Zaara: Gather around children as I tell you a tell unlike any other

Killjoy: What are you doing?

Zaara: It's called suppose.

Killjoy: If you say so.

Zaara: Go on your date With Anko and Tell Kurenai to call my phone

Killjoy: Fine later

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(7 years after Kyubi attack- academy)

The academy had just let out for the day. Parents picked up there kids or the kids hung around. This however was not the case of One Uzumaki Naruto of Konoha.


Uzumaki Naruto age 7, long blonde hair that fell to his back, sharp blue eyes, skinny frame, baggy white shirt, blue jean shorts with a rope tied around his waist, let out a yell of pain. His face was bloody and surrounding him as a group of people that constantly torched him. Sasuke Uchiha, Takashi Hikada, and Sakura Haruno.

Naruto fell to his knees as he looked at his attackers with a wide grin on his face, something that constently pissed them off. Sakura had pink hair, green eyes and wore a red shirt, black shorts, and a long red ribbon in her hair. Takashi was a large boy with deep green hair, black eyes, he wore a gray shirt, and white pants. Sasuke had black hair shaped like a ducks ass, black eyes, he wore white pants, black shirt with his clan sign on the back, and boots.

"Sasuke-kun this got boring a few minutes ago!" whined Sakura looking at the Uchiha.

"I agree Sasuke. Kicking teh shit out of this maggot lost it's fun," said Takashi

Naruto spat out a glob of blood and smirked. "That's what your mother said about your fat ass father fucking her after the first night," said Naruto laughing.

Sakura got mad and kicked Naruto in his face sending him to the ground. "You bastard," said Sakura as Naruto stood up only to smirk again at them.

Takashi growled at Naruto."Stay down punk!" yelled Takashi hitting Naruto again.

Naruto sank to the ground out like a light. The three bullies walked away as Naruto sat up. He worked his jaw a bit, before spitting out another wad of blood.

He looked around until he saw what he was looking at. "You can come out now Ami," said Naruto

Someone sighed as she walked out from behind a tree. She had short purple hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue shirt, and white skirt.

She walked closer to Naruto and pulled out a cloth and dabbed his face with it. "Naruto-kun you need to stop antagonizing them so much," said Ami looking down

Naruto moved her hand away and smiled at her. "They'd beat the crap out of me because they know they can get away with it with all of them having a loved one on the Council. I'll see you later Ami-chan," said Naruto picknig up his backpack.

Ami nodded as she watched her friend walk away to his apartment.

(with Naruto)

Naruto walked down the street ignoring the whispers of the villagers. He had stopped worrying about those fools years ago. Naruto walked until he came to the Library . The library was one of the largest buildings in konoha. Next to it was a Dango shop that was frequented by a crazy Kounichi named Anko, but more on that later.

Naruto walked into the library and found the clerk sitting in a chair reading a book. The clerk was a young girl of 17 or 18, long bluish hair, and pink eyes. She wore a Chunin vest over a long sleeve gray shirt, black pants, and a red cap on her hair. Naruto sat down on the floor as she read her book and giggling. After 10 minutes of this Naruto got pissed off at her.

"Yo Nee-san," said Naruto startling her.

She glared down at Naruto, before bopping him on the head. "What have I told you about creeping up on me Naruto-kun," said the lady.

"Well Ayasa you were reading that damn Ecchi book for about 10 minutes," said Naruto making Ayasa's blush return full force.

"AWWWWW! Go get your book to read or something," said Ayasa as Naruto ran twords the Shinobi section.

(shinobi Section)

Naruto looked around his favorite section of the library the Shinobi section. It was his home away from home and his safe haven. Naruto knew that he was at a huge disadvantage in the academy. Besides Sakura and Ami, Naruto was the Only ninja in training not to come from a Shinobi clan. Sakura had a slight advantage as both her mother and father were members of the Village Council and had sway over some of the Ninja forces. Naruto looked around looking for something interesting when something caught his eye. Basics of sealing. Naruto grabbed a basic book on seals and began to read it.

Naruto read the book for an hour actually understanding it, dispite his young age. It basically told that Seals could be used for all most anything from Regeneration to containment to absolute destruction. The real drawbacks were that the seals had to be made before battles as it took to long to make them in battle. Naruto also learned that the Seals that they used for combat, Hand signs were just focusing tools.

Naruto sat the book down, before thinking looking at the ahnd signs again.

"If these are just focusing tools then why hasn't anybody thought to make Jutsu tags?" said Naruto

Naruto grabbed a book on elements and started to read that. The reason it was so difficult to make Jutsu tags was because like the exploding tags you needed a special kind of paper. However the paper was hard to obtain as it took nearly 6 months to grow a tree that could be used to apply seals to it. That basically killed that idea. Naruto grabbed the two books and walked to the front desk. He checked them out with his student ID and began to head home.

(2 months later)

School had let out early and Naruto was getting annoyed. Takashi had come to school with a wooden sword and said that he was starting to learn Kenjutsu. Now Normally Naruto wouldn't give two fucks about that bastard, but he had actually hurt Ami! Her right hand had been smashed in a sparing match. It would heal, but it would take a few weeks. It was a good thing the academy was mostly Theory or she would be behind by a few months.

Naruto stopped as he arrived at his destination. The Wolfs Claw. The best weapons shop in the village. It was Run by the Ten Sisters. People normally got that confused as they assumed that the place was run by ten sisters, when in reality there were only four. Soten, Katen, Tsuten, and Tenten.

Naruto walked into the shop. The shop was large and had many weapons, mostly Ninjato's, Kunai of all kinds, and shurikens. It also had other weapons around, but Most people ignored them in favor of what was useful to them. Also on shelves were pre-made basic Mission set scrolls

Naruto only looked around for a second before being pulled into a hug, and a rather large pair of breasts. "My future husband is here!" yelled Katen making Naruto blush.

Katen was the second oldest at 16, long brown hair, brown eyes, large D-cup breasts, wearing a white slightly open Kimono top, white pants, and boots.

"Now, now Katen-chan you know you can't have him," said the oldest of the sisters Soten. She looked like an older more motherly version of her sister, but she was only 21," said Soten.

Katen puffed out her cheeks. "Your no fun sister," said Katen as she went back behind the counter.

"What can we get for you today Naruto-kun?" asked Soten

"I need 20 Kunai and 40 Shurikens," said Naruto.

Soten nodded and grabbed a training kit that had that exact number. "Your total will be 60 dollars Naruto-kun," said Soten as Naruto handed her the money.

Naruto was about to walk out the store when he stopped and saw something that he hadn't seen before. Sitting in a glass case was a scythe. It had a 5 foot long black staff, blue 2 foot long blue blade with a red, silver, and yellow Gem inside of it at the back, a rounded metal tip at the bottom, with a blue tassel. Next to it was a scroll.

"I see you found the restored Blade of Piastol The Angel of Death (1)," said Katen.

Naruto looked at katen. "Who is that?" asked Naruto.

Katen grinned. "She was a powerful Bounty Hunter in the age of first Hokage. He hired her during The Great Shinobi War. Legend has it that she was a master of the scythe and even invented her own style called the Tempest style. She's actually one of the most famous power houses ever mentioned in the History of the Shinobi world," said Katen going into the mode called Fan-girl.

"How Much?" asked Naruto examining the blade.

"It's not for seal, although, I'll give it to you if you agree to marry me when you turn 14," said Katen making Soten slap her on the head. Naruto sweat dropped at this. Katen was always trying so crazy way to get him to marry her when he got older.

"Naruto it's not that we can't sell it to you, it's just that it won't allow anyone to touch it. Almost as if it has a mind of it's own. The last person to touch it was an Arrogant Uchiha who will never be a ninja again," said Soten looking at the blade.

Naruto smirked as he opened up the case and put his hand on the blade. Both women fell to the ground fearing the worst would happen to their young friend. When he lifted the blade and swung it a few times to test it he smiled. He grabbed the scroll and looked at the Girls.

"This weapon is amazing. I'll take it, also Katen I'll make you my bride as soon as I hit 14," said Naruto walking away.

Katen blushed as she had really done it, while Soten glared at her sister, who shivered knowing she was in trouble.

"Tenten is gonig to kill you," said Soten

(4 years later)

Naruto stood in the forest of Death panting along with his good friend Tenten stood at 5'2 at the age of 12, black hair in two buns, brown eyes, pink Chinese top, tight dark blue pant. Blue ninja sandals, and a pair of fighting gloves Naruto gave her. In her hand was a sword. Naruto himself wore a black muscle shirt, red, black, and white camouflage cargo pants, Shinobi boots, a black holster across his back for his scythe, and fingerless gloves. On both his arms were a few scars from the training with his scythe. Naruto sat down as did Tenten before she took a bottle of water from her pouch and dank some, before she throw it to Naruto who took a swig.

Tenten looked at her friend. "How come you haven't been by the shop lately? Me and my sisters miss you coming by," said Tenten.

Naruto took the bottle away from his lips before looking at Tenten. "Been working on level 4," said Naruto.

Tente's eyes widened. "Wow. Piastol-sama would be proud of you Naruto-kun," said Tenten smiling at Naruto.

Naruto shuck his head. Tenten and her sisters had this crazy obsession with Piastol since they learned of the battle at Mokenzu Pass. The battle lasted for an entire week with The Senju warriors fighting side by side with the Bounty hunter, earning a major victory that lead up to the end of the first war only a month later.

As they began to walk out the forest of Death they soon came to a rundown shack.

"Strange?" said Naruto gripping his scythe and entering the building. Once inside he noticed that it was very old. Probably around the time of the first war. Tenten entered the shack and looked around. Tenten bumped into something on the far wall and Screamed drawing Naruto's attention Naruto ran over and gripped Tenten's shoulder and pulled up up.

"Are you alright Tenten!" yelled Naruto shaking her slightly.

Tenten couldn't speak, but pointed her finger at the image before her. Naruto turned his head and his eyes widened in shock. Encased in a ice tomb was a woman, probably 44 or 45. Blue and Sliver hair, with three ponytails in the back, a scar under her eye, her arms were folded over her chest. She wore a white Kimono.

"Who is it," asked Naruto

"Piastol," said Tenten standing up and looknig at her in awe. "But that's not possible the history text said that she vanished sometime before the first died.

Naruto looked over in the corner and saw 7 scrolls. 4 of them were ninjutsu scrolls, 1 was TaiJutsu, and the last 2 where history scrolls. Naruto pulled out the history scrolls and his eyes widened.

"Tenten we have to get to the Hokage tower and give these scrolls to the Hokage now," said Naruto clasping the Scythe to his back.

"Why?" asked Tenten.

Naruto pulled out a bag and put the scrolls into it, before picking Tenten up bridal style and rushing out of the forest.

"Because these scrolls are the personal Journals of Piastol and Hashimara Senju," said Naruto shocking Tenten

(In the Hokage tower- 30 minutes later)

Hiruzen Sarutobi was currently enjoying his favorite past time. Reading icha Icha, when the Door brush open and Naruto entered the Room with Tenten. Sarutobi looked at Naruto. He had an open door policy for the younger kids in the academy, but to see Naruto panting as he was and carrying Tenten (who he thought had a thing for Naruto) it must have been serious.

"What is it Naruto?" asked Hiruzen.

"I have Two scrolls written by the first Hokage and the Bounty master Piastol," said Naruto.

Sarutobi's eyes widened before he snapped his fingers. The ANBU in the room vanished, before Sarutobi walked to the door and put a seal on it.

"Tell me everything that happened," said Sarutobi

Tenten told Sarutobi everything. Sarutobi went to his desk and quickly wrote a message to ANBU to get the body. He turned to Naruto and Tenten.

"Everything that happened in this room is a SS- ranked secret strictly need to know basis," said Sarutobi with a dead serious look in his eyes.

"Alright, but does this have to do with the scrolls?" asked Naruto

Sarutobi looked at Naruto. "Secrets that I thought I would take to the grave with me, but first we need to read the scrolls," said Hiruzen.

Hiruzen opened the scrolls and all three were hit with a red and white light

Flashback no Jutsu

Sarutobi Naruto and Tenten appeared transparent inside the memory.

"What's going on?" asked Tenten grabbing Naruto's arm out of fear

"It appears we are in a memory scroll," said Sarutobi

A young woman of 24 stood next to dead body. She had a large cut under her eye. She wore a tight black shirt over her chest, tight black pants, knee high boots with falcon becks on the edge, . She was in a small desert. She had been crossing it when she was attacked.

"Fool. You should have stayed away from the Angel of Death," said The Woman.

"I agree," came a voice behind her.

Piastol spun around and brought her scythe to the neck of the man behind her. The man was rather tall at 6', long black hair, tan skin, black eyes, wearing a full black Shinobi suit, red Samurai armor.

"You? Your Hashimara Senju, The first Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village," said Piastol lowering her scythe but keeping it at the ready just in case.

"And your Piastol, the Angel of Death, Bounty hunter extraordinaire," Said Hashimara.

Piastol frowned before she grabbed her black cloak off the ground and wrapped it around herself, before sealing it with the silver clamp on it. She turned to Hashimara.

"What do you want?" asked Piastol

"I want you to work for my village as a leader of Squad 7," said Hashimara.

Piastol looked at him. "A powerful number. Very well I'll agree, but I want 10000 dollars, a place to stay away from people, and the choice of who is on squad 7," said Piastol.

Hashimara nodded. "You have a deal Angel-chan," said Hashimara, only to find himself on his back with the blade of her weapon at his throat.

"Only those I kill have ever referred to me as that. If you wish to ever see the sunrise again don't ever call me Angel Hashimara," said Piastol turing and walking to Konoha

Hashimara got up and grinned. "That's a real woman," said Hashimara

(2 years later)

Piastol sighed as she sat on top of the mountain and looked at the still developing village. Her team stood behind her. They had just returned from a mission on the border of Fire country and she was tired. The only thing that she had to look forward too was s relaxing sleep inside her father soft bed at the Senju home.

"Hey what's up with you, you've been sighing since we got back," said a Hyuga.

This Hyuga was 20 years old, stood at 5'10' short black hair, a katana on his back, wearing a black suit, with gray armor.

A woman appeared behind him and smacked him on the back of his heads. "Shut up Hozushimaru or I'll cut your fucking balls off," said the Woman.

She stood even with Piastol, brown hair pulled into a bun, brown eyes, wearing a black one piece with the sleeves cut off, and the legs only stopping at mid thigh. On her sides were two semi large scrolls.

"The last member of team 7 laughed. "Come on Moten-chan you know that Hozu-san is a chump," said the last member.

He was a blond haired male. He stood at 5'8", blonde hair that fell to his shoulders, his left eyes was closed with a massive scar crossing his right eye, wearing a blue version of the full body suit.

Hozushimaru glared at the blonde. "Shut up Inoimara-teme," said Hozushimaru.

Piastol glared at them, forcing them into silence. "Lets just give our report the Hokage-sama so we can rest," said Piastol standing up

Besides I want to spend time with Hashimara-kun," thought Piastol

(time skip- 3 years late Konoha Hopsital ) (2)

"YOU BASRD YOU YOUR NEVER TAPPING THIS ASS AGAIN!" yelled Piastol as she pushed.

Two years ago Piastol and Hashimara had been married in secret. The only people who know about their marriage was her team, Hashimara's brother, and his students. During the months that she was pregnant with Hashimara's child she was off of duty. Many people feared that she was injured and couldn't fight anymore, but Hashimara reassured them that Piastol was alright.

Hashimara was in pain. Piastol had broken all the bones in his hand. But it was worth it. She was brinig a child into the world

"Come on Angel Only a little further," said Hashimara only to feel his hand crushed to dust.

"FUCK YOU HASHIMARA!" yelled Piastol as she grunted one last time and pushed.

"Congratulations Hokage-sama it's a boy," said The doctor as he put the child inside Piastol's arms.

As Piastol held her child she began to cry. "I love you my child as well as you my love.

"Thank you my angel," said Hashimara.

(end of flashback)

The bright light faded in in the room leaving the Hokage, Tenten, and Naruto. Naruto and Tenten were both standing there with wide eyes. Both knew about sex, and both knew about babies, but to actually see it was another matter altogether.

"I think you for brining this to me. It may hold answers to questions that have been plaguing me for the last 60 years. I'm awarding you for a s ranked Mission. Also this is going to be an S-ranked Secret, unless told other wish," said Hiruzen

Both nodded and prepared to leave. When Sarutobi stopped them and hadded them the other 5 scrolls.

"You could use these scrolls to further advance your training," said Sarutobi as they both walked out of the office.

"Hey Tenten I'm out of here for now," said Naruto.

"Alright Naruto-kun," said Tenten Giving Naruto a kiss on the cheek, before running towards her house.

Naruto looked at tenten's retreating form, with a blush on his face. "What was that about?" asked Naruto to no one.

Killjoy: Yo.

Zaara: How was the date with Anko

Killjoy: It was great but she has a cold so she said I could come in side he house tonight.

Zaara: man that's cold

Killjoy: True but as Cold as what Kurenai said about what shes going to do to ya but I wont say.

Zaara: Hummmmmm! Why the hell not

Killjoy: Fine heres a clue Hana and here are pissed.

Aruther's notes

(1) Fans of Skies of Arcadia Know who she is. A bounty Hunter you have to fight 4 times. And is one of the Most powerful characters in the game.

(2) I just found out not to long ago that Naruto's Ancestor was the firsts wife. Most of this i worte before that intail came out, and i'm not going to change what is already set. to much has gone down for that.