TheDude has signed in.

HockeyRageEh? has signed in.

TheDude: Yo Mattie! Wuts up mah homie g? :D

HockeyRageEh?: Seriously?

TheDude: Wha? :P

HockeyRageEh?: Why are you talking in short form?

TheDude: Not short dis how I talk.

HockeyRageEh?: You're an idiot, Al.

TheDude: U r mean. Shuddup.

BritAngel is now online.

HockeyRageEh?: Hey Arthur.


BritAngel: Kindly refrain from yelling Alfred.

TheDude: I dun get u w/ all this prop. Speech. Lol :D

BritAngel: ... I beg your pardon?

TheDude: Ur beggin me? Already? LOL! XD

HockeyRageEh?: I'm scared, eh?

VinAmourSexe is now online.

VinAmourSexe: Bonjour mes amis!

HockeyRageEh?: Bonsoir, Francois. Comment vas-tu? ^-^

VinAmourSexe: Tres bien, Mathieu. Et tu?

HockeyRageEh?: Comme ci, Comme ├ža.

VinAmourSexe: Excellente, mon fils.

TheDude: I dun get wat u sayin. Explaination seel ta plate.

HockeyRageEh?: Alfred... I think I have now, finally, figured out why you can't (and so shouldn't) speak other languages.

TheDude: O rielly?

HockeyRageEh?: Oui. The fact of the matter is, is that you can barely speak English. Obviously you won't be able to speak anything else.

VinAmourSexe: C'est mon garcon! :)

BritAngel: :D

TheDude: ...wut? 0_0

HockeyRageEh?: ... T_T


VinAmourSexe: For the record, Angleterre. I blame you.

BritAngel: You are very lucky that we are on opposite sides of the world and not face to face right now.

TheDude: Why? Iz sum sexin goin on? ;)

HockeyRageEh?: ... what scares me is that I'm related to him... 0.o

TheDude: U luv me.

HockeyRageEh?: I deny it.

TheDude: So hurt. :((((

HockeyRageEh?: That's what I was aiming for.

TheDude: Not cool, man. :P

HockeyRageEh?: You're right. I ain't cool, I'm ice cold.

TheDude: Betch that dun mek sense

HockeyRageEh?: Makes perfect sense.


HockeyRageEh?: ...dude. 0_o

BritAngel: Indeed.

VinAmourSexe: ... can we move on now?

HockeyRageEh?: Ouais.

VinAmourSexe: T_T... Si vous ne pouvez pas parler correctement ne parlent pas du tout.

HockeyRageEh?: Watch. It. D:

VinAmourSexe: ...

BritAngel: Stupid Frog. Stop annoying my boy.

VinAmourSexe: YOURS? Non, non, non! Mathieu is MY boy.

TheDude: leik watchin pr0n. Soooooo weird. No u shudnt l00k butt u kent h3lp it.

HockeyRageEh?: You do know Al, that if we're talking online it's different because everyone shuts up for each comment... speaking of which... might work for World Meetings.

BritAngel: It'd help my head... but we'd have to make sure that the Yankee doesn't use his bleeding short form.

TheDude: g0t issue w/ txt sp3ak? :O

VinAmourSexe: On behalf of us all, Mon cher. OUI.

HockeyRageEh?: You know, I say Ouais...

VinAmourSexe: Mathieu, I love you. Truly, mon cherie. I do. But I will smack you the next time I see you if you continue with your horrid 'Quebecois'

HockeyRageEh?: You and what army? :D

VinAmourSexe: Mathieu...

BritAngel: Both of you! Belt up!

Become1da? Is now online.

Become1da: Hello my friends!


HockeyRageEh?: 0.o; can I move to Europe?

Become1da: kol kol kol

HockeyRageEh?: IVAN! :$

Become1da: Yes, Matvey?

HockeyRageEh?: ... how do you do that? Be creeper even over the freaking interweb?

BritAngel: T_T. Lad if you start talking like Alfred I'm going to smack the both of you.

TheDude: lol luv u 2, Iggy.

BritAngel: Brat.

HockeyRageEh?: Should I be insulted?

VinAmourSexe: Would it make a difference?

HockeyRageEh?: ... 0_o good point.

PaNdAsFoReVeR is now online.

PaNdAsFoReVeR: Hello, Aru.

TheDude: CHINA! Wuts hoppin mah man 2 the East. R u crackalackin well?

PaNdAsFoReVeR: 0.o; Pardon, aru?

HockeyRageEh?: Ignore him, eh? He's been doing this all day.


HockeyRageEh?: 0.o;

BritAngel: 0.o;

VinAmourSexe: 0.o;

Become1da: 0.o;

PaNdAsFoReVeR: 0.o;


HockeyRageEh?: No, seriously, can I move to Europe?

TheDude: LAWLZ! ^-^

Yeah, long story short... I've been chatting online with my friends for a loooooooong time today. I am sorry for the lack of updates/posts, but the fact is, is that I haven't had much inspiration for stories or new chappies. I've been more interested in my own story that I'm currently writing. Anyways, I'll probably continue this but don't look for regular updates... on anything. I'm just not a good updated. ^-^;