Zaara: Hey Joy we getting a Internet call from the girls

Killjoy: hmmmmm really?

(Walks over to the computer)

Anko: Killjoy when we get back I get Sake and we aren't leaving our room for a day!

Kurenai: Hey Zaara-kun. (Blows a kiss at him)

Hana: Are you boys behaving yourselves?

Killjoy: Um should I be happy or scared?

Zaara: Of course Himes (cuts connection). And to answer your question I'd be running for the hills about now.


Human speech

Human thought

Demon/boss speech

Demon/ boss thought


(Wave country With Anita and Ami)

Anita and Ami both stood outside around the house. They had gotten house guard duty today, while Sasuke and Sakura had been paired to guard the bridge, Takashi and Naruto were tasked with getting their Jutsu control down to a a sharpened point.

Anita looked at Ami. "Do you like Naruto Ami-chan?" asked Anita.

Ami looked at Anita, her best friend, her sister in all but, blood. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't like him like you do, but I do Anita-chan. He makes me feel… warm, just by standing by me," said Ami hugging herself. "I've been alone a long time, ever since my parents died. I thought I'd never have these feelings again in this life. I feel… loved," finished Ami with a tear in her eye. (1)

Anita looked at Ami. She had no idea her friend felt like that. "You love him too?" asked Anita.

Ami nodded. "I have for a long time. It's just that to be in love with him… you'd have to be ready to give up everything to be with him. I promised a long time ago that if I had to I would share him with anybody else who was in love with him or give him up so he could have happiness," said Ami

Anita nodded. She had seen how other girls looked at Naruto, but she would be dammed if they got to be the QBC (2).

"We'll work this out later sis," said Ami

( in the training area)

Naruto stood across from Takashi. Both young men had their shirt and jackets off. Naruto got into a classic boxing stance, while Takashi took up the south paw.

"Remember Fists only asshole," said Takashi with a smirk.

"With pleasure you ugly bastard," said Naruto

They squared around the make shift ring for a sec, before they both flow at each other. Takashi landed a hook on Naruto. Naruto's head shoot back, but he came back with an uppercut. Takashi staggered backwards, but Naruto kept up his flurry of hits, before finishing him with a haymaker. Takashi fell backwards and landed hard on his back.

Takashi looked at Naruto with one black eye. "Okay I didn't expect that. The little shit I use to beat up got some skills now," said Takashi as Naruto helped him up.

"I always had skills. Just that your dad was a member of the council," said Naruto.

Takashi frowned. "I never attacked you because I could. I just got tired of you hanging around Ami," said Takashi.

Naruto looked at him. "What do you mean by that?" asked Naruto.

Takashi blushed. "Nothing. Anyway I'm out. And you'd better be good to her," said Takashi.

Naruto looked at him and shuck his head, before getting back to his training. "Alright next Jutsu on the scroll," said Naruto.

(7 hours later)

After the attack on the house Naruto had set it with blood protection seals, only a seal master or someone of Elite Jonin level could brake though it. The main blood seal was keyed to center of the house in the form of a large black circle.

Everyone sat around the table eating dinner. "Where is Naruto-san?" asked Tsunami looking around.

Ami took a bite out of Naruto's fish bowl. "Probably got hurt training," said Ami.

Anita looked at Ami. "Ami-chan don't say that," whined Anita.

"Yeah Ami what did I do to piss you off? Not get enough TLC mixed with the LD?" asked Naruto looking at Ami with a smirk. He had his customary jacket on.

"If you mean did I get enough of that guppy you call a dick, it wasn't enough to get me off," said Ami with a smirk and wink.

Anita too smirked, but at Ami. "I think he has a rather large dick hon," said Anita.

"And I bet you rode it like the cowgirl bitch you are all night long!" said Ami imitating a rodeo rider with a smirk and a wink making Naruto and Anita blush.

Tsunami blushed, Tazuna cheered, Hisana and Kakashi laughed, Sakura was getting Horny, as was her boy toy Sasuke, while Takashi tired not to blush. Inari, Tazuna's grandson, and Tsunami's son was pissed off.


Naruto looked at Inari. "Shut up punk I'm nothing like that," said Naruto about to walk away.


Kakashi shuck his head. "Bad move kid, real bad move," said Kakashi as Ami looked dowmn and Anita looked confused.

Naruto turned to Inari and lifting him up by his shirt and throw him into the wall.

"INARI!" yelled Tsunami only to be stopped by Hisana.

"No don't. If you coddle him then the lesson won't be learned," said Hisana with hard eyes.

Naruto walked close to Inari and punched him hard in the gut. Inari throw up and doubled over.

Naruto stared at Inari with cold eyes. "What the hell do you know about suffering kid?" asked Naruto. "I've suffered! Since the day I was born! I never knew my mother or father, I was shunned by the village, I grew up alone, and I thought that I would die alone," said Naruto as he walked over to the window.

"I remember the first and last time I got a beating," said Naruto

(Flashback- Naruto age 6)

It had been raining that day so it as nice and cool. Naruto ran down the ally with three men chasing him. The leader of the group a Chunin. The man throw a rope and caught Naruto. They strung him up.

"What should we do with him?" asked Thug 1.

"I say we have a bit of fun. After all he has a cute mouth," said Thug 2.

The Chunin laughed. "You can have fun after we beat him to a inch of his life," said The chunin

Naruto was crying. "PLEASE I DON'T DESERVE THIS!" yelled Naruto only to be punched.

"Don't deserve it! You killed everyone in the village!" yelled Thug 2.

"I never asked to be born on the day of Kyubi!" yelled Naruto only for the Chunin to start their assault on him. The assault lasted nearly 15 minutes. When they got done thug 2 lowered his pants

"NARUTO! DIE YOU BASTERDS!" yelled a angry Dog masked ANBU.

Dog decapitated the Chunin with a knife, and stabbed Thug 1 to death, before grabbing thug 2.

"I'd kill you, but Ibiki had... special plans for rapists like you," said Dog as another ANBU agent took him away.

Dog took off his jacket and wrapped it around Naruto and picked him what.

"Whatever I did I'm sorry!" cried Naruto.

Dog hugged him. "I know you are kid, but those people are idiots.

(end Flashback)

"But that's changed. I found love," said Naruto looking at his brother Kakashi, His sister Hisana, and some time in the near future his more then likely lovers/ girlfriends Ami and Anita.

"But why?" asked Inari.

Naruto looked at the kid again. "Nothing will change my past, but I will change my future. I don't ever want to feel alone again," said Naruto walking out.

"Wow I didn't think I'd ever see that in my life time," said Kakashi taking out a book and reading it.

"What do you mean Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sakura.

"The one time someone got under his skin," sad Kakashi turning the page.

(Next morning)

A young woman of 17 hummed to herself as she picked herbs. She hard Large C-cup breasts, light brown eyes, long black hair that framed her face nicely, a petite nose, slim figure, wearing a pink Kimono with a white sash, and was slightly open. A bird landed on her shoulder and she smiled before she petted it.

"Haku- nee-chan!" yelled a young girl

Haku smiled. "Alright Ranmaru-chan," said Haku walking closer to her younger sister.

Ranmaru was kind of short for a 10 year old, She had short purple hair, light red eyes, wearing a loose lavender shirt that had long sleeves, a black sash, black pants, and sandals.

"Look over there Haku-nee," said Ranmaru pointing to another small clearing.

Both walked close to the clearing to see a boy, about Haku's age. Haku blushed as she looked at him. He was rather handsome if she said so herself, but he was also the one who injured her master and his old partner.

"one quick snap and it's all over," thought Haku reaching for his neck, but hesitated for a second, before shaking his shoulder.

"Hay wake up. You'll catch your death of cold out here," said Haku.

Naruto's eyes slowly opened. He sat up and leaned against a tree. Naruto laughed slightly. "What the hell was I thinking sleeping out here?" asked Naruto only to get smacked on the head,. "Ow You crazy lady what the hell was that For! Yelled Naruto.

"Your cursed in front of my little sister. And I detest cursing," said Haku giving Naruto an Ice clod glare.

Naruto looked at Ranmaru. "Sorry. My name is Naruto," said Naruto.

Ranmaru smiled at Naruto. "It's fine mister. I'm Ranmaru. This is my big sister Haku. She needs a boyfriend," said Ranmaru.

Haku blushed. Ranmaru had found her scroll containing her collection of Kunoichi Love fest, both the romance book set, and the more… graphic Play books, lets not forget the toys.

"RANMARU-CHANNNN!" yelled out an embarrassed Haku.

Ranmaru put her hands behind her back. "You know it's true sister," said Ranmaru smiling. "So how about it mister you want to take her on a date?" asked Ranmaru.

"Hold on now we don't even know each other," said Naruto blushing.

Ranmaru walked up to Naruto and stared at his eyes. "I like your eyes. They are so nice," said Ranmaru.

Naruto patted her head, before looking at Haku and her basket. "picking herbs for someone?" asked Naruto.

Haku nodded. "Yes our father was injured and these will heal him.

(30 minutes later)

"Is this enough?" asked Naruto looking at Haku.

"Yes thank you Naruto-kun," said Haku putting the last herb in the basket.

Thanks bro!" said an excited Ranmaru.

Haku pulled out a basket and set up a small picnic. Naruto grabbed a ham sandwich and took a small bite as Haku feed Ranmaru a small sandwich. Naruto smiled.

"Is this what it would be like to have a wife and child?" thought Naruto looking at them play and laugh.

Haku looked at Naruto and smiled at him, something she did for only those close to her heart. Even though she had only known him for a few hours he had wormed his way into her heart.

Ranmaru noticed Naruto and tackled him, making him laugh as he picked her up. Haku laughed and jumped on Naruto's back taking him to the ground. They played for a few minutes, before Haku and Naruto ended up in a light lip lock. Ranmaru laughed before they both pulled back blushing.

They looked away from each other.

"Naruto-kun I have a question?" said Haku.

"Yes Haku-chan?" asked Naruto.

"Do you have someone precious to you, someone you would give your life to protect?" asked Haku pulling Ranmaru to her.

Naruto looked into the forest and smiled. "Yes I have my friends, my family," said Naruto.

Haku nodded, before grabbing his hand and placing her foreheand on the back of it. "You are a strong person. I know you'll be great," said Haku closing her eyes.

"Yes because two more people were just added to my list," said Naruto placing a ice blue rose in Haku's hair.

Naruto turned around and vanished in a swirl of wind. Haku blushed.

"HAKU GOTS A BOYFRIEND!" sang Ranmaru only to be chased by a very red blushing Haku.

A Naruto walked away he caught the light scent of lilices, and ice

(back at the house)

Naruto walked into the house with a small smile on his face. He had had an amazing time with Haku and Ranmaru. Sitting at the table was Hisana. She looked at Naruto.

"Where have you been little brother?" asked Hisana.

"Training Sensei," said Naruto telling a half turth.

Hisana nodded. "Alright, but be back before 10 tonight,": said Hisana getting up and walking away)

(In the Hideout)

Gato walked to see Zabuza and Raiga with his two personal bodyguards. He opened the doors to see Zabuza and Raiga sitting up and even moving.

"How are you boys feeling?" asked Gato.

"Amazing," said Raiga.

"A little under 100 percent, but they'll be dead within 2 days," said Zabuza.

Gato smiled. "Good. Oh and fellas if you don't win, I'm taking those girls and turning them into my personal sluts," sai Gato.

Zabuza growled, but didn't say anything as Gato walked out. "Once this mission is over he's dead!" said Zabuza slamming his fist into a wall.

(In the hall)

Gato walked down the hall smirking. He planned to kill Zabuza and Raiga regardless if they won or not, turning those two girls into whores was an added bonus. Gato walked o his private office and opened the door.

He cut on the light and screamed. Sitting in his chair was another man. A young man of barley 20 at that. He stood at 5'9", long black hair, a green Kimono top with loose sleeves, black pants, Samurai chest armor with the rich pectoral armor missing, tape on his right hand and a sword sheathed on the drek. In his hand was a book.

"Gato," said the man in a smooth voice.

Gato backed up and paled/ "I-Iroh? What are you doing here?" asked Gato.

Iroh turned the page in his little black book and looked at Gato. "Member Hozukimaru has called in his wages. I'm here to collect yours. You owe him 10000000 Ryu (3). Please tell me you have it or I will have to take it out of your hide," said Iroh.

Gato smiled. "I have the money. However I've arranged a private betting for a battle that is to take place in a few days. Tell him he is welcome to place a bet," said Gato.

Iroh closed his book. "Very well member Gato," said Iroh picking up his sword and vanishing into the shadows.

Gato sat down. "I can't believe that bastard called my tab," said Gato pulling out a bottle of brandy and downing it.

(Forest- late at night)

Naruto stood in the forest with the training scroll in his hand. He had mastered the first Jutsu, now he was on to the second Jutsu. It was a wind Jutsu.

Name: Rippling kick

Rank: B

Style: attack.

Discretion: Like a rippling in the waves, this attack ripples the air. It cuts and pushes. This attack is both close and long range.

Naruto smiled at this Jutsu. It was right up his ally.

( a day later)

Hisana bowed to Tsunami and asked her to take care of Naruto. The whole team except Naruto were headed to the bridge along with Tazuna. The team walked to the bridge and found all the workers out cold. Tazuna ran up the nearest one and sat him up.

"Who did this Bakura!" asked Tazuna.

The man opened one eye. "Demon Zabuza," said the man before fainting.

Kakashi looked around. "Everyone take up defense positions around Tazuna!" yelled Kakashi.

Everyone did as they were told as 10 water clones surrounded them. Ami unsheathed her sword and quickly dispatched them with ease.

"Well well well. It seems you have a rival in speed Haku," said Zabuza stepping out of the mist.

"It seems so. I might have to take this seriously," said Haku wearing her battle uniform and mask.

"Last time I could not give you a grand funeral, but this time it will be better then any other," said Raiga stepping out with a small girl next to him wearing a blank mask.

Kakashi pulled his headband up and opened his eye. "I figured the Hunter nin was with you Zabuza," said Kakashi. "But youing a kid. you have no class,"

Zabuza laughed. "It's the same with everyone. I'm a tool, these girls are tools, even Gato is a tool to be used. We use and in return are used," said Zabuza.

Hisana looked at Raiga. "Ami take Haku. While Kakashi and I take Raiga and Zabuza. Everyone else guard Tazuna with your life," said Hisana pulling out a kunai.

(with Naruto)

Naruto walked down the stairs without his jacket. His new sword was sheathed on his left side, While his scythe was stored in a bracer on his right arm. He walked over to Tsunami to see her cooking.

Naruto sat at the table and pulled out a book to read. "Tsunami-san where are the others?" asked Naruto.

"At the bridge. Your sensei told me to let you know that they will deal with everything," said Tsunami.

Naruto nodded as he continued to eat. The world slowed down before he grabbed Tsunami and ducked under the table as the door shattered and a man walked in. He was a samurai that had two short swords in his hands. He stood at 5'7", short black hair, wearing a long tan jacket with a high collar, purple full body ninja suit under it. Behind him was a group of men, all thugs by the way they carried themselves. (4)

"I'm guessing you at least Jonin level by that attack," said Naruto taking the sword off and giving it to Tsunami.

Tsunami looked at Naruto. "Naruto-kun?" asked Tsunami.

Naruto turned a cold eyes to Tsunami. It nearly made her heart stop with how fast the kind boy could turn into a ruthless fighter. "Tsunami-san go upstairs to my room and jam that sword into the door. A barrier will activate and protect you from them. Do not remove that sword for any reason. I will be able to deactivate the barrier from the outside, as it is keyed to my blood," said Naruto.

Tsunami nodded and ran upstairs while grabbing Inari along the way. Naruto pulled out his scythe. Two men charged forward and tried to get past the stairs only to get cut down with Naruto kneeling behind their corpses with one hand up and his scythe in his left hand.

The leader raised his hand. "Wait I'll take care of this personally," said the leader taking up his swords.

"But we have orders from Gato, and last time I checked you were a freelancer," said Another man only to fall dead, because his thoart was slit.

"Don't question me fool," said the man. "My apologies./ I tend to hate dealnig with trash like Gato.

"Your not going to beat me," said Naruto.

"My name is Aoshi Shinomori," said Aoshi. Turning on his heel and walking out without a sound.

Naruto frowned. "This guy is a professional. I may have a problem," thought Naruto following outside.

Both men stood about ten feet away from each other. Aoshi had his blades set pointing upwards. Naruto was in his classic stance

"Ninja art: psycho slash!" said Aoshi as he vanished.

Naruto's eyes widened before he ducked under a slash. The slash missed him but cut his hair making it a bit shorter. Naruto flipped into a full 360 and kicked Aoshi in the chin. Aoshi backed up grabbing his chin. Naruto slashed at him from the right only for Aoshi to block with his left blade, Naruto holding the scythe with his right hand pulled out a kunai and cut at Aoshi. Aoshi blocked and kneed Naruto hard in the gut.

Naruto coughed, before Aoshi spun around and kicked him as hard as he could in his face sending Naruto into a tree. Naruto groaned and looked up only to see Aoshi with one of his blades pointed at his throat.

"You could have killed me! Why did you stop?" said Naruto as Asohi pulled away.

"Your holding back. Don't insult me child," said Aoshi.

Naruto frowned, before putting his hand to his scythe and making it hum a bit and the edge changed to a light gray while it still retained it's blue main blade. Naruto hit the tree behind him and it turned to stone.

"your going to die Aoshi Shinomori!" yelled Naruto as he vanished and appeared next to Aoshi.

"Fast!" thought Aoshi as he barley had a second to block the attack. Naruto was forcing Aoshi to use both blades and dig his heels into the ground. "Strong as well. But little actual experience in combat. But his power and skill make up for that,"

Naruto jumps back and looks at Aoshi. "I'm tired of this game," said Naruto reaching into a pouch that had kanji for fire on it and pulling out a clear crystal that had a swirling red center.

Aoshi raised a brow. "What is that?" asked Aoshi.

"A little toy I've been working on for the past 4 years," said Naruto.

(Back at the bridge)

Ami had her sword blocked by another needle from Haku, and she was getting pissed off. Ami jumped back and started a chain of hand signs.

"Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu!" yelled Ami.

Haku saw the ball and smirked under her mask. "Ice style: Ice shield Jutsu," said Haku blocking he attack with a flat surface of ice.

Haku felt someone tap her shoulder and turned to see Anita behind her. Anita pulled back and rocked Haku world with a Haymaker. Haku went flying and into the railing.

Under the mask Haku's jaw was set and she was bleeding. Her eyes two were set and glowing blue. "Okay now I'm pissed off," said Haku standing up.

She flow though hand signs. "Ice style: Ice dragon Jutsu!" yelled Haku unleashing a massive dragon at the two girls. Both girls moved out of the way as the dragon slammed into the ground freezing it.

Anita landed and nearly fell on her ass, while Ami hit a rail. Haku skated forward with extra speed and roundhouse kicked Ami in the ribs, Ami screamed.

"Fire style: flamethrower Jutsu!" yelled Anita unleashing a massive burst of fire at Haku. As the fire traveled it melted the ice on the ground.

Haku jumped out of the way and glared at the two girls. "I'm getting annoyed. Time to end this little game. Demonic Crystal Ice Mirrors!" yelled Haku.

Twenty Mirrors appeared around the two girls. The two girls got back to back. Haku stepped into the mirrors and appeared in all of them. Anita pulled out her hook swords.

"Ami I got a bad feeling about this," said Anita.

Ami had a grim smirk on her face and was sweating slightly. "It looks like Naruto-kun won't get to embrace our bodies anytime soon," said Ami.

Haku pulled out a large number of Senbon needles. "you have no idea little bitches," said Haku throwing the needles at the two girls

Ami was hit in her right hand, dropping her sword. "Anita give me some heat!" yelled Ami.

"Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu!" yelled Anita launching a large ball of firs at the closes mirror.

Ami charge forward and laughed her most powerful kick at the mirror only to be blocked by a large amount of needles.

"That won't work. My mirrors repair themselves instantly," said Haku with humor in her voice. "The only way you'd be able to do anything is if you had a a ranked Jutsu under your belt," finished Haku with a light laugh.

Anita growled. "Ice bitch!" yelled Anita charging at the mirror.

You never learn do you?" asked Haku launching another large numbers of senbon at Anita.

(With Naruto)

Aoshi looked at the little crystal in Naruto's hand. "What is that?" asked Aoshi.

Naruto looked at him. "I won't bore you with the details. All you need to know is that I'm a Genin with mid Chunin level combat skills and Level 7 sealing skills," said Naruto crushing the gem in his hand.

Aoshi's eyes widened. ""If what this boy says is true then he isn't that far away from being a full master!" thought Aoshi as Naruto charged forward.

Aoshi brought both his blades into a defensive stance only for Naruto to slash at him and push him into the Ground with much more force then he had at the start of the fight. Aoshi skidded back leaving large tread marks in the ground. Aoshi growled. He was about to charge when his left arm went limp.

Naruto swing his blade around and pointed it at the ground. "A special Poison is in the blade. By activating this function it will paralyze whatever part of the body I cut. I don't like fighting dirty, but I'm a damn ninja," said Naruto.

Aoshi smirked and moved his left arm up, making Naruto's eyes widened in surprise. "Mental strength is just as much a part of being a ninja as is physical," said Aoshi looking at Naruto. "You have earned the right to see my most powerful attack. Ninja art: Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren (5).

Aoshi stepped forward and seemed to vanish and reappear leaving after images. All around Naruto saw Aoshi , until finally Naruto was slashed across the chest 6 times. Naruto coughed only to explode in a maelstrom of wind trapping Aoshi. Aoshi was getting cut up, before looking at where Naruto was. Naruto was above the maelstrom with a ball of blue wind hooked to the blade spinning at an alarming rate of speed.

"Wind Style: Backlash Wave!" yelled Naruto unleashing the attack. Pure white wind, and yellow energy flow at Aoshi.(6)

Aoshi jumped out of the way, but radiant energy still lashed out hitting him and making him yell out in pain. Aoshi fell to his knees as Naruto landed next to him. Aoshi's clothes were ripped apart leaving him in only his pants. His body was bleeding heavily from multiple wounds he had taken. His left arm was completely shattered, above his right eye was a massive gash, and over the rest of his body was a number of cuts.

Aoshi shakily lifted his blade. "Damn… beaten by a brat," said Aoshi standing up and getting into a stance.

Naruto got into a stance behind Aoshi. "Your lucky I left you alive and able to fight," said Naruto.

Aoshi looked at Naruto. "Why?" asked Aoshi.

"Because it looks like Gato is going to betray you," said Naruto.

"Aoshi smirked. "I figured the little basted would pull something like this," said Aoshi as he vanished as a body exploded in a pool of blood.

Naruto looked and saw a man with a demon mask on and a blue Shinobi suit with red and black long sleeves on. "No one betrays the Oniwabanshu," said the 'demon' (7

I agree," came the Voice of Aoshi as he had displaced another member of the little Samurai group. He turned to Naruto. "Go and help your team. The Oniwabanshu group Contract is broken with Gato. We will finish up here and leave," said Aoshi as Naruto nodded.

"Thank you Aoshi," said Naruto.

Aoshi looked at Naruto. "Do not thank me. We will fight again one day, onl after we have both become strong," said Aoshi as Naruto ran twords the bridge.

'Demon laughed'. "Those bastrds in the Black jack club will be pissed at us Aoshi-sama," said the demon.

"Since when has the Oniwabanshu Group ever be scared of these bastards Han'nya?" asked Aoshi.

"Never," said Han'nya.


Killjoy: soooooo.

Zaara: The girls ashould be home today

Killjoy: yeah I am happy that there's a good chance I may not be able to walk for a few days.

Zaara: You want to thro them a welcoming back party?

Killjoy: sure I already have 7 kegs Of high grade hidden mist Sake.


Authors Notes. Enjoy,

(1) Gundam wing: Endless waltz

(2) Queen bitch in charge

(3) changing dollars to Ryu

(4) Yes we know Aoshi is a ninja and not a samurai. We don't own Samurai X or Rouruni Kenshin.

(5) Spinning-Heavenly Sword-Dance Six-Series" or "The Dance Of The Wheeling Sword Six Successions.

(6) We know how the backlash Wave works. It just has more appel then the wind scar. Also we don't own Inuyasha

(7) The group of Ninjas from Rurouni Kenshin.