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Our journey was relatively uneventful. We arrived in Denver, our first stop, around ten in the morning. We ate a quick breakfast before boarding our connecting train to LA. Our train was practically empty save for a few reporters, a young man with a fat lip and a black eye who kept glancing around the train nervously, an old lady reading a Twilight book, and a young woman with a twin boys who were probably two..

Artemis took a seat in the chair across from me, and Hermes sat next to her. The first hour or so of the ride was pretty boring. Artemis listened to her iPod, Hermes was leafing through a train magazine, and I had been looking out the window as the Colorado scenery flew by.

About an hour later, one of the little boys jumped out of his seat and ran over to the old lady. "You have candy?" the boy asked her.

I don't know what happened after that, but one minute, the boy was happily asking for candy, and the next minute he was on the ground crying.

The kid's mom got up from her seat and walked over to the boy and picked him up, the old lady watched her looking concerned. "I don't know what happened. He just fell over. Poor deary."

The woman shook her head, and some of her mousy, brown hair fell over her eyes as she picked up the child, "Oh Simon, what am I going to do with you? You have to stay seated buddy." She turned to the old lady, "I'm so sorry about him."

"Oh it's no problem deary." The old lady smiled forcefully then returned to her book.

The boy, Simon, wrapped his arms around his mom's neck as she carried him back to his seat. The other boy wasn't there. The woman looked panicked, "Toby," she looked around frantically, "Has anyone seen Toby?"

I looked around and couldn't see the other little boy anywhere. Suddenly, Hermes jumped up onto his seat, reached into the luggage rack and pulled out the other little boy who was screeching with laughter. "I think I found him."

The lady breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh my God, thank you so much." She took the other little boy, Toby from Hermes arms and cradled both of the boys close to her.

"Thank you so much-"

"Peter." He held out his hand for her and she shook it.

"Well thank you Peter. I always get so nervous about them, and they have a knack of getting into trouble." She let out a shaky sigh, "Thank you so much again."

Hermes shrugged, "Eh, it was no problem."

"Why do they make you nervous?" I asked.

Hermes rolled his eyes, "Greg don't be rude."

The lady laughed, "Peter? Greg?" She turned to Artemis, "Let me guess, Cindy?"

Hermes shook his head, "Actually, that's Marcia. Cindy's in Los Angles right now."

The lady was laughing now and her little boys joined in though, most likely they had no idea what they were laughing about. "That's cute. My name's Jenna Miller by the way."

"Nice to meet you Jenna."

"Why do they make you nervous?" I asked again.

"Oh right," she let out a sad laugh, "I guess I'm just a little paranoid, but I had a daughter, eleven years ago. She was kidnapped on Christmas Eve about ten years ago. My husband and I were living in New York at the time I've still not gotten over that. It just scares me that there are so many freaks out there who are willing to kidnap children. I live in Los Angles, but when all of those children began being kidnapped; I left for a while to stay with my mom in Denver. I don't know if you've heard of her, but one of the little girls, Anne Bergoan, she was kidnapped a few days ago. She's my neighbor. She's the age of my daughter, and the two of them used to be best friends." Jenna sniffled a little. "Her mother's a mess. That's why I'm going back. Anne was an only child and her father left them when she was little, so I'm going back to help out. If I can."

"Did they ever find your daughter?" Artemis asked.

Jenna shook her head, "No, they didn't find anything. It was as if she vanished. I prayed for a while; I kept hoping that by some miracle that she was still alive, but it's pretty unlikely I suppose. She was such a beautiful child too."

A bizarre thought came to mind that I had to ask, "Jenna, what was your daughter's name?"

Jenna's emerald green eyes met mine. "Katrina. Her name was Katrina."

A thousand thoughts came rushing to my mind at once and by the stunned looks on Hermes and Artemis's face, I could tell they had come to the same realization that I had. Jenna, the woman standing in front of us, was Kat's mom. "Holy crap." Hermes was the first one to speak.

Holy crap. Yea I think that sums up everything that I was thinking.

Jenna looked startled, "What? Do you know something about this?"

Before we could respond, a voice came over the intercom, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your conductor Dudley Dirkons and I just wanted to let you know that we will be arriving in Los Angles very shortly. Thank you."

Jenna stood up and took hold of Toby and Simon's hand. "Come on guys, let's go home and see Daddy." She turned back to us, "It was nice talking with you. And thank you again."

"What are the odds that we'd meet Kat's mom on a quest that basically revolves around her demonic daughter?" Hermes laughed.

Artemis rolled her eyes at him and for a moment I was annoyed; the only reason Kat was working for Kronos was because she thought she was abandoned. She thought Kronos was the only one who cared for her when in reality her mother still cared for her and missed her. And Kronos was going to kill her as soon as he got what he wanted. "We have to save her."

Hermes frowned, "Who?"

"Kat. We have to save her from Kronos. If she knows that he kidnapped her and that her mother misses her than she won't help him. If she does help him, than as soon as he's done using her he'll kill her."

Hermes looked slightly uncomfortable and Artemis had a skeptical look on her face. It annoyed me, "What?"

Hermes shrugged, "Will it necessarily be a bad thing if Kronos kills her?"

I was horrified, "Yes! She's just a little kid! It's not like she knows what Kronos plans on doing! In case you missed what I said; 'he's going to use her, and then kill her!'"

"Percy as much as I agree with you, I can't help but think about all of the problems she's caused and will cause in the future." Artemis didn't look nearly as uncomfortable as Hermes.

"I can't believe this, so you'd rather she died?"

Artemis let out a huff of air, "No, but think about it; she's more powerful than a god. Saving her and sending her back to her mom would be murder. Gods have enough trouble keeping their, as you would say, 'powers' under control and we were born immortal. We have had thousands of years of training and Katrina's only been a 'god' for a little over three months. There is no way that she has full control over her powers yet."

I was growing frustrated, "We can send her to camp!"

Hermes laughed bitterly, "And what? Have her 'accidently' appear in her immortal form when someone picks on her? I'd rather not put my kids' lives in danger thanks."

Now I was really irritated. My hands were balled tightly into fists, and I was surprised that I didn't break any skin. "Just because you're both gods, you think you can just toss away a life like it's no big deal; but to some people it is. She has a mom who still misses her, she's got a family, and because of Kronos she never got to know them."

Artemis narrowed her eyes at me, "Since when did you start sticking up for Katrina? In case you forgot, she's kidnapped my brother, my lieutenant, many of the other gods, and your girlfriend, and she tried to kill you!"

"We're in LA." Hermes said, "We'll worry about this later."

Artemis scowled but stood up and began making her way towards the door. As she walked by the old lady with the Twilight book, she let out a yelp. She stared at the old lady incredulously, "Did you just bite me?" she asked.

"You are a naughty child. It is my job to bite naughty children." The old lady responded as she got up and stood in front of Artemis, blocking the way out.

"Excuse me?" Artemis's eyes were wide with surprise.

The man with the fat lip got up as well and blocked the other exit. "This is kind of awkward, but you can't leave." He voice was thick sounding because of his swollen lip, and he sounded a little bit like Rocky Balboa.

Hermes narrowed his eyes at Rocky, "What do you mean? This is our stop."

Rocky shrugged, "Like I said, this is kinda awkward, but we were sort of assigned to kidnap you. It's nothing personal."

Oh yea, nothing personal.