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After getting kidnapped Conan Edogawa had been found. For more than three weeks without a trace as the Kidnapper never bothered to call and ask for a ransom or anything at all. It took a combined effort of all police districts to finally find him. But, what they found, the after effect of what had happened is still not clear and there are still a lot of variables missing and hidden.
The boy has been officially labeled insane, mentally unstable. But is there more to it than just that?

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Prologue: What Will Never Again Be Found ( WWNABF)

Something was wrong. Something was really, really, wrong. I don't know what it is… I just feel it...

It was the middle of the night, the end of the Kid's heist, on the roof of a nameless building with the blue full moon shining ever so vibrantly. This was the part where he jumped to his freedom after a long and entertaining chase with his own police force on him, and whichever detective that happened to show up. Nothing out of the ordinary…not yet….

He hadn't seen his favorite shrunken detective since the previous heist. He was fine then, but that was almost three month back. Now, he was standing before him and… it looked as though something changed… What it was, he didn't know…

It was not the dark, patched, creepy Bunny that was more than half his size he's hugging that he was referring to - actually it might be, just a bit- Nor the lack of his power enhancing shoes, voice changing bow, or his dart spitting watch either. No, it was something much deeper than that, something graver, something in his eyes…

He could've just jumped and ended the night successfully, since tantei-kun was making no effort in stopping him whatsoever, even though he's been there for awhile… They stayed still, doing nothing but staring at each other. Conan stood there at the far end, close to the locked door, and Kaito stood near the edge ready to jump with his prize at any moment.

Tantei-kun had been waiting for him here, but he didn't as much as bat an eye to his appearance, or soon to be disappearance. His face was void from any emotion. Kaito couldn't tell what he was thinking and it was killing him!

I know, this is the tantei I always favored, the one I always kept my doves on the lookout for, knowing he's bound to get in trouble as they seem to be prone to finding him. Yet, for some reason, I feel as though I'm looking at a stranger - one with the same face as the detective kid I like to fool around with… but someone else on the inside now…

Heh. He could be just overthinking things and all of it could've been just his imagination going wild.

And so, hesitantly, he took small, slow, steady steps, as he locked his eyes on the 7 years old kid. By the time he reached him, he was sweating from mere anxiety. Tantei-kun hadn't flinched as Kid walked; he just simply kept his eyes on the older teen's face, following his every movement.

"H…Hey…" came the stuttering word.

Kaito came up close, less than a mere inch between them, and all the boy did was simply stare. Kid kneeled down to his eye level and finally made up his mind to what he wanted to say…

"Hey, Conan..! Are you alright? You don't feel… sick or anything, right?" He questioned his state of impassiveness.


Kaito was now able to see a blank look due to closeness.

"You do know it's only polite to answer a question." The magician teased.


Still nothing

Oh... kay, this is starting to creep me out, and it's making me all paranoid. Let's try this…

"What do you want from me?" The magician asked straightforwardly.

'What else other than throw you behind bars, like every other detective after you?' Is what the Phantom thief expected to come out of his mouth.

"Ne, uncle, can you fly?" A weak and low voice spoke.

"…what?" It took Kid time to figure out where the source of the sound came from.

"I heard from my father, Kogoro, do you know him? He's a famous detective!" Excitement might have been there, but it was lost on the impassive expression.

"…Huh? Uh, yeah I know Mouri-tantei… Your father? Mouri isn't your father… right?" Great now, I'm doubting myself! Thought the poor perplexed phantom.

"*blink* "Yes he is. Why would you say something like that? How would you know; after all, this is the first time I met you. What would make you think that I'm lying?" Conan took in a deep breath after he finished the sentence. It seemed as though talking alone took a lot of energy out of him. What happened?

"Excuse me, boya, but what's your name?" the Phantom thief doubted that maybe, just maybe, this kid in front of him wasn't Edogawa Conan. Similar face and build, but not him.

The little spectacled boy tilted his head to the side, as any other innocent clueless child would, blinked few times and then he opened his small mouth… and said…

"But Uncle, you called it just a few minutes ago!... You know my name. Why do you ask if you already know it?"

He blinked his big, clear, sapphire eyes again. At that moment Kid knew the once used to be mature detective was gone… He was like a real kid now, in fact he seems to me more like a newborn baby than anything else.

"-cle! Can you fly? Ne, Uncle, do you hear me? Can you fly?"

He brought the magician back from his trance as the voice became more and more demanding.

"… You still didn't answer me? What's your name?" The Kid pressed on.

"Moo~, Uncle! You already know it! You just called me by it not too long ago!" He huffed and pouted, a thing Kid never recalled seeing him do. Was my…

"Its Conan Edogawa, and I'm Kogoro Mouri's son… Happy?"

My Tantei-kun really is… he's…

He's Gone




"U…Uncle? What's making you cry, Uncle? Did… did I do something bad? Answer ME!"

Am I imagining it or do I hear a tint of fear in his voice? Thought the Kid.

"Wh-whatever I did I didn't mean it! I-I swear I didn't mean it! STOP CRYING! I didn't do anything bad! I SWEAR! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm SO SORRY! JUST STOP CRYING! I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

Conan's voice faded as he started crying. His tears, which were never seen before this day, came cascading down with no restriction- but it wasn't due to sadness. They were shed out of… fear. Conan feared him, and all the teen did was let a single tear drop down his cheek as realization of the situation downed on him.

"Huh? Conan? Why… why are you… crying? Are you… scared?... because of me? Don't… don't back away from me!... I won't hurt you..." The hesitant teen begged pathetically at the baffling reaction he got from the boy.

No, the boy didn't fear him, he feared his actions. His whole body tensed as the magician reached a hand out to him. The baffling child kept his eyes on Kid's body, ready to react at the slightest shift of his muscles.

Conan disregarded the elder's pleas and continued stepping backwards, no matter how much the thief screamed and begged him to stop, he wouldn't. He closed the distance between himself and the building's brink. Kid feared if he'd moved, the boy would run- and If he didn't stop him soon, he'd fall!

"Conan, Stop! YOU'LL FALL! I said STOP! I mean it! WATCH OUT!" And just as the teen feared, the boy did reach the edge, and he'd fallen off of it. Tripping on the rim, he fell out of the Kid's line of sight, his small body made it with ease between the poles of the rail… without the little boy noticing it.

Kid's body moved on its own, as it rushed after the falling form- ready for flight, he took off.

He remembered the boy doing this before. Last time he tripped willingly, and he was prepared, parachute and all, but this time he doubt it.

After some searching in the dead air between them and the ground, Kid finally caught sight of the hideous, patched up bunny that Conan still hugged tightly with both his hands, but now he hugged it for dear life, hoping for the stuffed animal to somehow save him from the fall- from the ground that seemed to come close faster than should at this speed. Not even over my dead body well I let him get smashed on that cold concrete!

Thanks to Kid's experience in flying the glider, he managed to close the distance between him and the boy. He stretched and overextended his arm ineffectively a couple of times before he finally did it! Phew!~

"Say, Boya, are you alright?" He got no answer even after waiting a few seconds more. "... Oi, Conan! Do you hear me? Are you hurt?"

Panic raised inside Kid's chest as the boy stayed still without uttering a word. It freaked the magician out more that he was able to feel the boy's trembling hands arms, squeezing the life out of him as he hung, face pressed into his shoulder. He didn't know if that was a good or a bad sign…

The bunny was still there, to Kid's despair. The thing was being hugged over Kid's abused neck.

Sigh… as long as he's fine.

I hope he is fine…

Kid roamed the sky aimlessly, for he had no place in his mind to land. While he held tightly to the boy in his arms, he heard a mumble coming from said boy.

"… …"

"Did you say something?" The teen urged the boy to repeat.

"You flew…" the soft, small voice came to his ears.

"Uh-ha…? Ah... you did mention something about flying before..." Kid recalled the previous conversation.

"…you can fly…" the little boy repeated, as though he couldn't believe it.

"…Why? What does it matter to you if I fly or not?... Do… Do you want to fly?" The ever famous, flamboyant thief, wasn't able to hold a conversation with this little boy in his hands without stuttering, fearing if he said or did just a thing wrong, then he'll be in for another panic attack.

"…I am" came the obvious answer.

"Hah, True!" Kid tried to humor the younger boy in his hands. "Didn't even notice, silly me."

"…" Silence was the reply to his attempts at conversation…

But Kid feared that the silence wasn't in reply to his weak attempt, but to something else… "…Conan?"

"…" Again, no answer. Fear started spying it's way in the thief's mind.

"Boy?... Is something wrong?... If you're alright than answer, Damn it!" the fear just kept on growing worse and worse and his imagination ran wild.

The concern forced the thief to peak on his rider's face for any tell tale signs on his health being poor. But just as he managed with lots of twisting, he had to return his attention to his flying before they could've gotten tangled, or worse, electrocuted, by the high voltage wires…

Finally, after a good fifteen minutes of recklessly soaring in the skies with a sudden lack of skills and many possible accidents avoided due to Lady Luck's mercifulness, they reached a discreet place suitable for landing. A park, without anyone about, where they made it safely to the ground. Putting the boy down, Kid noticed that the boy's clothing were too light for the chilly night's breeze, but as he was unable to find a better material so he took off his white suit jacket and placed it over the shivering shoulders of the little boy. It made a very amusing image that the jacket ended up covering his whole body, quite cutely, he let himself think.

Putting that aside, he checked the boy's health with whatever he could identify in this dark. After a full inspection he came to the conclusion that it was just a slight nausea, nothing too serious.

" Are you sick from that little trip?" Kid asked, already knowing the answer, as he searched his only Kami-knows-how-many hidden pockets for something.

The boy shook his head rather fast from one side to the other, but then he stopped suddenly, getting a little dizzy from the motion. He thought a moment and then nodded his head affirmatively slowly and unsurely before signing with his hand using his thumb and finger, "… a bit" he said

A gentle, caring smile slipped Kid's conscious when he saw the little 'cute' display in front of him.

"Here," he said, handing the small boy a pill from amongst similar others inside the small bottle he finally found- a secrete stash in emergency cases if he ever needed them. "This should help."

Normally you'd expect one of two reactions, either take it and be grateful, or be loyal to the universal rule 'Never take things from stranger' and refuse it. Yet the little protagonist did none.

Instead, the boy reacted to it with fear.

The boy turned a whole one-eighty degrees from being cutely sick to full of terror and sheer fright! With the snap of fingers,… all because of one small round tablet of medicine. I'm sure he won't even feel it pass down his throat, thought Kid, yet that's what I get for trying to be civil!

The little boy's midnight blue eyes enlarged and he ran away from the offending hand that held the cursed object.

"W- What's wrong? Did I do something bad? Is it the pill? Don't hide! You don't need to take it! Here, I'll even throw it if you want! I won't make you take it!" No need to mention Kid immediately had a panic attack of his own as he tried to coax the other out of his hiding spot and win back what ever little trust he had to begin with.

To show him that he meant it Kid truly did throw the pill away and hoped the boy would believe him.

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