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"Wait...so your saying...that I'm not...but...how?" Asked Damon thoughtfully

mean while Stefan felt as if he won the lottery, considering what Damon most have done to him over the years he deserved it.

"i think it would explain a lot about you, Damon." Stefan said," why we look nothing, at all, alike. Or why MY parents named me after St. Stephan. and maybe-"

"Are you sure, Stefan? Are you absolutely sure?"

"Damon, den's. tests don't lie."


"how…? Oh, I found some of your hair in a tree. Then I took it to a vampire dna specialist person and I got mailed the results today."


"I was bored."

"…I could ri-"

"'rip my heart out and not think twice about it' how many times are you going to say that before you actually do it?"

"so im not…" Damon said changing the subject.

"not even related. "Stefan said finishing Damon's sentence.

"your telling the truth."

"why wouldn't I, Damon? I mean you've been messing with me since I could remember."

"ok, fine. Is there any thing else I need to know?" asked Damon sensing his "little brother" was holding something back.

"yes ,but that is a surprise, that will be here tomorrow for lunch…umm…she likes smaller animals like dogs. ...sorry i forgot her name but it means beloved."

Perfect, thought Damon, I've got a relative; and I thought Stefan was bad enough.