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Bella p.o.v

I decided to take a walk around the castle with demetri. Jasper was in his library like always.

"So, I should ask aro if we could take you on a mission with us guards" Demetri told me.

"Really, that would be awesome" I squealed.

We walked past some of the guards as they smiled at us. We were now walking down a long narrow hall way.

"It's actually nice having someone around that jane can't abuse with her abilities" Demetri said.

"Yea , she's kind of like a bully to you guys ,If you don't abey her you get pain right" I asked.

"Yea, but with your shield and all she can't harm any of us, that's if you shield us" He said.

"Of course I would shield you demetri, you've been really kind to me since day one and I appreciate it" I told him.

He gave me a smile. I couldn't bare to leave him. We could always visit then right? Jasper made it finale were leaving in a couple of days and were going to visit the Cullen's. Great an alice and Edward love fest. I was still so angry about the whole alice and Edward thing but then again I didn't care because I had this amazing boyfriend. All of a sudden I heard this piercing fowl sound, it was a screaming/snarl .Demetri let out a loud snarl and I just stood here in shock, what was going on? Pushed me back and stepped in front of me in a defensive position.

"Go" he snarled, pushing me backwards.

"Not without you" I told him. He looked down at me, he took my hand and we ran towards the main room. Aro, caius and marcus were sitting in there.

"What do you want" Aro said to demetri, he sounded pissed. When aro looked at me he gave me a smile. I was his favorite since they found out my ability. Me demetri , jane and felix were practicing in the training room when jane decided to use her ability's on demetri, I couldn't let this happen and I found something coming from me and it rapped itself around demetri.I could shield people.

"The castle is under attack" demetri told them.

"GET EVERYONE" aro screamed. Demetri tightened his grip on my hand and let go.

"Bella" aro said. I knew what he meant. I began pushing my shield so it was around all of them, who knew if one of the attackers had a special ability. Demetri and all of the guards were back. Jasper came after. He came next to me and rapped his left arm around my stomach. We stood there prepared and someone I didn't expected appeared, luke and his coven.

"Hello, bella" Luke said.

"Luke, why would you do this" I asked.

"Why else bella, for power" He told me. He gave me a little smile.

Everyone in lukes coven except for luke went down. Jane was causing then pain. they all screeched and yelled. After they were taken apart and burn luke just stood there stunned. Jane and felix made there way over to luke.

"I get him" jasper snarled looking at luke.

"Please bella, I'm sorry tell them to stop" Luke said.

I looked at him and if I could cry right now I would. "sorry"I told him as jasper took of his head and burned the body. I just stood there and watched. Jasper took me into his arms and told me "sorry". I couldn't help but to dry cry into his chest.

The next day.

Bella's p.o.v

I needed to be alone. The only image in my mind was luke dying. I was on a balcony that had a beautiful view of the whole city.

"Hey" Demetri said.

"Hi" I replied. He looked at me and noticed my sadness.

"Im sorry about that luke guy" He said.

"It's okay".

He nodded his head and stood next to me.

"Listen I need to tell you something, actually I need to tell all of you guys something" I said.

"what" he asked. I touched his shoulder and started walking to the main room. He got the point to follow.

We arrived in no time, and I approached aro, caius and marcus. No one else was in the room except me and demetri.

"Listen me and jasper plan to leave tomorrow to visit the cullens, and I promise ill come back to visit" I told them. I saw hurt in demetri's eyes as I looked back at him. Aro was hurt to I guess.

"Well, it is your dissuasions to leave as you wish, but I am saddened to see you go" Aro said.

"I'll be back" I reminded him. A smile rose on aro's face.

"Very well then, you have one more night" Aro whispered. I hated to see him so sad .It pained me. I grew close to everyone even jane. I thought of everyone as family and everyone thought the same. It was a strange connection, I've only been here for a week or so but it felt like years.

"Go enjoy your last night here, Remember to say goodbye when you leave" Aro told me. I began to excite the room as I was joined by demetri.

"I can't believe your leaving" He said with a sad voice.

"I know, I'm sorry I don't want to leave, if I had a choice I would stay" I told him.

"you always have a choice" He said. We kept walking in human speed as we approached jasper room.

"see you tomorrow" I told him .He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked away. I opened the door and jasper was sitting in a chair reading a book. The chair he was sitting in was facing the other way so I couldn't see his face. I walked over to him and he was still nose deep into his book. I grabbed his book and flung it across the room.

"Hey" he said seeming a little pissed. I started to chuckle as I kissed him.

"I love you" I told him.

"I love you too "he said as he wrapped his arms around my head.

The next day, early morning.

Bella p.o.v

I was going to be strong today. I was not going to cry and i was not going to beg jasper to stay longer.

Our bags were packed and I was heading to the main room to say goodbye.

Everyone hugged me and wished me fair well. Demetri's hug was the longest.

"don't be long" he told me.

"Ok" I replied. Aro was kind enough to buy me and jasper first class tickets. We left the gates to the castle, there was no need for cloaks because it was a rainy day. Aro also let us borrow a car to the airport, he didn't want us running. Someone would pick the car up later.

"They will miss you, I felt it" Jasper told me trying to make a conversation.

"As I will miss them" I told him. He took my hand.

"Well everyone back home will be happy to see you" He told me.

"that isn't my home" I reminded him. I had nothing against anyone of the cullen's, well I did have something against alice or Edward, but when I thought of family I thought of the volturi. Jasper gave me a sad smile. He knew what I thought of family. The volturi.

Jaspers p.o.v

Something is different about bella. The volturi changed her in many ways. For one she hasn't thought of life as the same, and I recently found out she drank human blood, I just never told her I knew. Also she doesn't seem like the bella I remember,she has this dark figure to her, I don't want that dark figure to take over, and for her to lose humanity and to stop caring about the things that mean the most to her.

Bella p.o.v

We arrived at the airport and park our car far back. We grabbed our luggage and before we knew it we were in first class going to forks. i sat in the seat by the window. I was so emotional about everything, and I just needed to close my eyes. I layed my head against jasper and just layed there. i couldn't help but over hearing the girls admiring jasper, they said thing like "he's so gorgeous" or "I wish I was her" and all the guys said "I wish I was him" or "she's so beautiful".

I finally decided to awaken my pretend sleeping. Jasper was reading a book, like always. I placed my head on his shoulder again and looked at what he was reading. It had something to do with how things came to be.

He knew I was up because he gave me a quick kiss on my forehead and continued with his book.

"You're so absorbed with your books" I blurted out.

"More absorbed with you" he replied not taking his eyes from the book.

I sighed, I placed my head on the window and looked out .All the human eye would see was clouds but I saw past that. There were valleys and people walking around. Uhh this was boring too. I started to gaze at people. watching people was interesting. Almost everyone on the plane was talking about us.I stared at a couple of teenage guys they saw I was looking and gave me a smile. I could feel the blood rush to their cheeks as they blushed. People watching got boring after a while so I started messing with jaspers foot. I kicked it around and he tried to keep his foot still. I kept on kicking his foot and it soon budged again, I started to giggle at the sight of it.

Jasper soon got annoyed and he put his book down.

"FINALLY"I shouted, everyone on the plane looked at us.

"Bella, I'm not trying to ignore you, I'm just fascinated in this book" He told me.

"Okay, okay, go back to reading you big nerd" i told him chuckling.

"What did you say" he said.

"Umm" did I really just piss him off by calling him a nerd "s-s-sorry" I told him. I slouched back all the way so my head was up against the plane window. He kept coming closer to our lips were inches apart. He let out a smile and said" you should of seen a the look on your face".

"Haha, not funny, I thought you were really mad at me" I told him. The smile still hung on his face as he leaned in to kiss me. It was kind of like a make out fest that lasted for about a couple minutes and then we realized we had a crowd, and we should breath. Jasper released and continued reading his book. The plane finally landed thank god. Jasper took both of our luggage of the plane and carried it. He luckily carried it with one hand so I could hold the other. The cullen's were suppose to meet us here. I looked all around until I spotted a familiar faced.

I stood there and gazed at them. They were all smiling at me.I should be excited to see them,but I wasn't,I guess you could say I was home sick in a way.

"I'm so glad your safe" esme said.

Jasper nudged me in the foot."Bella" he whispered. He was trying to tell me to be nice.

"Hi"I said. There happy now, I came over and hugged me.

"It's good to see you" Carlisle said.

Emmett was nexted and like always he had something stupid to say.

"why hello there lifeless bella"Emmett said.

I looked at him and pulled me into a bear hug. Rosalie gave me a smile. i stood in front of alice and Edward. Edward was behind alice with his hand around her stomach. I looked down at the ground.

"Oh,bella" Alice said coming up to me and giving me a hug. I gave her a light hug back and released.

"Bella" Edward said giving me his oh so gorgous crooked smile. I gave him a smiled back and turned to everyone. Jasper was still giving everyone hugs. he walked up to alice and she partially leaped into his arms. I let out a small growl and she got the point to let go. Carlisle picked up our luggage as we walked back to the car.

The ride home was short. No one really talked to each other. We arrived at the cullen's and we were lead up into a room that would be mine and jaspers room. I unpacked everything in a flash and I made my way downstairs.

"going to go hunting" I told everyone. I quickly hurried out the door and ran as fast as I could. i didn't want any followers .I stumbled apon a couple of hikers. It was a female and a male around the age of 20.i drained there blood, I dropped the dead body to the floor. I heard someone from behind me .i quickly turned my head and there stand there was jake and he didn't come alone.

Alittle clif hanger there lol, I hope you liked it up with bella why is she so quiet and shy around the cullens?