This is my first and depending on the review I get for this, only DeiSaku fanfic. I was listening to a song called American Honey by Lady Antebellum and got the idea for this.

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Konoha Honey is what they called Haruno Sakura.

Deidara didn't understand why they would call a cherry honey but he was determined to find out. The blond Akatsuki member walked down the hall toward the room they gave over to her for the purpose of her sleeping and living in there. Deidara opened the door and smiled slightly. Sakura was asleep in the windowsill and it was cute.

He felt guilty for a few seconds because they had worked her nearly unconscious today. All the chakra healings she had to do and most of them were his fault for blowing up Madara who was masquerading as Tobi so he had to pretend to be an idiot which got on his nerves almost as much as Itachi's silence did. "Sakura-chan un." Deidara called softly. Sleepy emerald eyes opened and their owner yawned widely. "Hai Deidara-san?" She asked sleepily. "Do you have a moment?" Deidara asked. "Are you injured again?" Sakura asked as she woke up fully. "No. I just needed your help with something is all." Deidara replied. Sakura nodded and motioned the mad bomber into the room. "Come on in Deidara-san. Make it quick ne? I wanna get back to my nap." She agreed. The blond nodded as well and came in.

Deidara closed the door and strode over to her. Before Sakura could blink or make a noise, Deidara captured her lips with his own and pushed his tongue into her mouth when she let out a silent gasp. Blue-green eyes widened in delight and he stepped back when he was done kissing her senseless. "So that's why they call you Konoha Honey. You taste like it un." Deidara said cheerfully. Sakura could only stare after the blond as he left her room humming and touch a shaky hand to her tingling lips. A thought occurred to her and an unlady-like snort emerged from her mouth as she smiled.

Tea and honey went together perfectly after all and that was Sakura's favorite way to drink her tea. With a little honey in it.

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