It was raining outside in the human world the rain clashed oddly with the joy that hung thick in the tiny room. I could have choked on it. The joy would be short lived though the thought almost made me smile, almost. I crouched at the foot of the hospital bed, watching, always watching but never being seen

"Come on beth, push!" the nurse coaxed a smile lighting up her old face almost making her look young again. She acted as though she had never helped birth a baby before. She feed off the happiness that always seemed to cling to new mothers, she thriven upon, like a let out a pained scream, tears dripping down her scrunched up face, mixed with her sweat and pain. Brian, her husband, squeezed her hand and whispered sweet words to her, he took a peek between her legs to see the head crowning, He smiled so wide it seemed that his jaw might crack, I wanted him to savour this moment because soon all the happiness would come to an end. A ear drum shattering cry broke through the room and for a second everything stopped, I drank in all the bright and shining faces, all but one.

"Its a boy!" the nurse announced, proudly. I wanted to choke her. The pride didn't belong to her. I hoped that whole human race wasn't like this leech of a woman, clinging to others emotions, never allowing herself to feel her own emotions. Oh, how I loathed looked like he was about to explode with joy.

"Baby, we did it!" He squeezed her hand and let his tears flow freely now. " We did it," He looked down at his new born child his eyes were shining with a light that no thousands of words could ever describe. No one knew that Bethany had stopped breathing, no one but me. "He has your eyes," Brian told his dead wife. She didn't respond of course. She looked like she was sleeping. One of the nurses Cradled the crying baby in her arms, cooing to him while the other nurse checked Bethany's pulse, she felt nothing. The child was momentarily forgotten. Oh, how I would have loved to stay and watch the chaos spread like wild fire, but I couldn't stay long, hell I shouldn't even be here." I looked down at the baby, ugly little thing, then again all humans were. The baby looked in my direction and cried louder thrashing violently. I wondered for a split second if he could see me...? I smiled to myself this child had a gift. Death. It would follow him where ever he went, he was plagued with it, and then without really thinking I bent down and kissed his little forehead. The kiss of death. I watched his eyes flash from red back to black, I could see his name and numbers above his head, I knew his name before his parents even did. Beyond Birthday. an odd sort of name but it fit him. outside a bolt of lightning struck close to the close. It was my signal to leave. I jumped out the unopened window. Time to go home. I flew home, with little Beyond's cries ringing in my ears.

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