the intro... as always, I hope you enjoy!


You know what sucks? Being away on a quest that pretty much turned out to be a wild-goose-chase just so Kronos's 'secret weapon' aka Kat could get strong enough to destroy the gods and help with the uprising of the titans, then coming back to find out that my girlfriend decided to reorganize my entire cabin while I was away which basically makes it impossible to find anything. Yea, that sucks big time.

A few months had passed since the winter solstice. It's now March 19th and the Vernal Equinox is tomorrow, and so is the emergency Council of the Gods meeting. Apparently the Council wanted me to be present so I could tell them everything I know about Kat (You know what's funny? The fact that I already told them about Kronos's 'secret weapon' last time I was at the Council meeting, and Zeus and most of the other gods didn't give a damn.). So, why do the gods want me at their emergency meeting you may ask? Or wait, better question; why have an emergency meeting in the first place? Well you see, since Kat became Kronos's 'secret weapon', a lot of the minor gods have been going missing: Eris, Hebe, Eros, Nike, my dad's wife Amphrite, Hephaestus's son Palici, Hermes' mother Maia, one of Apollo's muses Clio, and just recently Persephone on her way back from the Underworld.

So, now I'm packing to go to Olympus, and possibly another quest and I can't find any of my pants because Annabeth 'reorganized'. I've basically been wearing Camp Half-Blood pajama pants and the jeans that I wore on my last quest for the past three months. And I'd really prefer not to go to the Council meeting wearing bright orange pajama pants seeing as I was wearing pajamas the last time I saw gods.

I don't know why Annabeth had to organize my entire cabin. I had a place for everything and everything was in its place, but now I have no idea where anything is!

A knock on my door interrupted my train of thoughts. I opened my door to find Annabeth smiling at me. She leaned towards me and gave me a quick kiss before she walked into my cabin.

"Hey Seaweed brain, packing for the Council meeting?" she asked noticing my duffel bag.

I nodded, "Yup." I said glumly, "Everything's right there." I said (everything but my pants)

Annabeth looked surprised, "Why, don't you want to go?" she asked.

I shrugged, "They probably just want me there so they can give me grief about not telling them about Katrina even though I tried to. Then they'll probably have me go on another stupid quest for something that I didn't do."

Annabeth shook her head, "C'mon Percy, I doubt it'll be that bad. They probably just want to know as much as they can about Katrina and the titans uprising."

"Either way, I'll still probably end up being forced to go on another quest." I said.

Annabeth was quiet for a moment then she looked at me, "Pants." She said.

"What?" I asked her trying to catch up with where her train of thought was going.

She looked at me her eyes full of amusement, "You forgot to pack pants." She laughed.

Annabeth had showed me where she had put my pants and I got them packed into my duffel bag (She told me that common sense should've told me to look for my pants in my dresser. Oops.). It was now March 20th, the day of the meeting and I was waiting at the top of Half-Blood Hill for Argus to drive me to the Empire State Building. Annabeth and Chiron were waiting with me (Grover had an emergency satyr meeting and was away).

Finally Argus pulled up driving the camp van. Annabeth gave me a hug, "Good luck Seaweed brain." She said.

Chiron came forward, "Good luck Percy, and may the gods be with you." He said kindly. I nodded and waved to Annabeth and then got into the van.

After about twenty minutes, we had arrived at the Empire State Building also known as Mount Olympus. I looked at Argus and he gave me a small nod, telling me to go in. I sighed, "Can I leave my duffel bag in the van?"

Argus shook his head. I sighed and picked up my duffel bag and walked in through the front doors. I must have looked pretty strange to the other people in the lobby based on the way they were all staring at me.

I walked up to the front desk, "Umm, I need to get to the 600th floor." I said. I always hate saying that because I know I sound crazy when I say it.

"No such floor kid." The man said to me.

I sighed, "It's me, Percy Jackson, destroyer of Kronos, ring a bell?" I asked.

The man gave me a weak smile, "Sorry kid, I forgot. You know what to do." He said as he handed me the key card.

I pressed to elevator button and the elevator doors opened. I walked in and a man with a suit on tried to follow me. I pressed the button and the doors began to close, "Sorry, this elevator's out of order." I lied.

The man scowled at me but the doors were already closed. I pulled out the key and inserted it in the security slot. 600th floor, here I come.

Well here you go chapter one of the sequel I hope you enjoyed I'll update when I can thanks!