"How did you do that?" Dr. Heither repeated, awestruck, her eyes were practically bulging out of her skull, she looked like some type of fish. Beyond smiled to himself.

"Everybody has a set of numbers above their head in red just below their name; yours reads Abigail Marie Heither, a horribly plain name if you ask me, and as for your numbers, well I don't think I'll share those to you, knowing the day you will die seems to unnerve a lot of people." A sick smile crept across his lips "Prisoner 084562 or Darren Chase, was destined to die today, his numbers told me this. That's how I know." Beyond picked a fine white hair off of his shirt and frowned at it as he flicked it away. "Do you have cats, Abby? Your coat has quite a lot of fur on it," Heither touched her coat self consciously, she did have cats, five of them to be exact, Abigail Heither was a very lonely woman and from the smile playing across his lips as if to mock her, Beyond knew just how lonely she was.

Heither cleared her throat uncomfortably and changed the subject back to the numbers. "How can you see them?"

Beyond's voice was sharp now, inpatient. "Do you want to hear a story or not?" Heither swallowed a rather large lump that rose in her throat, she was torn between no and yes, no because Beyond Birthday was a manipulative sociopath and she didn't want to get dragged into his mind games. Yes because it was her job and she was just a little bit curious. She smoothed wrinkles in her coat and shuffled the already neatly stacked papers on her desk and then fixed her hair. Beyond hated people like that. Come to think of it there wasn't a type of person Beyond didn't hate. At least he dished out his bitter hatred equally. Heither set her notebook down on her lap and nodded rubbing her temples. She didn't particularly like what she did for a living, but the pay was good and she needed to keep up with her cats veterinary bills.

"My father committed suicide when I was six, I'm sure your chart tells you that, correct?" Heither nodded. Beyond shuddered softly. "But the thirteen years following that it was almost as if I didn't exist, no records no files, nothing up until my capture and arrest for the murders?" Heither shivered she hated the way he said it, like he cared nothing of the people he maimed and killed and the families he tore apart. He probably didn't. "Don't you want to know what happened?" Beyond's eyes where boring holes into her. He wanted to tell the story just as much as she wanted to hear it. Heither picked the notebook off of her lap and plucked a red ball point pen out of her hair. "Off the record Abby." Beyond said harshly. Heither flinched and dropped the pen and pad on the desk beside her. She was more afraid of Beyond Birthday then she would have cared to admit, she had good reason to be, she had seen the pictures of what had become of Quarter Queen and what he had done to himself scared her more than anything else, she studied the long twisting scars that curled around his face, cutting across his eye which had become milky and swollen over the past year. What would ever drive someone to set themselves on fire? She needed to know.

"It was cold, Winter I think or shortly before it." He began. "A man, Watari, he said his name was but the one above his head read Quillish Whammy. He said he was going to take me somewhere for children that were like me…" Quillish held the car door open. I hopped out. I didn't like his car, it reminded me to much of a hearse. I squinted my eyes and put a hand up to shield them from the sun. I hated Winter, everything about it, it was too white, too bright, too pure, it gave me migraines. Quillish put his hand on my shoulder and lead me to the building. I stared in shock. It was amazing! It looked like a castle more than it did an orphanage. Quillish again opened the door for me. I braced myself, ready for the hoard of screaming, snot nosed brats. A handful of children sat quietly playing with white puzzles arubix cubes, Sudoku and cross-word puzzles. My jaw dropped slightly. Quillish cleared his throat and they all turned to stare at him with unblinking eyes, I cringe and tug on Quillish's sleeve he pats my shoulder reassuringly.

"Children this is, B, he will be staying with us from now on," They all fixed their cold dead eyes on me I resisted the urge to hide behind Quillish. After about a minute that seemed like it would never end they turned their attention back to their puzzles. Quillish lead me to a small child in a corner rocking himself back and forth biting his fingers until they bled He hid behind a mass of curly brown hair . "A," he said gently as if he didn't want to startle the boy. Alex Quinn his name read, he only had six years left. Alex jerked and stared up at Quillish with frightened eyes. I wanted to kick him. "B, will be your new roommate," I raised my had to wave, Alex flinched I let my hand drop, sighing." please show him to your room." A nodded once and stood up and started down the hallway. I stared after him for a long moment and followed slinging my backpack over my shoulder. He walked briskly I had to jog to keep up with him. A stopped at the last door to the left and opened the door, he held it open for me and stared down at the ground. I walked past him.

"The one on the right is m-mine," he stuttered softly. I put my bag on the dresser to the left side of the room and unpacked a week's worth of clothes, all black and put them away in the top drawer. Alex was biting his fingers again.

"That's a bad habit," I call to him as he starts biting his fingers again. He was curled up on his bed twitching and fidgeting, mumbling something under his breath. I paused. Was he doing math problems? I pulled my beat up teddy out of the bottom of my bag and held him close to my chest and flopped down on my bed it creaked. I frowned and stared up at the grey ceiling, there was a lot of grey in this room; the carpet, the walls, the bed sheets. Well at least it wasn't white.