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I really hope I'm sure about what I am doing. I don't even know if they still live there. It has been 100 years since Edward and his family left me. 2 years after I was in the woods surrounding my two-story house with Charlie when Victoria came for me. She wanted Edward to feel the pain she felt when he killed her mate James, when I told her about the current situation between the Cullens and me she decided not to kill me but to change me, I honestly don't know which I would rather.

As I fly down the highway toward their beautiful mansion I can't help but wonder what their reaction will be, if they are there at all. It would truly be a miracle if they were. They could be a pile of ashes for all I know. I don't believe that though I know Edward is alive I think I would feel it if he weren't. The main reason I am going through all the trouble is because 28 years after they left I figured out he left me because he wanted me to be safe. I know this because when I was human he said he loved me more because he could leave me if it were best for me, so when he left he thought he was protecting me. As I near the driveway my hands tighten on the wheel and I'm more nervous then I have been I years. Then I sniff the air and by some miracle of god they are home, living in forks. I am still nervous though what if I was wrong about what Edward thought? What if he really did want me to stay away from him and his family, maybe they all hated me now. I wonder if I should knock or walk in as I walk up the steps. Knocking would be better I suppose in case they don't want me. If so I would jump in my mustang and drive, all the way to the volturi because I don't want to live if he doesn't want me. Well to late for those thoughts now, I raise my cold white hand and make three loud rasps against the front door, I feel regret a i hear the light footsteps get closer to me, to i really want to see him again? Well it is to late now.

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