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I hope you like it. It's literally been six months in the working...hey, if you want to peek, EDWARD AND BELLA ARE MAKING OUT! :O does this mean they're back together? read to find out! oh yeah, and you'll be finding out who the mystery person is quite soon!

"Where is he? He was supposed to be back an hour ago!" If Riley didn't come soon, she would be forced to take her backup back to Seattle with her. He was passed out on the seat of her car by no fault of her own. She always made sure of that.

"He said he would be right behind me." Diego was sitting in the front seat with her. When he came running back when Riley was supposed to, Diego knocked the poor boy out without meaning to. Luckily he had fed before coming here or there may have been a problem with him being inside the car with Riley's backup.

Of course, Diego had no idea who the boy was or what his purpose was. Diego was on the fast track to being destroyed, but after his service to her project tonight he might stay alive. Plus, Bree would certainly be happy that her mate would not be destroyed.

She glanced back at the boy passed out in the seat and sighed at what she was now forced to do. "You, at least, have done well. Riley will have to find his way back if he's still alive." With that, she peeled down the road before the Cullens could catch her trail.

I So Do Not Have a Temper!

Regret slammed inside my head the same moment I slammed myself against Edward. It wasn't right this way; I didn't know why, but it didn't feel right. I pulled away as fast as I could. "Oh my God, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. It was more that I didn't know what else I could do to stop you." I was babbling, but Edward didn't seem to care. He just kept staring. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," he said as he reached for me again.

"No, Edward. Don't—!" Edward's lips cut me off. Tanya obviously has not been giving Edward enough attention. If she had been paying better attention to him, I doubt he would be kissing me. His hands probed around my neck, through my hair, up my arms, and everywhere else imaginable. Lucky for me, he wore a button down shirt so it didn't take much strength or much distraction to rip it open.

Hopefully Alice got everyone out of my bedroom because we are going in there. I pushed, or slammed pretty much, the door open and pulled Edward inside with me.

I don't think my heart has raced this much ever since we were in Volterra. I refused to even pay attention to the fact that we are supposed to be broken up and friends, and that Edward's supposed to be with Tanya right now, or that there was just a fight in my bedroom. The tremors I felt sliding down every inch of my skin felt inexplicably right.

Pretty soon we were making out on my bed like we always did before we broke up. To say that I'm not deliriously happy would be a lie of massive proportions.

Sadly my dizzying happiness was interrupted when Edward pulled away out of nowhere. "Seth was in here?" Oh, no, I am not stopping now. I pulled his collar so he was up against me again, but he broke away again. "Bella, please. Please tell me the truth."

Man! How can I resist him when he sounds so tortured? Plus, he's using the puppy dog eyes. "Fine, Alice and the rest of the gang were picking up Riley in here. We need him alive, though, so I can talk some sense into him."

Edward moved around my room at lightning speed until he reached my clothes hamper where my red shirt was still safely sitting inside. "I already knew that…his thoughts were loud enough when they were pulling him out the window. But, I don't care about that right now."

Does that mean he's thinking about me instead? "Oh, okay! You could come back over here and kiss me again—" I hopped off of my bed to see what he was actually looking at since it seemed to hold some sort of significance.

He was holding another one of my t-shirts in his hand, smelling it. I wasn't kidding when I said those things were gross. They were in the dirty laundry for goodness sake! "No, Bella, what I meant to say was that Riley isn't the biggest threat now that they've caught him."

Alright, now I'm confused. "What do you mean?"

"There was someone else in here besides Riley."

And he's supposed to be the smart one… "Well, yeah…I think it was Emmett, Jasper, Angel, Ava, Alice, and Rosalie too. Alec's been in here quite a bit as well."

Edward dropped my shirt and looked me straight in the eye. Hey, why does he look hurt? "Alec's been in here?"

Is he jealous? Really? If he wasn't being ridiculous, I would jump up and down because he's jealous! If he's jealous that means he still loves me even if he's with Tanya! There's still a huge chance that I can steal him back from her! Okay, I have to play it cool. "Oh, you know, every once in a while when I'm bored or…lonely."

Yep, I went there. Hopefully Alec won't ever hear about this because that would just be awkward. Edward scared me for a second by grabbing my hands. "I thought he and that girl you met on the plane in Italy were together."

Crap it! Crap it! Crap it! "Well…they are…what I meant when I said Alec came over here was that we talk about how we're both lonely sometimes because Britney's not here for Alec yet and well, I'm just sort of…" I am babbling like an idiot and Edward totally caught my bluff.

He smiled his crooked smile at me and started to lean in to kiss me again, but right as his lips brushed mine, my cell phone blared out in my pocket. RA RA AH AH AH! ROMA-ROMAMA! GAGA, OH LA LA! WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE!

"I should get that," I whispered against his lips. How I am able to do that without passing out, I have no idea. I've got tingles running up and down every inch of my skin. Remind me, why did I break up with him?

"Let it go to voicemail." Edward lips came down on mine, silencing all my thoughts of answering my phone. It's nice to know that I've gotten over that whole 'freak out' thing whenever he kisses me, except I still ran my hands through his unruly hair and keep pushing myself closer and closer until he would usually push me away, but he only tugged me closer.

Edward's phone started ringing, but his ringtone was boring. It just sounded like a bunch of bells going off. Edward started to pull away, but I grabbed his collar again and pushed him down on my bed. "Voicemail…" If I can't answer mine, he won't answer his.

Edward pulled away when I absentmindedly started unbuttoning his button down shirt. Well, unbuttoning the buttons that I hadn't previously ripped off. "Bella, we can't."

"I know." That's not going to stop me, Edward. "Shut up and kiss me."

Wow, for once, he actually listened to me.

"Bella…Bella…Bella…Bella… Bella…Bella…Bella…Bella… Bella…Bella…Bella…Bella…" I couldn't tell if it was an actual person whispering my name, or if my subconscious was so filled with people I knew I had to take care of that my brain was starting to melt.

To be honest, I hoped it was the former, just so I could fix whatever current problem commanded my attention. Or, if I was really lucky, I could just be hallucinating and I could keep sleeping for a while longer. But, as I felt a cold hand brush across my cheek, I shot up into a sitting position.

Edward! Both my mind and my mouth shouted. Oh my God, what did we do last night? I couldn't really remember, I was too caught up in happy endorphins! Everything was so foggy…but there's no way I actually did anything last night. I wouldn't do that…okay, I would, but not with everything else going on. I fully expected my first time to be a romantic and beautiful thing…not something I can't even remember!

Edward chuckled at my outburst. "Yes, it would be me. Are you okay?"

No, I am most certainly not okay. I am freaking out! "Yeah, I'm good." Crap it, awkward silence. "So…what exactly happened last night? I don't really remember all that well…I mean, there was kissing and ripping, but I don't know what else…"

Edward shifted nervously in the chair he must have found. "Well, I'm not really sure how to describe it…we…well, we…"

"We what?" I demanded. OH, MY GOD! EDWARD AND I…DID SOMETHING? What happened to the prude I know and love?

"Calm down, Bella. We just kissed. I was just trying to make you nervous." He threw me one of his crooked smiles, but I was not going to take that. I hopped out of bed, and smacked the back of his head before strutting over to my desk where my phone is still sitting from the night before. Something that I actually do remember was that my phone, and Edward's, kept ringing but we both ignored them.

"So, who called you over and over last night?" Edward asked me. Thank God he didn't notice me freeze when I saw who it was. Edward's tone was of casual curiosity, but I was legitimately having a freak out inside. My missed calls list was entirely comprised of Jacob's number, and Jacob is not one to be ignored when something important is happening.

Which only means one thing.

The doorbell rang downstairs. Seriously? What time is it? Oh, God, how long was I asleep? If it's like four in the morning, I will kill Jacob without a second thought. "Bella? What is it? What's wrong?" Ah, so Edward finally noticed my panic.

"I'll be right back." I told him without much emotion. I just was not looking forward to what I thought was about to happen. Or, at least, it happened in the movie! "You know, it might be a good idea if you stayed in here." Please don't come. I don't want to witness the death of Jacob or Edward. I seriously don't know which one would be victorious in a fight. It's a frightening thing to think about.

I flew down the stairs before Edward had a chance to talk me into letting him come with me. Hopefully, he would listen to me since he did such a good job of it last night.

My instinct about Jacob was right, and lucky for him, the sun was already pretty high in the sky. He was also shirtless, which lowered the odds of me killing him exponentially. "Hello, Jacob. What's going on? What did I do this time that warranted such an early visit?"

Jacob was beyond angry. Although he softened a little when he saw it was me opening the door, he was still pretty angry overall. "Your house reeks of vampire and you're actually wondering why I'm here?"

"Well, Jake, my house seems to always reek of vampire especially when ninety percent of my friends are vampires." Jacob narrowed his eyes at me. Apparently he wasn't up to bantering with me today. "Alright, fine! You came because you knew about Riley breaking into my room. Well, no worries! The Cullens dutifully caught him and he's waiting for me to interrogate him. So, I think you should run along home now before—"

Edward's voice came from right behind me. "Bella?"

I feel a headache coming on. "…this happened…"

Edward's hand somehow ended up on my shoulder, despite the fact that whenever he's around Jacob he tends to clench whatever he's holding onto. My shoulder may be in trouble here…"Jacob? What are you doing here?" Yep, I'm feeling the clench!

"I could ask you the same thing, bloodsucker."

I really wish now was one of those moments when I could read everyone's minds. It would have helped if I could tell how Edward went from practically snarling to some sort of snarky grin. "As a matter of fact, I've been here all night. Bella and I were actually—"

It didn't take mind-reading to figure out where he was going with that statement. "Just studying for our finals! We've got a lot coming soon, you know. Plus, Edward wanted to protect me in case someone else tried to break into my room. Isn't that right, Edward?" Edward stood perplexed and a tiny bit hurt for a moment before mutely nodding. I let out a sigh of relief before turning back to Jacob. "So, Jake, you never did mention why you were here."

Jacob hadn't calmed down at all. "I'm here because I called you probably forty times last night, but you never answered! I thought some leech had sucked you dry!"

"Well, as you can tell, I'm perfectly healthy and not dry. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around so—" As I was trying to shut the door and claim a small victory for stopping a fight between Jacob and Edward, Jacob's hand shot out and blocked me. Grr…

"Hang on, Bells!" Damn it. "I read the book you gave me, remember? I thought I would run up to your room and smell around to get the scent of your bloodsucker intruder just in case he comes around again."

I gave him my best dead-pan look. "Jacob, we caught him. I'm going to go question him. He won't be running around here anymore. So there's really no need for you to go anywhere near my—"

"Actually, Jacob, I think you should go take a sniff around the room." Edward's agreeing with Jacob? I think I'm having a stroke. Or at least a brain aneurism. "Last night, I thought I picked up more than one strange scent in her room, but Bella didn't let me investigate further." Very funny, Edward. "Perhaps you could?"

"Sure sure!" Jacob and Edward strode up the staircase together, leaving a stunned me standing in the doorway. Since when did Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb get along? I thought they were supposed to be magnets, never coming together without massive amounts of force behind them…

"Bella!" They both called me at the same time.

"Coming…" I don't really know why I was so down. Maybe I wasn't actually down, I was more…shell-shocked. Jacob and Edward working together and they're not constantly making veiled threats to one another? It's unprecedented and unheard of, but it's undeniably a good thing. This is what I've been working towards and it will hopefully make my life immensely easier.

My two super sleuths were sniffing everything (and, grossly enough, I do mean everything) until Edward's head perked up when he picked up one of my shirts. "Here it is. This is the scent I was talking about." He held it out to Jacob, who sniffed it studiously."Can you tell the difference between that and the scent in the rest of the room?"

"I think so…you're saying there was more than one vampire in here?"

I couldn't help but to roll my eyes. "There's been approximately ten vampires in here. I think you two are making a mountain out of a mole hill. We caught the guy who was in here. It's over and done with and I personally want to go speak to this deluded individual right away so that we can get a move on with his rehabilitation to the side of the light!"

My wish was overlooked in favor of Jacob and Edward rambling over who they think could have broken in. Unfortunately for the momentary peace that existed between them, their speculations started an argument.

"It has to be the Volturi, you idiot! THEY'RE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE BOOK IT COULD BE!" Jacob's argument revolved around the fact that the 'world's creepiest leech' knew about the books and could have taken Victoria's example to heart and used our preoccupation with Riley and Victoria as the perfect time to spy on us.

"OR VICTORIA COULD HAVE SENT TWO SEPARATE PEOPLE IN CASE OUR PSYCHIC SAW THE FIRST ONE COMING! THINK IT THROUGH, MUTT!" Edward seemed to think that Victoria was devious enough to send someone other than just Riley to do her dirty work…which I'm more inclined to believe as I've scared more than a few of the Volturi members into staying away from me on pain of their second and final death. But then again, Jane hasn't gotten it through her scary little head that I will hurt her if she threatens me, Edward, or pretty much any other person I care about ever again. She could have easily broken in my room, but everyone would have recognized her scent.

Jacob's shaking was so noticeable at this point that I thought he would be the second werewolf to literally wolf out in my bedroom, but the first with a vampire in the room. Before he could explode I interjected, "Alrighty then! Boys, I think it's high time we took this little convo outside."

While they may have followed my instructions to follow me outside—where I was planning to jump in my truck and hightail it to the Cullen's house so I could finally talk to Riley and get the full story—Edward and Jacob's argument seemed to have changed in subject matter while walking down the stairs.

"She's Team Edward!" Oh.

"She's Team Jacob!" My.

"She loves me." God.

"I'm hotter!" They're.

"I'm cooler!" Both.

"You suck!" Total.

"You stink! Plus, I'm buff!" And complete.

"Well, at least I have chest hair!" IDIOTS!

I have got to stop letting them watch Twilight parodies…"Alright, that's enough! You two are acting like two-year-olds right now! I am not on any team, let alone one of yours! If anything, I am Team ME! So, if you guys don't stop this childish little game, I will be forced to beat the crap out of both of you! Understand?"

Jacob looked like I'd tasered him for a moment before busting out laughing, while Edward just looked at me with a small amount of admiration mixed in with fear. "Well, I'm sure Jacob will agree that neither of us would want you to quote 'beat the crap' out of us."

Jacob was laughing so hard at this point he was rolling on the ground, which just pissed me off further. "Jacob, if you don't shut up I will go find a baseball bat and hit you with it until you're black and blue!"

Edward chuckled at this. "Actually, Bella, Jacob's already Black!" Jacob started gasping for air after laughing at this.

I couldn't take anymore. I just ran to my truck, hopped in, and took off high speed in the direction of the Cullen's house. More than once, I thought I saw a very light blur next to my car. Each time this happened I muttered something along on the lines, "Edward Cullen, if you even try to get near my car, I will plow you over with it." I think the blur got the message. Whatever romantic feelings I had for Edward last night and this morning were definitely gone at this point. Even if that little spat with Jacob actually made me feel a bit of those stirrings, they were pushed away once I realized that neither Jacob nor Edward were mature enough to act like adults even when my life very well might be in danger. But, then again, that was the first time I'd ever seen Jacob and Edward actually laugh together and work together without looking like they wanted to kill each other…other than that argument. And, really, it could have been worse. Jacob could have made out with me or something in front of Edward, which would have resulted in fighting and someone's death probably.

In any case, I would not be speaking to either Jacob or Edward until they were ready to be serious about the fact that we were making progress with the whole 'avoid the epic fight at any cost' plan. And I most definitely wouldn't be talking to Edward about last night…ever. I'm still not quite sure what that was, what caused it, or what to do about it. Well, actually that last one was a lie. I know exactly what I'm going to do about it right now: I'm going to ignore it while I question the crap out of Riley.

Alice and Ava greeted me before I even stepped inside the Cullen's house. "Where is he?"

They both looked crumpled and worn out, which is something I've never seen on Alice and I have to say it doesn't suit her at all. "He's upstairs in Edward's room. I thought it would be fitting that Riley tear his room to shreds." She may have been tired, but I still caught a bit of a smile peeking out.

"And he tore Edward's room up because…"

Ava answered for me while Alice plopped down on the Cullen's couch. "Because he's a crazy psychopath who needs serious psychological help!"

I nodded because, well, I didn't know what else to do. "That's certainly a reason."

Alice just shook her head. I don't think she'd even done her hair this morning. "Riley's upset because we caught him, and he's actually a lot stronger than he looks. Emmett and Jasper have had a very difficult time restraining him, despite Emmett using brute force and Jasper using his abilities. Carlisle and Esme tried talking to him a little while ago when he got him slightly calmed down, but the sight of them together just set him off about letting him go to Victoria again, so we've been pretty busy." Alice got a little glint in her eyes, but I couldn't tell if it was evil or happy. "Although, I think it's sufficed to say that you've been a little busy yourself, Bella."

Ah, so she saw me and Edward. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, I think you do! Eddie and Bella sitting in her room, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Obviously, Alice had kept the secret of my rendezvous with Edward if Ava's reaction was any indication. "WHAT? When did this happen? Why haven't either of you told me? Does this mean you're back together? DOES THIS MEAN TANYA CAN FINALLY GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR HOUSE?"

I feel bad for Ava. I really do. She wanted Tanya gone really badly, but I was just in no mood for Edward or Tanya talk today. "Sorry, Ava, I cannot answer any of those questions without a lawyer present."

Alice piped up. "Jasper got his degree in Law from Harvard a while ago!"

Good God, are the Cullens really that good at everything? "Of course he did, but I don't care. I plead the fifth, and I'm going to go talk to Riley now if that's not too much of an imposition."

Ava just groaned. Alice was a bit more obliging and led me upstairs to the room I knew oh so well. "Be careful, okay? I'd really rather not have to clean Bella off the windows, and I'm sure Edward would be very upset if his kissing buddy got herself killed by an out-of-control vampire."

"Gee, thanks for your concern."

"Seriously, Bella, be careful. Edward has to apologize to you later for something he and the damn werewolf did together that I could not see, but I assume it was something you're very angry about and that Edward will have to beg you to talk to him again."

Just the memory of those two laughing at me at my apparent weakness makes me angry enough to punch the wall, but I'd rather wait to break my hand on Jacob's face than waste it on the wall. "You assume correctly. Where is your brother now, anyway? I thought he was following me here."

"Oh, he was, but he feels guilty about picking on you now. He doesn't want to come up here just yet without giving you time to cool off and talk a little to Riley."

"You got all that from a vision?" That seemed a little much even for Alice.

She smiled. "No, he's downstairs crying to Ava." We both rolled our eyes. "Again, be careful. I'll be watching!"

Even though she flitted away, I called to her, "I hope you'll be showering!" I thought I heard her laughing downstairs, but I pushed those thoughts away. I had to focus. I had to be in complete control. I knocked on the door before going in. I didn't want to be ambushed in case Jasper or Emmett didn't have control of our little friend. "Hey guys? Can I come in for a moment?"

Jasper opened the door. "Hello, Bella. Interested in talking to our guest?"

I gave Jasper a huge smile mainly because I still felt bad about Alec incapacitating him because of me the last time I saw him. "Very interested. Is it safe?"

"Safe is a relative term around here, but yes, it should be safe enough for you to come in as long as you don't mention the dreaded V-word." I'm quite sure there will be many mentions of the dreaded V-word, but I'll let Jasper feel secure for the moment. Luckily he can't read my mind, he just feels feelings, and I feel relatively calm. Well, as calm as one would be facing a vampire who's ready to kill you after another vampire manipulated him into thinking that I was the enemy.

Riley was seating in one of Edward's many seats in his room with Emmett glaring at him menacingly as if daring him to try to attack. I had every faith that Emmett would keep him from killing me. At least, I hope Emmett keeps him from doing that. "Hello, Riley. Sorry about your current digs, but I guess you know why you're here."

Riley, identical to the man who played him in the movie, looked up at me with his vibrant red eyes. He seemed to realize I was human once I spoke to him, and surprised me by looking, well, surprised. "You're the pet!"

Emmett burst out laughing, but stopped immediately as soon as I glared at him. "You shouldn't have said that…"

Oh. My. God. Riley's still a young vampire, but he already has that vampire prejudice against humans being food or pets. I tried not to take it to heart, though. "I am not a pet. I am a girlfriend of the Cullens." I didn't really mean to say that, but I saw Emmett and Jasper exchange looks after I did. "Well, not technically anymore, but we're all friends here. Equals, despite the fact that I'm not the same as them." Yet, I added mentally.

Riley still looked confused. I have that effect on people whenever I bring up my relationship issues. "Is that why the Cullens retaliate whenever someone feeds on a human in this area?"

Now it was my turn to be confused. "Retaliate? Who told you that?"

"Victoria! That's why we have the new—" Riley stopped talking. I guess he realized what exactly he was about to reveal.

Jasper jumped in at this point. "The newborns? Victoria's using the newborns so you can come after us instead of us coming after you. But, Riley, haven't you noticed that we've never taken up anything against you despite the fact that those newborns are causing a world-wide spectacle of themselves?"

Riley started talking to himself. "I told Victoria she was wrong. That her friend was wrong."

"What friend?"

"Laurent." Riley said offhand. He was still trying to figure out what Jasper had told him, but I wasn't about to lose him to his thoughts.

Here's where the grilling comes in. "Are you sure she didn't say James?"

Riley looked confused again. "James? No, Victoria never mentioned a James. Who's James?"

I looked to Jasper for confirmation of whether or not I should bring up the subject I was aiming for. He shook his head frantically at me, but that wasn't what I wanted to see so I went with it anyway. "James is Victoria's mate."

Riley looked more confused than ever as Jasper not-so-discreetly slapped his forehead. "Her mate? No, that's not right. I'm her ma—"

"Yeah, Riley, you might think that, but trust me I know differently. Allow me to tell you a story." He was still confused, but he nodded anyway. I'm starting to not mind Riley. He's actually quite agreeable. "Once upon a time there was a human girl named Bella. That's my name, by the way. Anyway, once upon a time this human girl named Bella moved to a little town named Forks and met this very nice vampire named Edward. She and Edward fell in love because they were soul mates, and one day Edward took Bella to a lovely game of vampire baseball. While Bella watched Edward and his amazing family play baseball, they were interrupted by a group of three nomadic vampires: James, Laurent, and Victoria. These three vampires liked to eat people instead of animals like Edward and his family did. Unfortunately, James went a little psycho for Bella's blood and started to hunt her. He actually caught her a little later on, but Edward and his family rescued her from the evil James and killed him before he could kill Bella. Now, James actually had a psycho girlfriend who was his soul mate named Victoria who went more than a little psycho because Edward's family had killed the person she loved most in the world. The fact that they killed him was a reason to be upset, but she took on a personal vendetta to kill Edward's mate, Bella, for revenge. Victoria didn't know how to get through Edward and his family to kill Bella, so she found a boy named Riley, turned him into a vampire, tricked him into thinking she loved him so she could manipulate him into finding and maintaining a vampire army to take out Edward's family so she could kill Bella. The end."

The silence in the room following my short rendition of all the events leading up to now was oddly reminiscent of the night of my birthday party. Riley was staring at me like I was the psycho one, Emmett was watching Riley like he was psycho, and Jasper was still shaking his head. Riley was the first to break the silence. "So, you're saying that Victoria lied to me about…everything?"

I hated this part. I knew I had to break poor Riley's heart, but he had to know the truth eventually. "Regrettably, yes."

At this point I thought Riley was going to cry. "But, she said-she loves me!" Whoa, wait a minute. I think he's getting angry. Emmett! Jasper! HELP! "I know she does! You're dead!"

And, with that, Riley finally lost it and sprang for the kill.

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