I decided to make a jasper Bella story, involving the Volturi. Takes place in new moon when Bella came to save Edward. I do not own anything. And it's a little complicated so pay close attention, oh yes there will be more jasper in the next I make another one.

B p.o.v

"He's at the clock tower, if you don't get there in time he will make a scene" Alice yelled to me, pointing the way. There was some sort of pleading in her eyes.

I let my feet carry as fast as I could run. Dodging the people in red clocks. Why would Edward do this? Even if I really did die, why would he try to make a scene, so the Volturi would kill him? Even if he didn't want me I couldn't let him kill himself. There he was under the clock tower like Alice said.

I ran to him at full force and smashed into his body. He stepped back and looked at me. "Bella" he said smiling. "Edward" I looked up at him. I couldn't stand it, I grabbed the side of his face about to kiss him but he pulled away.

"Bella" He said looking straight into my eyes "I'm so sorry". Why was he saying sorry?

"What are you sorry for" I asked.

It looked as if he was about to cry, but the tears wouldn't escape.

"You know I love you Bella" he whispered in my ears.

"yea, Edward ,I love you too "I replied trying to pull him into a hug. he stepped back, denying the it.

"Well" he began, "when I left you, I fell in love, with Alice.

"w-w-what" I stuttered. He fell in love with Alice?

"Then why did you just try to make a scene so the Volturi would kill you, when you thought I died" I asked.

"Because Bella, I love you so much, and when I though you killed yourself, I was heartbroken because I left you for Alice, so I wanted to die too" He told me.

"B-but why would you try to kill yourself, why would you leave Alice, because you though I died" I asked. Just because he thought I died, why would he kill himself, if he was dating Alice now? Why would he leave Alice?

"I don't know Bella; I was debating whether or not I should walk into the sunlight, or stay in the dark. I wasn't thinking right, all I thought was that I couldn't live if you killed yourself because I left you" Edward said.

"Oh" I whispered .So let me get this right, Edward left me for Alice, but then he though I tried killing myself ,so he wanted to die to But he wasn't sure if he wanted to die, because that meant leaving Alice.

"Well, I'll leave now, Edward and you can live with Alice, happily ever after, we me out of the picture" I yelled. I turned away pissed but also sad.

"Wait" Edward said, while grabbing my hand, "don't go"

"And why should I stay"I asked. "to see you make out with Alice"?

"No" He said "Because I can't lose you, Bella".

"Edward, do you know how much I suffered when you left me, I didn't do anything, I sat in my room and stared out the window, wondering why you left, whenever I slept I would Have nightmare about you leaving me, and my dad had to wake me up because I was screaming , I felt like nothing when you left, and I just found out you left for Alice".

I heard footsteps come my way and I looked over to see two men wearing black.

"We , don't need you assistants" Edward snarled at the two guys.

"Yes, you do" the biggest one said.

"No, you don't, I never stepped foot into the sunlight" Edward said.

"Ah, but you were thinking about it "The shorter one said.

"Yes, and now I made up my mind, I don't want to expose myself" Edward snarled.

"To, late" A girl said. she walked in dressed in a black dress, with her hair in a blond bun.

"Jane" Edward said.

"Aro wants you all" the girl named Jane said.

"Now, we wouldn't want to make a scene" I heard Alice say, as she entered the room.

"Alice" Edward said with a smile. he pulled her into a hug and kissed her on the head. my heart stopped right then and there, and I felt like tear were coming on.

"I have nothing to do with this" I said looking at the two men.

"Yes, you do, you know about our existence there for you come with us" Jane said.

"Come on Bella" Edward said as we all started walking. I wanted to punch Alice in the face. How could she do this to me? Oh my god and to Jasper! I wonder what he was doing now. did he even know?

Jasper p.o.v

Something was up. Alice was never here with me ,Carlisle, Esme ,Emmett and Rosalie. she always went to go see Edward, and she would never let me go. Just yesterday we all found out that Alice and Bella were in Italy trying to same Edward. She should have taken me with her. Everyone was worried about what would happen to them all. Esme wouldn't stop crying, dry tears. I guess we just had to wait.

Edwards p.o.v

I felt horrible. I wanted to run over to Bella and rap my arm around her and tell her it was alright. but I couldn't, I couldn't leave Alice. Alice was there for me when I missed Bella the most. She made me forget about her.

I can't believe you would try to kill yourself? Alice thought. I thought you loved me Edward, but why would you kill yourself if you thought she died?

"I don't know what I was thinking" I said to her out loud. Everyone stared at me and I just looked down at my feet.

Do you love me more than her? Nudge my foot if you do. Alice thought.

I nudge her foot and peeked back into her mind.

Wow that was really cheesy nudge my foot, Aha, and I love you too, more than jasper, I just don't know how to break the news to him.

Bella's p.o.v

I was walking behind Edward and Alice. They were hold hand, great! We arrived at two big double doors.

"Enter" Jane said. Putting her hands in a position that meant enter. We walked in and there were three men , sitting in three seat in the middle of the room.

"Ah, hello, hello, I'm Aro" Aro said to me, and he approached me in vampire speed and kissed my hand. I heard Edwards snarl, but very low.

"Hmm, I can't read you" Aro said to me a little confused. Can't read me? What did he mean about that. He walked over to Edward and Alice.

"Hello, there dear Alice" He said to her.
"So, you and Edward must be a couple" Aro asked.

"Yes, we are" Alice replied , looking over at me. I looked away, trying to keep away tears.

Aro looked back over at me."Oh, there must be a love triangle"Aro asked.

"No ,love triangle, I love Alice " Edward said.

Those words hit me like a dagger. I felt weak, like I was going to vomit, I felt like crawling into a ball and crying, or screaming at the top of my lungs.

"Then why did you try killing yourself, because you thought Bella died" Aro asked.

"I wasn't thinking" Edward replied.

"Well, then you wouldn't mind if we kept her" Aro asked.

Keep me? Like eat me or keep me as a pet?

"NO" Edward shouted.

"But you don't want her, you want Alice" Aro told Edward.

I guess Edward didn't know what to say , because he looked down.

"Well, then, Jane let's see if your powers work on her" Aro told Jane.

"NO, please" I heard Alice say. Why should she care? If she cared for me she wouldn't of stole my boyfriend.

"This may hurt just a little" I heard Jane say as she gazed at me .I looked back at her a little scared. What may hurt? She kept staring but nothing seemed to broke the silence by laughing.

"Remarkable" aro said.

"I'll make a deal with you, I will let you and Alice go, if we get to keep Bella and change her" Aro said to Edward. I didn't even mind the fact of living with the Volturi or being changed. When I thought about it, I wanted to stay here.

"Ok"Edward said, looking at me.

"Edward" Alice said, looking disappointed.

"Come on, Alice" Edward said as they walked towards the entrance.

"Bye, Bella" Alice said as she walked out the door .I didn't even bother saying bye back.

I didn't mind being here, but just like that Edward was willing to let me go, after he was going to kill himself because of me?

"Welcome to the volturi Bella" Aro said as he came up to me. He sanked his teeth into my neck and everything went black.

The pain.

Fire, was inside me.

Was I being burned alive?

The pain.

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