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*The Clandestine Affairs*

*Chapter One: Calling*

Clary pulled her hair from the loose ponytail she'd made earlier, letting the long, red tendrils escape. Sweat dripped from her face and onto the black tank top she wore. She squatted down, her breathing coming out in short, shallow gasps as she tried to catch her breath. A shadow passed over her body and she looked up to see a familiar face hovering above her.

"Oh, hey Simon." Clary stood and balanced on the balls of her feet, wincing as the cramps in her stomach came back.

"Hey . . ." Simon paused. "I can't believe you won that race!" Simon handed her a bottle filled with cold water.

Clary rolled her eyes. "Thanks for having such confidence in me. It's really encouraging, you know." She grabbed the bottle and took a long swig from it. Deciding she needed some over her body, she poured it on her head.

"It's what I do." Simon watched the other girls finish the race — some jogging, others walking, and several even crawling. Simon raised his brows, and looked back at Clary.

"How did you win this race by a mile again?" Simon asked.

"Not by a mile, smart one. It was more like a few seconds."

"Oh yeah? Then how come, on my phone, it says that you did?" Simon pulled out his phone and showed it to Clary.

She peered at the tiny screen. "That's because you texted my mom telling her I won by a mile. I can't believe . . ." Clary trailed off, shaking her head.

"What? I had to tell your mom the good news."

"No, it's just . . ." Clary tried to stifle her laugh. "I can't believe you have my mom's phone number!"

"What? It's not a crime," he grumbled.

Clary couldn't hold back her laughter this time. She playfully punched Simon on his arm, eliciting a groan from him again. Simon started to laugh then, putting an arm around his best friend.

"Next time, I'm kidnapping you from whichever camp you went to for the entire summer. It's not fair to keep best friends away from each other for three whole months. In fact, I don't even think it's legal."

"Fine, fine." Clary playfully shoved him. "I'm going to take a shower so I'll be back in a few, okay? I'll meet you by the bus stop."

"Yeah, you do smell." He wrinkled his nose.

Clary punched him again and laughed. "Shut up," she said, before both of them parted their own ways.


Clary stopped at her locker before making her way to the shower stalls. The locker was cramped with gym shorts, shirts, socks, and shoes. On top of her shorts was a bag. Furrowing her brows, she pulled out it. Clary shook the contents out of the bag, coming out with a cream colored elastic tie back tee, a white lace skirt, taupe leather ballet flats, and a note . . . from Jocelyn.


I bought these clothes for you for a special occasion tonight. Don't worry, it's with Luke, but it's in a fancy hotel so I thought this would be perfect for you.

I'll see you at home.

Love you,


Clary remembered her mom telling her this morning about the dinner tonight. Jocelyn had said something about "good news coming her way", but Clary suspected it didn't have anything to do with going to Europe. Her mom would never allow her to go anywhere — even for school field trips. Although she knew her mom was protecting her from whatever Jocelyn thought was out there, but honestly, she was being too protective.

Shaking her thoughts away, Clary scooped up her clothes and shoes, and went to take a cold shower.

A few minutes later, she came out — her bright-red hair dripping down her new shirt. She made her way to the long, rectangular mirror on the wall and proceeded to tame the wild tangles.

When finished, she picked up her bag and left the bathroom, glancing back once to make sure she looked decent.


Clary walked in the direction of the bus stop near her school track field. She soon reached the bus stop, spying Simon sitting on the curb of the sidewalk. Clary went to sit down beside him.

Simon turned to his friend with a smile. "Hey Cla— Whoa."

"I know," Clary agreed. "It's my mom. We have to go to this fancy hotel with Luke for dinner. Hence, this." She pointed to her outfit.

Simon nodded, understanding. "It looks good on you. Much better than those shorts you were wearing."

Clary gaped then punched him playfully. "Liar."

They burst into a fit of laughter. A few people passed them, giving them strange looks. While some walked alone, others sauntered by young children trotting along beside.

"Speaking of . . ." said Simon, breaking through the silence, "you never told me what you did at camp. Did you play poker? Pull pranks on the camp counselors? Or drool over the cute guys?"

Clary gasped in mock surprise. "How did you know?"

"I've been to plenty of camps, Fray. I know what goes on there."

"You drool over half-naked guys?" Clary raised her brows.

"Nah, girls," he said nonchalantly.

Clary's mouth dropped open.

"Kidding, just kidding, Clary . . . You didn't really think that happened, did you?"

Clary tried to stifle her giggle. "I don't know, Simon. Maybe—"

The sharp buzz of her phone cut her off. She held up one finger and picked up the phone that sat beside her on the asphalt, peering at the screen. Heart pounding, she opened the text and quickly glanced at it before shoving it back in her pocket. They need me.

A small smile flickered across Clary's lips. She turned back to her best friend, and opened her mouth to speak when his phone buzzed as well.

"One sec," he muttered before looking at the screen. "Gotta take this one." He pulled the phone up to his ear.

Clary noticed his brows furrow in confusion, then he nodded, before putting his phone away.

"Who was that?" Clary asked, quirking her eyebrows.

Simon stared out at the empty space in front of him, purposely avoiding eye contact with Clary. His forehead creased with worry. She could see tiny iridescent particles floating across his face as if not having a care in the world — which they probably didn't since they were particles. "Just . . . someone," he mumbled.

Clary could tell from his posture that he wouldn't allow anymore questions about the phone call.

Suddenly remembering the text message she'd gotten earlier, Clary abruptly stood up. She had to get to the place . . . as soon as possible.

"Clary?" Simon looked up at her with a confused expression.

"Sorry, Simon. My mom's waiting and I don't want to be late."

Simon's face fell. "Oh, okay. I'll see you soon?"

Clary flashed a grin at him. "Of course. We definitely need to hang out and play Dungeons and Dragons."

His eyes widened. "Really?" Simon stood up and gave his best friend a bear hug. "Be ready to get pummeled!"

Clary laughed. "In your dreams!"

Clary's phone buzzed again. "Crap. I really have to go. See you later, Simon!"


With that, Clary started running toward a pathway in the woods near the school. The brush of warm, humid air stung her eyes. Her wet hair billowed about her face, concealing the way toward her destination.

She wondered why they were calling her in the middle of July. Usually, Shadowhunter Academy — better known as Camp Angel Blood for parents and other mundanes — didn't call their "special" Shadowhunter teens unless something was very, very wrong. And, just to set Clary even more on edge, her intuition agreed with her reasoning. Something certainly was wrong. Terribly wrong.


Clary soon reached the pond that had become very familiar to her in the last few years. The sun was slowly setting behind the horizon, creating an atmosphere of buttery warm light. The wind, barely noticeable now, still rustled her hair once in a while.

Stepping up to the pond, Clary saw her reflection wavering in the tiny wavelets. She remembered the first time she was shown the pond. At first, she thought it was a joke — there couldn't be a building underneath the pond. That was completely ludicrous. The water was an ugly murky yellow shade tinted with green debris floating around on the surface. Closing her eyes, Clary tried to remember the words she was supposed to say in order to get to the Academy.

I am Clary Fray, one of the Nephilim, and I ask entrance to the Academy—

Everything around her was suddenly still. The muted chirping of the birds was gone, the wind that gently caressed her face stopped, and the few people that were strolling behind her also vanished. When Clary looked at the pond, it was as still as if a layer of ice covered it, trapping the underwater creatures beneath.

Clary tentatively stepped onto the water, wishing fervently the phrase worked — even though she could have just pressed the palm of her hand against the water, and cleared her thoughts to enter the Academy. But she liked it better this way since it was fun to walk on water rather than sinking in it. Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts that were starting to swirl in her mind, Clary looked down. A smile stretched across her face. She was standing on the water. Her flats weren't soaked — which she was grateful for because she didn't want to explain this to Jocelyn, especially since the Shadowhunter Academy was top secret.

Clearing all the thoughts from her mind, Clary set out to walk to the middle of the pond. She liked the feel of the water swaying slightly beneath her feet. When she reached the center, she paused, trying to recall the next step. With anguish, she remembered. This was the only part she didn't like about this way to the Academy.

Clary slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath before feeling an instant pull of gravity. When she hit something hard, she gasped as the air whooshed out of her. A dull pain started at her side. She rolled onto her back and slowly stood up, rubbing her injured arm.

The place around her was just as she remembered. On one side, thick vines cascaded down from the ceiling, twisting around one another in a tight weave, creating a curtain which hid the entrance to the Seelie Court. Whereas on her left stood an ordinary brown, wood door, covering access to the Academy. It was plain enough that not even a mundane — should one ever be brought down there — would notice it.

"Welcome back." She heard a male voice come up from behind her, interrupting her inspection.

Clary jumped and turned to find Meliorn looking at her. A smile played across his lips. He stepped closer to Clary, making her automatically move back.

"Thanks." She offered him a small smile. "I actually have to get to the Academy – it's urgent, but it's nice seeing you again."

"Oh." His beautiful face fell a little. "I missed you."

Clary's breath caught. She never thought Meliorn would ever say that since their breakup. But here he was, as beautiful as a faerie could be, telling her he missed her. Damn it. Clary knew she shouldn't have dated him, but somehow, he'd lured her in and . . . it all was downhill from there. Nobody knew about them dating, Clary had made sure of that. But she didn't want anything to start again. Those feelings she had for him were long again. She now thought of him as nothing more than a friend. Unfortunately for her, he didn't get the hint.

Clary allowed a little annoyance to seep in her voice. "Meliorn, I've missed you too. But can we talk later? I've really got to go—"

He held his hands up in surrender. "Okay, later."

Without waiting for him to speak any further, Clary fled from the place. She quickly pressed her palm to the door. It gave a satisfactory beep before it swung wide open.

"Ah, Clary." She heard from her left side as she walked in.

She turned to find a sparkling Magnus standing a few feet away from her. He hadn't changed one bit. Pink and gold glitter covered almost every inch of exposed skin. He wore jeans and a pink button up shirt with multiple buckles. He looked at Clary with a steady smile.

"We've missed you around here."

Clary nodded, smiling. "I've missed it, too. Haven't been here in a few years. I'm surprised I still remembered the phrase to get me in."

Clary recollected the thoughts of when she first stumbled upon this place by accident. Actually, it wasn't exactly an "accident". Her mother, Jocelyn, wanted Clary to join a camp — for something to do during summer, she'd said. Jocelyn signed Clary up for Camp Angel Blood thinking it was a miscellaneous camp. Clary couldn't blame her — the camp said it had everything . . . from painting to hiking to summer school. Instead, Clary was in for a shock.

The first day she had karate lessons, she kicked ass, leaving everybody completely breathless and bruised. The next day she went on to level two, then three . . . and pretty soon, she was known as the best at karate.

It was a few weeks later that they told her she was officially in the Shadowhunter Academy. An exclusive place where only skilled teens were allowed and were given real save-the-world type missions.

The "teachers" at the Academy told her she'd get a chance to go out and do something good for the world, but it would take some time. They would contact her after she had her full training to get her mission. At first, Clary thought that was bull. Really, "do something good for the world" was the cheesiest thing she'd heard in her life — until she knew they weren't kidding around. This was the real deal. And—

"That's your Angel blood kicking in again. Now come, we've got to meet the Boss about this urgent matter." Magnus' voice interrupted her thoughts.

He motioned her to follow with a wave of his hand.

Clary matched his pace easily. She noticed a few things had changed around the Academy. For one thing, rows and rows of computers were set up everywhere, with magical beings sitting in front of them. Clary suspected most were Shadowhunters, but others could have been Warlocks — like Magnus — Werewolves, and even vampires. All kinds of species were welcomed at the Academy, even though most of the world didn't even know they existed.

The Academy contained a myriad of rooms. Some Clary passed were for "newbies" — as the elders like to call them. The "newbies" learned how to handle seraph blades, swords, daggers, and even steles. Clary remembered all too well how her first day had gone. She was bruised everywhere, even bleeding in some places. She had thought it would only get better from there, but to her dismay, it didn't. When she'd passed the first stage, Handling Weapons, she moved on to the next — Demon Hunting.

The name itself had sent a shudder through her body. Though she had been assured the demons they were supposed to hunt and kill during training weren't as gruesome as the ones in real life, she still didn't feel comfortable with them. Nevertheless, Clary kept trying. She wanted to impress the Boss – that's what people called him. Despite the fact she'd never met the Boss, except to welcome her into the Academy, she knew all the news about newbies went to him. About how they reacted to each other, and about how well they were handling the tough situations they were put into sometimes.

"Finally here," Magnus announced.

Clary glanced around to find herself in a giant room. The sofas were pushed against the wall. Pictures of Angels and Demons fighting — but the Angel winning at the end in every fight — were put up on the wall. A huge chandelier hung in the middle of a room, creating an opalescent atmosphere. There was also a long, and incredibly huge wooden table with someone sitting on a chair beside it.

With sudden realization, she realized it was the Boss. Stephen Herondale. His blond head hung, looking at something in front of him.

Magnus cleared his throat. "Agent Fray is here."

Stephen's head snapped up. An easy-going smile lit up his face. "Agent Fray. We've been expecting you. Come, sit." He motioned to the seats in front of him.

Clary cautiously made her way over and sat down, actually feeling happy she'd dressed formally since the Boss was wearing an elegant white suit.

Stephen opened his mouth to speak when Magnus interrupted.

"Beg your pardon, Boss. But, am I the bellboy now?"

Stephen looked at Magnus, furrowing his brows. "No, Agent Bane. Why would you say that?"

"Well, for the past year or so, all I've been doing is bringing Agents to you."

Boss' voice grew sharp. "You know you'll get your chance soon, Agent."

Magnus nodded, a grin spreading across his face. "Just making sure." With that, he strolled out of the room.

Stephen rubbed his temples in frustration, sighing. Then, slowly he looked at Clary.

"I had Magnus call you here," he started without a preamble.

Clary nodded then held up her phone for evidence. She traced the last few words on the screen which read: C'mon Clary-ary-ary. Love, Magnus.

Stephen chuckled. "Magnus will always be Magnus. Anyway, I haven't invited you here for a friendly visit. We have some important matters to discuss. First, Valentine has finally come back. We've been waiting for him for almost a decade now, but he's back. And we have a feeling something terrible is coming our way soon."

Clary swallowed hard, then bobbed her head.

"The only information I have collected is very little. All we know is that he is traveling to the seven most magic heavy places in the world, and is planning to capture three of the most powerful demons and supernatural creatures there. He has already hit three of the seven and has nine (beings) in his possession."

Clary raised her hand hesitantly.

"You don't need to raise your hand." Stephen smiled. "But, yes?"

"How do you know all this?"

Stephen hesitated for a second before answering. "We have a spy working with Valentine. But I think Valentine is a little suspicious of him, which is why he hasn't been discussing this with him anymore."

"What happens when Valentine knows for sure that he's a spy?"

Stephen's voice was grave, his face clean of expression. "He will die."

Clary didn't know what to say, so she stayed quiet.

"Anyhow, let's not think about that right now. The board of Shadowhunter Academy and I have decided it's time to let your generation try to fix this problem. I know it's very risky, but I don't think Valentine will pay as much attention to teen agents as he did with the adult ones."

He shuffled a few papers on his desk. "You will be getting a partner in this, of course. You will fight side by side, and hopefully bring Valentine down."

"But . . . why me? I'm just a regular old—"

"Agent Fray, you're one of the best female Shadowhunters I've ever seen. You and your partner will be the perfect compliments to each other."

Clary waited for the Boss to tell her who her partner was, but he didn't.

"Is . . . um, my partner . . . here yet?"

Stephen shook his head. "Not yet. He'll be here in a few minutes. But, let me warn you, he has a bit of an attitude." He?

"Oh, um, that's okay. I think I'll be able to handle it."

"Good, because . . ." He checked his watch then looked back up. "Jace is here."

"Wait, you mean Jace? As in the Jace? Jace Wayland?"

"Would there be any other Jace's around here?"

Clary opened her mouth to speak when she heard a voice.

"Boss, Jace is here." A voice called from behind her.

Clary swiveled in her chair, her eyes landing on a tall, lean boy dressed completely in black, with a mess of blond curls, and the most fascinating tawny eyes she'd ever seen. She noticed the cool glare of appraisal and the quickness of his fury plain across his face.

Only one thought flitted across her mind, but it wasn't at all what she'd expected it to be: He is beautiful.

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