Yup, I did. Just vanished off the face of the earth.

For shame!

I'm going to take a moment to thank everyone for the reviews, favorites, story follows, and PMs regarding this story. Even if I haven't been actually on this account in years, I still get the emails for notifications and they make me squeal very happily.

Though I've gotta be real with you guys—this story makes me cringe now.

I read back over it, and there are several things about it that are just awkward/wrong/why did I write that.

Despite that, this story is still my pride and joy because it is the only one I've completed fully and it's so damn long I just sigh because I don't have the patience to write like this anymore. I would like to, though, and so I will announce:

I'm planning to rewrite Melt!

Now that I'm a little more experienced and less naïve, I think I could make this story at least a little better. The cheese, guys the cheese. *quietly screams*

I'll only bother if anyone is interested, though. I know my style has changed and if I rewrite it, the story will probably change as well, so I understand if anyone wants to keep it the same way they fell in love with. If you are interested, though, please drop me a message or leave a review here! I will eagerly await your replies.

Thank you, again, and I hope to see you soon!