It had been 3 years since Johnny and Sam went back home. 1 year since Sam moved back here. 6 months since my only girl best friend moved here. Her name is Claire Cullen. She moved for her dad's job and we were instantly friends. She was very polite but extremely mysterious. She was a lot like me in many ways. We were both polite to adults and sarcastic to our peers. We both loved music and both couldn't dance even though we tried endlessly. We were all great friends. Johnny Tsunami was getting married again and his fiancé, Carla was opening a surf store. Claire and I helped out around there a lot. Carla told us we were the only ones that her son, Chris would remotely listen to. We saw him now and then as he left the shop heading across the street to the skate shop where the Dirt Devils hang out. I knew that they were dangerous. So did his mother. She told him day after day not go over there and he still went day after day. He was grounded a lot the harshest being when he was brought home by the cops. She forbade him from going back not that it stopped him. He still went and there was another 2 times he was brought back by the police. Carla and Johnny Sr. were hoping that Johnny would be able to get through to him when he came up for the wedding. Of course they didn't know what happened those years ago, so I had to hide my dislike in the fact he was coming home however short his stay may be. It was the subject of talk around the unopened shop as Claire and I helped out. "Oh I can't wait to meet Johnny." Carla said excitedly. Claire and I nodded, sharing knowing glances. I had told Claire what had happened. She hated him just as much as I did if not more. "I'm just hoping he can get through to Chris and make him see how dangerous the things he does can be and how much he scares me." she continued. Claire and I just nodded and continued unpacking the merchandise that had been shipped earlier in the week. We finished unpacking an hour later. "Hey Carla, Claire and I are gonna head out we have to practice for the talent showcase next Wednesday." I said. "Yeah go right ahead. We were all planning on going to cheer you on if that's okay." "Yeah that's fine." She waved goodbye as Claire and I walked out the door. "So are you okay with Johnny coming back?" Claire asked. "Of course he is his own person and can do whatever he wants. It has no effect on me whatsoever." "So you're over him." "Who am I kidding I'm still hopelessly in love with the boy who broke my heart." I said frowning. She nodded sympathetically as she always did when I denied and then accepted. We headed back to Claire's to practice. We went through the same routine each and every day. We would practice, think it was awful, practice again, and listen to her mom lecture us about how we were amazing singers and it didn't matter if we won or not. It was a boring routine but it got us through the days. It was summer so we didn't have school. After practice Claire and I ordered pizza and I slept over there. I kept dreading the next day when Johnny would arrive, knowing that at some point I would have to confront him. "LeLe we have to get going. We promised we would go do some stuff around the shop so Carla and Johnny Sr. wouldn't have to come in today because of Johnny getting here." Claire said as she shook me awake. "Okay, Okay I'm awake; just stop that God awful shaking." I exclaimed sitting up right. I grabbed some clothes and washed up. We grabbed some fruit on our way out and headed straight for the store. Is it just me or do I spend like all of my free time there? We walked in to some more boxes with a note on them. It read:


Thanks so much for coming in.
I can't thank you enough.
Thanks Again,

Carla and Johnny Sr.

We set aside the note and got started. We unpacked the rest of the boxes and were all done by lunch. We went back over to my house where my mother was not home. She had to get a job a year back because my dad was killed in a car accident during a storm. It hurt us all but we worked through it. I made some lunch for us to eat real quickly. It was amazing to me how but Claire was an exceptional surfer already. I hadn't been out as much since my dad died but Claire made me go out every once in a while. So we decided to go out today. That is when it was decided that I should have to confront Johnny or at least say hi to him. There he was standing on the beach while his grandpa tried to teach Chris to surf. We were coming down the path when Chris ran away from the beach. "Whoa, Whoa slow down there. What happened?" "I don't want to learn how to surf but he won't listen." he said. "Have you thought that he just wants you to like him?" "He can't replace my dad." "I know that and he knows that but he just wants you to think of him as a friend. Plus I think surfing is awesome. You should give it another shot. Just be patient and it will come to you." I said as Claire and I walked towards the beach with Chris in tow. "Lose something?" I asked Johnny Sr. He just nodded and chuckled at me. "Everything's unpacked." I said to let him know we got the boxes unpacked. "Thanks again girls." he said. "Lani?" Johnny questioned. "Oh, hi Johnny." I said less than enthusiastic. "Well it looks like there are some great waves coming in so we better get out there. Nice talking to you both. Remember what I said Chris." I said and Claire and I took off into the waves. We surfed for a bit until this huge curl came in. Claire went back but I was going to try it.


I watched with Grandpa as they surfed. Lani had gotten even more beautiful. Soon a curl came in. Claire came back out but Lani stayed there. "She's not gonna try that is she?" I asked. Claire just nodded. She wouldn't make it. A curl this big is just too dangerous to attempt. I watched as she took the curl. Just as the curl was about to come crashing down she shot out the other end. I swear my heart skipped a beat in thankfulness that she was alright. She swam out and joined us. "You scared me to death! Don't ever do that again." the girl Claire snapped at her. Lani just chuckled and nodded. "Well we better get back. I have to get dinner ready." She said and they left. All I could do was stare after her. "Hey Pono you like her don't you?" grandpa asked I knew it was no use lying to grandpa because he could always tell when you lied and would make you tell the truth anyway. I just nodded. "You should talk to her." he suggested. I would but she wouldn't listen. Girls tend to do that when you say you never want to see them again. Grandpa was normally right in these situations but this time he didn't know the half of it.