Author's note: Hey guys! This is my first Twilight related fanfic, so feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes. This story revolves around Jacob Black and his relationship with an OC, Ina (Ee-nuh). She's a feisty one, so let's see how this plays out. ;) If you feel like reviewing, please do so! If not, well enjoy anyway. :) Thanks for reading!

I groaned as I looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It took all my energy to disconnect my butt from the couch and place my laptop aside in order to get ready for work.

Ah, Willy Nilly's. Good food, good people (most of the time), and a good amount of back ache. "Honey aren't you going to get ready for work? It's 4:45!" my mother yelled from the kitchen. "Yes Mom," I replied, "It takes five minutes to get dressed and five minutes to get there, it's not like I'm going to be late."

"You always procrastinate until the last minute!"

"Guess it runs in the family," I said, smiling because of her numerous failed attempts at being early, just like me. I heard her snort as I walked to my bedroom to get dressed.

The drive there was pleasant enough, with the windows down and music blaring as I drove through the small town. La Push really is a good place to live. It's safe, it's comfortable, and it has a lot of history behind it. The only problem is, like all small towns, it also happens to be incredibly boring at times. And everyone knows everybody, so there's no such thing as privacy. And sometimes sanity, I thought as I pulled into an empty parking spot at the diner. I thumped my head against the steering wheel in disbelief at how much fun tonight's shift was going to be, considering the cars of La Push's very own "gang" we parked haphazardly about the lot. I used to be best friends with the "gang" until they got all weird and…teenage boy-ish. I took a deep breath before yanking my hair in front of my eyes in an attempt to go incognito and opened the door.

"Hey there beautiful, or should I say booty-full?"

Incognito failed. The lads laughed heartily at their leader's joke while I glared at them.

"Would you like your usual, Paul, or extra saliva with that burger?" I snapped. He held up his hands in defense and grinned. I rolled my eyes and walked by, yipping loudly when he smacked me on the behind, which most definitely earned him a black eye. His cronies laughed even harder at this, but they should have been used to it by now. Paul's wandering hands had made my hands also wander and 'accidentally' break his nose once before. You would think he would have learned by now.

"Relax, girl!" my coworker Natalie giggled. She flitted over to Paul's lap, placing a cold rag on his bruised eye. He soon forgot about me, thankfully, while Natalie attended to his group of tards. I tied on my frilly pink apron and rolled my sleeves up, waving at Jim, the older cook, before slapping a few massive burgers on the grill.

"You need me to take care of them?" he grunted, nodding in the guys' direction and peering at me out of his good eye. I laughed and shook my head and he frowned. "Them boys don't know nothing about how to treat a lady," he growled. "Where I come from—"

"We know you're a gentleman, Jim," I said, patting him on the shoulder. He grunted and eyed the boys for a bit longer before returning to work. I barely held in my snort when one of the guys looked over and Jim held up his cleaver threateningly. Rumor has it he used to be in prison, but no one knows for sure. All we know is that he is one hardcore (but sweet) old dude.

Work was actually quiet for the most part. Natalie and Nilly, the diner's owner (yes that is actually her name) attended to customers while I just threw things on the grill for them. Just another day in La Push, it seemed. When it was finally time to close I wiped my sweaty forehead and shut off the grill, leaving it for Jim to clean up so I could help Natalie do the lobby area. Unfortunately Paul and the rest of his friends were still being wastes of space, so that meant I basically had to do everything myself since Natalie did more flirting than cleaning. I grabbed some gloves and the bucket of cleaning supplies and headed to the bathrooms, since Nat was too much of a priss to do much of anything remotely "dirty." I didn't particularly enjoy cleaning urine off of toilets, but someone had to do it. Paul's group whistled and howled as I walked by in my fluorescent yellow gloves, and I had to restrain myself from squirting bleach into their eyes. I smiled, fantasizing about the screams they would emit if that happened. No, I'm not really a violent person.

I chuckled to myself and kicked the bathroom door open, pausing when I noticed a tinkling sound and a pair of black jeans at the urinal.

"Oh," I whispered, eyes widened, face burning. A pair of surprised brown eyes met mine and suddenly I felt dizzy. Everything slowed down around me for a few milliseconds, and I could hear nothing but the rapid beating of my heart. The guy stared at me, shock and some other indecipherable cloud of emotion present on his tanned face. The sound of a zipper brought me out of my daze and I stumbled into an apology. "Uh, um excuse me I didn't mean to—" BAM! Whoops, didn't notice that hunk of wood coming to kick me back in the face in my shocked stupor. I cursed as blood starting pouring out of my nose and onto the floor. I dropped the cleaning supplies and tried to unroll some of the paper towels to help block it, but a large hand suddenly wrapped itself around my face, cushioned by toilet paper. I gasped and backed against the wall, trying to avoid suffocating completely but the hand persisted. I looked up and realized it was the guy that had a few seconds ago been peeing.

"Get your penis hands off of my face!" I screamed, smacking his hand away. I ended up just making his hand bump against my nose and I shouted in pain. "I-I'm sorry!" he said, still trying to stuff toilet paper up my nose. I pushed him away, which was kind of hard to do in the tiny hallway that led to the bathrooms, and took a few hurried steps forward before falling flat on my face. The world went dark for a few moments and when I woke up several worried faces surrounded my head. A hand was gently pinching my nose and Nilly was pressing a cold rag up against my cheek. "You doing okay honey? Should we take you to the hospital?" she asked, the worry lines wrinkling her forehead. I tried to shake my head but it was held firm between something fleshy. It took a moment for me to realize that I was leaned up against a hard chest, my forehead resting on what I supposed to be a neck. I jumped and tried to squirm away but a stabbing pain in my head and an arm wrapped around my waist prevented me from getting far.

"Don't move sweetie," a low voice whispered in my ear. I squinted against the light, dark hair tickling my face. Whoever it was felt extremely warm, and kinda made me feel sleepy. I closed my eyes for a brief moment when I was suddenly jolted awake by a smack to my arm. "Paul!" a few voices hissed and he chuckled. "She shouldn't go to sleep right? Isn't it bad for someone who got knocked out to go to sleep again or something like that?" he reasoned, a sick, twisted smile cracking across his stupid face. "You're stupid." I glared at him and he took out his phone.

"What are y—" click.

"Just in case you try to hit me again," he laughed, showing me the picture. I looked horrible, my hair a mess and my skin oily from sweat and grease, not to mention I had bloody toilet paper stuffed up my bruised nose like some kind of nose-pon. I looked up at him. "Go ahead," I snarled, "see what happens." He merely grinned that stupid annoying grin he has and flipped his phone shut, sticking it back in his pocket and patting the lump. A growl erupted from behind me and my pillow's leg kicked Paul in the shin.

"Yeah, what he said," I grumbled.

"What the hell Jake?" Paul growled. His voice shook with anger, but even with that added effect his voice didn't reach the timbre of the growl behind me. Jake, I suppose his name was, wrapped his arm tighter around my waist and I coughed weakly. "Can I just go home now?" I asked.

"Sure honey, let me just call your mom so she can pick you up," Nilly said, getting up to get the telephone.

"I'm fine I can drive!" I argued. The guys laughed.

"You crazy girl you just cracked your skull open on the cement, you can't drive!" Jared laughed, punching Paul playfully. Ah Jared, always the jokester. "You know I still haven't forgotten about that time you stuck gum in my hair in fifth grade," I growled, giving him a deadly glare. He gulped and backed behind Paul a little bit. I smirked.

"He's right dear, you may have a concussion. Are you sure you don't want us to call an ambulance?" Nilly asked, biting her lip. "I can take her home," the voice, er, Jake said. The other guys ooo-ed and made kissy noises.

"I'm fine," I grumbled. I somehow managed to unwrap the iron arm from around my waist and stood up, swaying a bit as the blood pounded against my head. Paul held on to my arm to keep me steady, and I was surprised to see he actually looked worried. "Let Jake take you home and we'll follow, kay?" he said. I shook my head and instantly regretted it.

"Why are you so stubborn, Ina?" Natalie pouted, "You'll have a car full of hot guys waiting on you!"

"Right!" Jared agreed. Jake growled again. I looked behind me and realized that he was the one I had walked in on in the bathroom. I groaned and put my head on Paul's shoulder. "Whoa, uh, you okay babe? I mean, not that I don't like you laying on me, hey you could do it anytime you wanted—"

"Paul shut up. Just take me home. My head hurts. And you're making it worse."

He chuckled and patted my back. "Here let me," Jake interjected, pulling on my arm in an attempt to make me lean on him. I gripped tighter onto Paul's shirt and glared at him.

"You know, I don't remember hearing the sink running before you gallantly tried to suffocate me with toilet paper," I grumbled. He rolled his eyes and walked into the bathroom, and I heard the sink running. He held the door open with his foot and showed me his wet, soapy hands, then rinsed and dried them.

"There, now will you go with me?" he pleaded. I cocked an eyebrow at him and thought for a moment. To go with Paul, who might just rape me, or this Jake guy I know only because I walked in on him peeing, but seems nice enough…Paul chose that moment to run his creepy hand down my arm and I flinched. "Sure…why not," I mumbled. He wrapped his arm around my waist again and told me he wouldn't let me fall, to which I rolled my eyes. Soon Nilly was hustling us out of the diner and telling me not to worry about the rest, that she would clean it and that I have the next few days off. I groaned but she heard none of it.

Rain splattered against the asphalt, causing a slight fog around the diner and on the road. Jake threw his jacket over our heads and Paul led us to my car, which happened to be parked as far as possible from their vehicles. Kudos to me for making them get soaked! "Keys?" Jake asked. I fished them out of my pocket with some difficulty and handed them to him. He opened my door first and eased me inside, wrapping his jacket around me.

"Start it and turn the heat on," he ordered, noticing my shivering. I nodded and did as I was told. What? I was cold and you can't refuse a sexy wet guy. Wait, when did he become sexy? I argued with myself. I looked outside my window to see him talking to Paul, getting directions to my house I presumed. His shirt was soaked and sticking to his skin, which seemed to emit its own fog from his heat. Paul said something and Jake punched him in the arm, making Paul laugh hysterically. I rolled my eyes and continued to watch Jake for a bit longer. It was weird. Other than being grossed out by his non-handwashing and then touching my face, I didn't feel any anger towards him even though he was friends with Paul. In fact, I felt sort of drawn toward him. He seemed to notice me staring at him and looked at me, smiling gently. Unfortunately Paul noticed and started making out with the window. I blushed and rolled my eyes, wrapping Jake's jacket tighter around myself. It smelled…good. Like a mixture between gasoline and forest and outdoors. I sighed and closed my eyes, inhaling deeply and feeling instantly comforted. I realized what I was doing and mentally smacked myself for falling for one of Paul's buddies and snorted in disgust, throwing Jake's jacket into his seat. I'm lonely but not that lonely, I thought. After a few minutes Jake finally opened the door and got in the driver's seat. He didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that he was soaking wet and it was like negative 6 degrees outside. He pulled his face into a cute little half smile and buckled up for safety. I just glared at him and scooted farther away, shivering miserably.

"Your car's heat sucks," he frowned. "If you get close to me you'll probably warm up a little bit." His face seemed hopeful, but I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Considering his size compared to mine, it would not be far at all. "I'm f-fine," I chattered. He frowned again, and for some reason it bothered me. I mentally smacked myself again.

"You sure?"

I searched for a plausible argument. "You're soaked. That would make me even more cold," I grumbled in what I hoped was a hateful voice. Not a 'yes please make me sit next to you' voice. He sighed and put the car in gear before backing out of the parking spot. This might not be so bad, I thought.

How wrong I was. I have never been in a more awkward five minutes in my entire life.

"So…" he said, scratching his head. His hair was all spiky from running his hands through it so much, glistening slightly from the lights of Paul's car behind us. "I'm really sorry you saw—"

"Don't talk about it," I interrupted, my face immediately turning into what I knew was a violent shade of pink.



"I just—"

"Shut. It."

And finally there was silence.

Kids this is what happens when you don't knock on the door.