Edward was furious at the thought of anyone touching his mate, his Bella. He knew that being a jealous bastard would not end well for him. He knew this but his inner beast that had been so long caged was done with being a pansy ass bitch. The beast had wanted to claim her from the moment he first saw her whether the pansy side of him realized that or not. She was made for him. The beast had wanted to accept every one of her advances. The beast had wanted to turn her, to claim her, to rub his scent all over her so that there was no question of whom she belonged to. The pansy boy side of him had made the decision to leave, too much of a pussy to do what needed to be done. So now she had gone through all this shit because that pansy assed little boy had refused to man up. The beast was done with laying back, look where it got him – on the verge of loosing his mate. He snapped the chains of control and merged himself with the pansy to create the man his mate needed and should have had long ago.

Jasper felt the struggle and recognized the beast within Edward rearing his head. Bella's own inner beast was rising in response. Her beast recognized her mate within the bronze haired male but also remembered all he had said to her on that dark night on the forest floor. Alice smiled looking forward to the changes that were going to occur in the family. Bella was back, different, but back all the same.

The pack watched wearily as Edward seemed to change before them. Gone was the pansy and each wolf recognized the alpha beast rising within him. Jake tensed worried for his daughter. Edward had broken her once and he refused to let him near her to get hurt again.

Edward's head snapped to him and a snarl ripped from his clenched jaw. "Try it pup. She is MINE."

Bella bristled and Paul stepped forward in response, wrapping his arms around her. He loved to cuddle with her at night. If he was being completely honest she rounded him out and kept him grounded in this shit he called life. Many nights he would go for a quick fuck with one of the bitches that hounded the pack hoping to successfully sink their claws into the next leaders of the tribe. Afterwards he'd crawl into bed to cuddle with Bella and pretend that the random girl had been her, that she was his. She was always there to support him and listened to all his bullshit. When he was in a bitch of a mood and latched out she gave it back as good as he could dish it out. When he was pissed her mere presence calmed him. He'd be damned if he let this leech rip her heart out again, once was enough.

Edward growled menacingly at Paul's thoughts. Edward knew she was his and she knew it as well. It was the pansy's lies that stood in the way of him claiming her, a barrier that was a bitch at the moment. It chafed him and his despite knowing what he should do his instincts were running the show at the moment.

Paul smirked knowing the leech was listening in. He purposely thought of the many nights he had spent snuggled up to her. How much he looked forward to climbing into her bead after a stressful day. How many nights she made him dinner and his mind screamed that this was his home. How many times he would bribe or blackmail the others to take their night shift with Bella. He thought of the familiar scene. Bella lying in bed a smile growing on her face as he steps into the room. Her pulling back the cover and gesturing in her innocently seductive way for him to come to bed. Her in tears waking up from a nightmare clinging on to him for dear life. Him promising her that no matter what he would never leave her, that he would be there until she breathed her last breath.

Edward snarled crouching down as the images rolled through Paul's mind. It grated at him. Yet it was his own fault. He had pushed her into these pup's arms and beds. His pansy ass move had made this pup think he had a claim to what was never going to be his. Instinct was telling him to grab her, claim her, to rub his scent all over her. Bella quirked her eyebrow at him her body automatically relaxing into Paul's hot body. This riled up the beast more as Paul tightened his arm around her waist.

"It ends Bella. There is no more need to sleep with these dogs."

Jasper felt her growing agitation and mentally warned his brother. Edward barely registered the surrounding pack and family. His entire concentration was on her and the wolf that was asking to loose a limb.

"Oh Edward you seem to be under the mistaken assumption that you have any say in what or who I do."

Edward pounced going to grab her but hit into her shield. His beast snarled at her for keeping herself from him. She was his. Emmett laughed at the sight of his little brother bouncing off the invisible wall. Rose smiled proud that Bella had really grown a spine while they were away. Edward snarled knowing she was out of his reach. Paul nuzzled his head against her hair, rubbing his cheek against her hair. Edward roared in outrage. She was his!

Bella sighed and sat down her shield still up as Edward paced its perimeter every so often reaching out to ensure it was still there. He laughed mirthlessly. "You have to let it down sometime."

"Edward I don't know what you think will happen when I let it down but it will not end well for you if your thinking of touching me in any way shape or form."

He stopped and tilted his head. "We have much to discuss."

Bella shook her head, "We have nothing to discuss. You said her peace a year ago. I understood then and I understand now. You can't help who you love I just wish you hadn't strung me along as long as you had."

Edward shook his head fiercely. His family looked at him ashamed at what he had done to her. "Bella I lied."

Jasper felt her surge in anger and tried to warn him to shut up and run but he was focused only on her.

"What was that Edward?"

"I lied. I have always loved you. I left for you're safety."

Bella stood her body shimmering in anger as her eyes glowed red in rage. Just before the shield dropped Jasper spoke aloud. "Run Edward. Run while you can."