One night, as they tried to pick a date for their wedding, Amy Derris and Sheldon Cooper had a fight. Well, it wasn't really a fight. Amy yelled and Sheldon went into his room. As he sat on his bed, his hands over his ears, Sheldon wished he had never met Amy.

When he woke up the next morning, this was his life.


When he woke up, everything seemed normal. When Sheldon opened the dresser drawers (Amy put her clothes in one half, and he had clothes in the other) he noticed that Amy had a lot of new clothes. He had never seen this pink shirt, or the sparkly red top. It bothered him. And when he got into the kitchen, he nearly fell over.

The refrigerator was red.

There was one big pink couch in the main area.

All his action figures were gone.

"Leonard! Leonard!" Sheldon began to panic and ran around the room. "Leonard!"

"What?" Leonard entered from the hall.

"Why is our apartment like…this?"

"Our apartment?" I moved across the hall six months ago. Your wife changed all this."

"My wife? Amy would never do this. She hates pink!"

"Amy?" Leonard looked confused. "Who the hell in Amy? Your wife's name is-?" He was cut off by the ding of the elevator. Two men got off. One had a giant afro and another wore an orange robe and had a shaved head.

"Howard? Raj?" Sheldon nearly fell over. In addition to the afro, Howard had a Mario mustache. Sheldon recognized the costume Raj wore as Hare Krishna garb.

"Look who I found at the airport!" Howard said.

"Hey, Raj, how's your wife?" Leonard asked. Raj then began to chant and hit the tambourine he had in his hand.

"Raj is married?" Sheldon asked.

The elevator dinged again and a woman got off. She had a baby carrier. "Shelly, you're up early," she said.

"Why is Ramona here?" Sheldon asked Leonard.

"She's your wife…," Leonard said slowly. "And that is your son, Harry." Sheldon looked at the baby and ran into his apartment. What the hell. Why is this my life? He thought as he locked the door. "Amy? Amy?" he ran around. Something clattered in the bathroom. "Amy?"

It wasn't Amy.

It was Leonard Nimoy.

"Leonard Nimoy?" he breathed. "Why are you here?"

"I am here to explain what is going on."


Note: Yes, is an AU crack-fic. Next chapter you find out what happened to Penny, why Howard looks the way he does and so much more.