First of all, I want to warn all of you who are reading this that it is a Shun story, so if you don't like Shun centrals please don't read it.

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Author: Unyielding Wish

Story: Remembering

For those who remember.

Story begin!

He remembered all the times with her. He'd been so happy, so free.

But when she passed into eternal darkness, everything around him shattered to pieces. Nobody can comfort him for weeks. To him, it was a great pain–losing the one he loved.

He survived without her, but he always remembers her warm smile, her wavy, dark hair, her emerald eyes. Every time he thinks of her, the words let go repeats in his mind. Yet...he couldn't. Why?

No one knows. He keeps it a secret. He never felt so much pains before.

And in his dreams, she almost always appeared. But instead of a cheerful smile, she was always crying in those dreams. Tears that sparkled like crystals slide down her cheeks.

She was always suffering, aching, in those dreams. When he asks her what was wrong, she would disappear. Let go, repeated in his mind. He wanted to, but yet...he couldn't. Why?

Whenever he walks past a field of cherry blossoms, they remind him of her. He breathes in the sweet scent. That was her scent.

He instantly remembers the times when she took him for walks around this field. They had picked up some of the blossoms that fell onto the ground. But now, when he does that, the words let go repeats in his mind. He hopelessly tried to...but failed. Why?

He was used to winning. With his Guardian Bakugan, he'd triumphed over many things. But in the recollection of her...he simply could not win.

Whenever he looks at pictures of her, tears fall down down his cheeks. As he wipes them away, more tears leak out. Why?

He still feels the presence of her around him. Mourning over a lost one, he couldn't help tracing back to the times when she was in the hospital, desperately wishing to see him one last time. Ever since the day she never woke up from her "sleep," let go repeated in his mind. He couldn't help be someone else. But still...a part of him wanted to be himself, himself only. Why?

These questions chimed in his head all the time: Was she happy right now? Did she really love me? Many questions, questions not yet asked and answered, whirled around in his head. He felt dizzy.

He longed to see her again. But a little part of him refused. Why?

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