Johnny Kapahala was standing on the local beach staring at the ocean as it crashed against the beach. He had gotten a call from one of his best friends, Lani. She wanted to tell him something important and so did he. "Hey, J. Glad you could meet me." the beautiful Lani said as she walked up behind him. He turned and pulled his best friend into a hug. He wouldn't find out how much she didn't want him to let go for a good while. "Hey Loca how've you been?" Johnny questioned as he had not seen his best friend in close to a month. Why, because he was 14 years old and had his first girlfriend. He thought it was important to spend time with that girl because he was afraid of losing her. So he acted as a naïve teenage boy and ditched his friends for her. "I've been good. How are you and Nicolette?"She asked trying her best not to say her name with venom. She did hate her because she was jealous but also because she was cheating on Johnny and that's what she had to tell him. "We're great, so you said you wanted to tell me something important." he said anxious to hear it. "You first." she said trying to delay hurting him. "Well, my dad got a job… In Vermont. So we have to move. We are leaving tomorrow." he said as sadness creeped into his voice and eyes. "Oh. That's awful. Can't you live with your grandpa and stay here? I mean, I'd miss you, we all would." she said equally distraught. "I already tried but I have to move. So what did you want to tell me?" he asked trying to change the subject. "Well…umm…I…uhhh...this isn't easy to say but…ummm…Nicolette is cheating on you." she rambled and then blurted out. He just stared at her. It's okay if your upse…" "How could you? That's a new low telling lies about my girlfriend. You're just jealous because you don't have anyone to love." he interrupted her. "I'm not lying. I saw her with my own eyes. I can't believe that you wouldn't believe your best friend." she said incredulously, she couldn't believe that he didn't believe her. "You aren't my best friend anymore. You are a liar and I don't want anything to do with you! Go jump off a cliff. I never want to see you again." he screamed and then stormed off the beach. Lani sat there trying not to cry, though despite her efforts silent tears streamed down her face. She just lost her best friend and her first crush.


I, Kahealani Malia Kahanamoku, Lani for short, was sitting at the beach. It had been 4 months since I had lost my best friend. No he didn't die, he moved and before that he had told me to jump off a cliff and that he didn't want to see me again. The sad part was that I was secretly in love with him. That's what hurt me the most. I hadn't done much in the months since he left. I had continued school and tried to hang out with my other friends as much as possible. They were all busy today so it was just me. Soon I heard voices from up on the landing by Johnny Tsunami's house. "Johnny you promised to teach me to surf today." one said. "Well My friends want to catch up so it will have to wait until tomorrow." said the other which I recognized as my ex-best friend. "Ok, I guess." said the other as Johnny ran to catch up with the others. The boy I didn't recognize came down the steps to the beach. I walked over to introduce myself. "Hey, you just move here?" I asked. "No, I ran away with my friend Johnny Kapahala. He's from around here and I didn't want to move to Iceland, he just wanted to get away. I'm Sam. Sam Sterling. What's your name?" he asked. "Kahealani Kahanamoku. Feel free to shorten it." I said with a smile. "Alright how about KK for now." he chuckled. I laughed and nodded. "I heard you talking about learning to surf. First time?" I asked. He nodded. "Yeah Johnny was supposed to teach me but he ran off to catch up with some friends." he explained. "Really I'm a pretty good surfer. I could teach you." I offered. "Sure, that'd be great." he answered. I spent my day teaching Sam how to surf which was a task in its own. When he said he hadn't surfed before he was right. There was still more to teach him but he could at least stand up and stay that way for a while. We tumbled onto the beach laughing at his last fall. "Thanks for helping out. I gotta go but do you want to help me tomorrow?" he asked. "Sure I can do that." I said we shook hands and he ran up to the house and I walked home.


Sam had been at the out all day. I had gotten back about an hour ago from hanging out with my old friends. "Hey Johnny." Sam says as he walks in the door. "Where were you all day?" I asked. "I was at the beach this girl I met taught me how to surf." he explained. "Oh, I was gonna teach you tomorrow." I said in explanation. "Its fine I meeting her tomorrow to keep working on my surfing." he said. "Oh well do you know her name?" he asked. "Yeah I call her KK because her name is really long. Her full name is Kahealani Kahanamoku." he said nonchalantly. My heart clenched violently. I had always had a crush on my best friend but then I blew it. I accused her of telling lies when she told me that my first girlfriend Nicolette was cheating on me. What she didn't know was that later that day when I went to say goodbye to Nicolette I found her with another guy and broke up with her. I could have told all of this to Sam but I didn't. Maybe I should talk to Lani. I really missed her and felt bad about what I said. I probably should go apologize. It's settled I'll avoid her at all costs until I can figure out something good to say.


Sam was a lot of fun to hang out with. I wondered if I should warn him about how Johnny could be. Maybe he's changed. No, people don't change that easily. Especially after they tell their best friends to jump off a cliff. You've got a point. Wait! Who are you? I am your conscience, dimwit. Ughh! I can't believe my own conscience just insulted me. Well believe it sweetheart. Now let's be rational. You can't forgive him for that. It hurt you and you would be very stupid to forgive him, well not that you already aren't. This is the end of this conversation because I am done being insulted by my conscience. I walked into my house. "Mama, Papa, I'm home." "Makamae, Can you start dinner. Papa is working late tonight and I need to go check on grandma. I'll be home in just about a hour." she said and walked out the door. I nodded and started to gather ingredients to makeAhi Poke: raw ahi (yellow fin) tuna with chopped roasted kukui nuts, green onions, Hawaiian chili peppers, shoyu (soy sauce), sesame oil, Hawaiian sea salt, and limukohu (a type of delicate seaweed) served on a bed of red cabbage. Mama came home in hour just as she had said. "Meli it smells delicious. Ahi Poke right?" she complimented. "Yes Mama. Is Papa coming home soon?" I asked. She nodded and as if by magic Papa walked in the door. "Aloha family. Eleora dinner smells delicious as always." he said. "Actually Malachi, Kahealani made dinner today because I had to visit my mother. She made Ahi Poke." Mama said. "Ahh, I'm so proud of you, Kahea." he said to me. "Mahalo Nui Loa Papa." I said. We ate dinner and we told each other about our days. My parents were proud of me for helping out Sam and making a new friend. After dinner I retired to my room showered and changed into pajamas. I crawled into bed with the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series. I thought about Johnny being back. I wonder how long he's staying. I never told my parents about what he said to me. I told them he ran away. They never told me to go see him. It would be too hard for me to see him again. I would like to go see him. I would like to tell him how much he hurt me. It was just a short while ago that I would have loved for him to take me into his arms and tell me he loved me. Now because of what he did those feelings were gone. Or were they?

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