Highs, Crashes and Means to an End

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KnowledgeNotNumbers: Γεια σας Gupta, μπάσταρδος

OttoMan: Brat, grow up T_T

NutRaGeb: please, no fighting. We are merely here to create a better understanding of the internet in order for us to use it for meetings in the future.

OttoMan: I don't have a problem with that, it's the cat with the claws over there that I have a problem with.

KnowledgeNotNumbers: To despise another is to admit the hatred of oneself.

OttoMan: You know something, Orospu? Defol!

KnowledgeNotNumbers: Right back at you, Adnan.

NutRaGeb: *facepalm

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PaNdAsFoReVeR: Hello, aru ^-^

TheDude: Howdy!

HockeyRageEh?: Hello

BritAngel: Good day sirs

VinAmourSexe: Bonjor, mes amis!

Become1da?: :D Hello my fine comrades!

TheDude: Fuck off Commie. ^-^

HockeyRageEh?: Al, leave him be eh? He hasn't done anything to you.

TheDude: …...yet.

HockeyRageEh?: EVER! Well okay, not since the Cold War... but that doesn't count.

TheDude: How does that not count? 0.o

HockeyRageEh?: Magic

TheDude: Abra Kadabra?

HockeyRageEh?: Alakazam?

TheDude: Hocus Pocus

HockeyRageEh?: Bibbity Bobbity?

TheDude: BOO!

HockeyRageEh?: Ah?

TheDude: *nods You may just have it kid, to become... *dramatic pause... a STAR!

HockeyRageEh?: If I became a flaming ball of hot air, would I become you?

TheDude: …... wha? 0.o

BritAngel: :D Good going lad!

Become1da?: Comrade Matvey is so smart, da? Kolkolkol

HockeyRageEh?: 0.o


HockeyRageEh?: Alfred?

TheDude: Yes my baby brother who I must protect?

BritAngel: it's whom

TheDude: yeah well... your... face...

HockeyRageEh?: annnnnnnnnd moving on now, Alfred?

TheDude: Yes baby bro? :D

HockeyRageEh?: Shut up.

TheDude: harsh words man... Imma go cry in a corner now... :`(

HockeyRageEh?: T_T don't make me come over there Alfred, I swear, if I have to leave my house in the middle of a Goddamn snowstorm you will not be able to physically call yourself male.

TheDude: O.O Mattie, mad?

BritAngel: 9_9

VinAmourSexe: As fun as this is mon chers, I have a date with Prusse et Espagne, au revoir!

HockeyRageEh?: au revoir, Francis, ont une belle nuit.

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TheDude: OH YEAH! I have to go meet that guy whose always high today

HockeyRageEh?: You mean Lars? Why?

TheDude: My boss, see ya!

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HockeyRageEh?: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

BritAngel: Because this will more than likely end in flames.

HockeyRageEh?: ...you're more than likely right.

BritAngel: My dear boy, I'm always right.

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TheDude: MATTIE! What if the world like... went boom-boom?

HockeyRageEh?: ...are you high? O.O


HockeyRageEh?: LARS!

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TulipsandHighs: Ja?

HockeyRageEh?: What did you do to my brother?

TulipsandHighs: Noooooothing! ^-^ You know, you are sooooooooo cute when you're angry, Matt.

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Cigarsplz: ... is he high? 0.o;

HockeyRageEh?: ...T_T

Cigarsplz: ...ah.

HockeyRageEh?: Well... it could be worse...

TheDude: Mattie... if I like... touch the screen would I fall through it?

Cigarsplz: ... :D Yes, Alfred, yes you would. But in order for it to work, you have to pick up the screen and throw it.

TheDude: ...AWESOME!

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HockeyRageEh?: Not gonna lie... that was a bit of a dick move.

TulipsandHighs: In the words of Feliciano Veneziano, means to an end.

HockeyRageEh?: 0.o are you telling me that you got him high and pretended to be high yourself?

TulipsandHighs: :D

HockeyRageEh?: ... that is incredibly devious and very well played, my friend, well played indeed.

Cigarsplz: Lars? Did Alfred even leave your house?

TulipsandHighs: uh... no, I think he's in a hotel a few blocks away... why?

Cigarsplz: you're a little screwed over, amigo, when he wakes up and sees what you did? *shakes head

HockeyRageEh?: +_+ I'll get on a plane and come save you...

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Cigarsplz: Well then.

TulipsandHighs: Well then, indeed, my good Cuban friend. I now have a cute Canadian coming to my house to save me from his brother... Matt still takes part in weed, doesn't he...? :D

Cigarsplz: 0.o I hate you right now

TulipsandHighs: I shall reiterate, means to an end, my friend, means to an end.

Huh, haven't updated this in a while. My style has changed somewhat, so I apologize if it's not up to par with my previous stuff...

anyways, REVIEW!

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